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Fri, 05 Jun 2020
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Japan's Nagasaki University bans smokers from all teaching positions

Nagasaki University bans smokers from teaching positions
© Tomohiro Ohsumi
Non-smoking area in Tokyo. (2017)
Nagasaki University will not, in principle, hire professors or teachers who smoke, a move that apparently is a first by a state-run university.

However, university officials said exemptions to the rule will be allowed if applicants promise to quit the habit after taking up the post.

The new policy announced April 19 reflects a growing trend to ban smoking in all public spaces, including restaurants and bars, in the lead-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

The policy also mirrors growing efforts by private-sector organizations to implement no-smoking rules.

Comment: See also: University of Toronto to implement total smoking ban on campuses


Illinois bans those under 21 from buying tobacco

Illinois bans under 21 tobacco purchases
© Matt Cardy/Getty Images
The state of Illinois will soon ban anyone under 21 from purchasing tobacco.

Gov. JB Pritzker signed the "Tobacco 21" law on Sunday.

Illinois is the first state in the Midwest to adopt this kind of law. It covers tobacco and vaping products, including cigarettes, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes and vapes.

The law had been vetoed by the previous governor, Republican Bruce Rauner.

It takes effect on July 1.

The city of Chicago already bans people under age 21 from purchasing tobacco. That change pushed smoking to a "record low" of six percent, the Mayor's office said in a statement, a 50 percent decrease in six years.


Malaysian waiter slapped for enforcing smoking ban

Malaysian waiter slapped for enforcing smoking ban
© The Star/Asia News Network
A mamak restaurant waiter who politely told a group of three men to stop smoking in the eatery got a rude shock when he was slapped and scolded.

Mr M. Selvam, 25, from India, was merely doing his job in reminding customers of the newly imposed smoking ban when one of the customers slapped him.

"It was around 12.30 pm on the first day of the ban on Jan 1. We had placed 'no smoking' signs but some customers were still smoking.

"I went over to a group of three men who were smoking. I politely told them to stop smoking but one of them got up and suddenly slapped me. I was shocked. They then left," he said, speaking at the restaurant in Seksyen 25 in Shah Alam on Thursday (Jan 3).

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Totalitarian hell: Sweden votes to extend smoking ban to most public places

Smoking ban in Sweden
© Shutterstock/Zitke
Sweden is banning outdoor smoking in certain public places, including playgrounds and train station platforms.

In a 142-120 vote on Wednesday, the Riksdagen extended the smoking ban as of July 1, 2019.

Smoking in outdoor restaurants and entrances to booths for smokers will also be banned.

In Sweden, smoking is currently allowed in designated smoking areas in most workplaces and public places.

Official figures show only 11 per cent of the Swedish population of 10 million smoked daily in 2016, with about 10 percent smoking occasionally.

Comment: For the truth about tobacco and why the PTB want to stamp out smoking, see:


The UK town where over half the pubs have vanished

Pubs vanish in Accrington, UK
© Mark Waugh for the Observer
The Arden Inn in Accrington town centre.
Fifteen years ago, taxi driver Basharat Khan would drive past the Hyndburn Inn on Accrington's Blackburn Road and marvel at how packed it was. He never went inside - he doesn't drink - but he noted its reliably heaving beer garden.

These days, Khan is inside the building most days: six years ago he converted it into a halal butcher's shop, which he runs with his son, Waqar. Instead of pints of bitter, the pair sell 3kg of keema (mince) for £10.50 and give out Indian sweets rather than peanuts to their customers.

The Hyndburn Inn is one of 50 pubs in the east Lancashire district of Hyndburn to have closed since 2001, when the borough boasted 95 - a drop of 53%. Only Newham in east London has lost a higher percentage in that period, according to official figures released last week that show more than a quarter of the UK's pubs have closed since 2001.

Khan thinks he knows why: "The smoking ban. I've been driving a taxi for 29 years and since the ban people don't go out nearly as much. They think 'sod it, I'll stay at home.'"


Smoking ban hits Switzerland's train stations

No smoking!
© Fotolia/vege
Smoking openly inside Swiss train stations will be banned from 1 June 2019.

From this date on, smokers will have to use designated smoking areas or smoke in front of the train station.

This development comes following three different types of smoking trials, implemented by the Association of Public Transport (VöV), in six Swiss stations on 1 February 2018.

These tests saw Basel, Nyon and Zurich Stadelhofen go completely smoke-free, while smoking areas and lounges were introduced in Bellinzona and in Neuchâtel respectively.

Better air quality, less pollution and saving money on cleaning are being cited as the key reasons behind the smoking ban decision.

No Entry

South Korea bans smoking within 10 meters of daycare centers, kindergartens

Smoking ban in S. Korea
© YonHap
Smoking will be banned within 10 meters of child care facilities starting from the end of December.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare said Wednesday that the latest amendment to the National Health Promotion Act banning smoking within 10 meters of kindergartens and day care centers will go into effect Dec. 31.

The act aims to protect children from secondhand smoke, the ministry said.

Cities and districts are required to place signs notifying the public of the smoking ban, and those caught violating the ban will be slapped with a fine of 100,000 won ($88).


University of Toronto to implement total smoking ban on campuses

University of Toronto smoking ban
© Nakita Krucker/Toronto Star (file photo)
The University of Toronto is banning smoking on campus starting next year.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, smoking tobacco, cannabis and vaping will not be permitted on its three campuses, the university announced Nov. 9.

"We wanted to extend and update our smoking policy to ensure that we have a healthy campus and part of that was to ensure that we didn't have any smoking on the campus," said Kelly Hannah-Moffat, the university's vice-president of human resources and equity. "The policy that we currently have is decades old."

The ban does not apply to Indigenous ceremonies or medical accommodations.

Comment: Just tell them it's part of your religion to smoke. In fact, this being the University of Toronto, tell them you identify as a smoker and are standing up for your right to be recognized as such...

The university's smoking policy was last updated in 1995.

Comment: It's no coincidence that the mania for banning tobacco smoking was the opening act in the cultural war. First they came for your ciggies to soften you up for totalitarianism; then they implemented the 'war on terror' to repeatedly shock you; then they 'unveiled' their nouveau realité of permanent identity politics war...


FDA to ban sale of flavored e-cigarettes

FDA ban on e-cigarettes
© Getty Images
The Food and Drug Administration is planning to ban flavored e-cigarette products, a drastic step in response to a dramatic increase in vaping among teenagers.

According to The Washington Post, FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb is expected to announce a ban on the sale of flavored e-cigarettes, which represent the majority of vaping products sold, in convenience stores and gas stations across the country. The announcement could come as soon as next week.

The agency will also impose new rules to curb illegal sales of e-cigarettes products to minors, including age-verification requirements on online sales, according to the Post.

The FDA did not respond to a request for comment from The Hill.

Gottlieb has threatened a ban on flavored e-liquids if five of the products' largest manufacturers can't come up with adequate plans to help keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of those under the age of 18.


A first in Britain: City council in Scotland bans staff from smoking and vaping ANYWHERE during work

Scottish city council smoking ban
© PA
A council is to become the first in Britain to ban employees from smoking or vaping at all during working hours.

Dundee City Council has said it wants to reduce the number of adult "role models" seen with cigarettes in public and does not distinguish from other tobacco products.

The city has some of the highest rates of smoking in the UK, while men in the city have some of the lowest life expectancy rates.

The local authority plans to "promote positive health messages" and "protect the health of employees".

A stringent new policy told staff anyone not complying would be subject to disciplinary action - including if they smoked in the street, stepped off the premises to have a fag during a tea break, or were travelling to a different location.

Comment: Hitler would be so proud.

Adolph Hitler: Vegetarian, teetotaler, anti-smoking campaigner