Strange sounds (stock)
YouTube user 'ShadowBandit91' shared footage of 'trumpeting sounds' he heard in the North Carolina sky on July 15, 2019:
So, I was coming into work like normal. I got into work at 3:30am ... no construction, no loud vehicles, nothing on the two major highways. It is quiet when I come into work. I've never heard the sound before or since I've been coming into this building for 11 years (more less.)

In my 28 years of living, I've never heard a sound like this at all. It sounds like mating calls for whales or a really good trumpet player that can throw sound from hell-a-far. It was so loud when I walked into the building, I could hear it before I could even open the warehouse doors and for those of you have not seen videos of my warehouse, you can tell what doors I'm talking about. I could hear that clearly so when I stepped outside this is what I heard:

As you can tell in the video, there's no distant back up beepers, there's no drilling, there's nothing but a few cars that passed ... the sound came from every direction; in front of me it was over 180° radius and it sounded like it was coming from the sky ... it was very unreal, it gave me chills because it was just something I have never heard it before in my life - it was so weird.