Javad Zarif
© Reuters/David Mdzinarishvili
Iranian FM Javad Zarif
Javad Zarif has again shown his knack for roasting US officials on Twitter, this time mocking National Security Advisor John Bolton for 10 years of calls to attack Iran.

While Bolton remains stubbornly attached to leveling clichéd digs about Iran's "malign" and "murderous" "mullahs," Zarif highlighted his opponents "delusional" aversion to change with a #10YearChallenge tweet.

The challenge is the latest unavoidable internet craze sweeping social media, asking users to compare a photo of themselves with one from ten years ago. While usually serving to emphasize how things have changed, the two articles screencapped in the Tweet suggest that Bolton's desire to inflict large scale violence on Iran is one thing we can always count on.

The comparison is in keeping with Zarif's tweet last week which called Bolton's "pure obsession" with Iran "the behavior of [a] persistently failing psychotic stalker."

Despite Bolton's recent claim that the Trump administration is "not pursuing a policy of regime change" in Iran, he has not been shy about showcasing his personal opinion on the matter.

While all official diplomatic channels have been closed since Trump reneged on Obama's nuclear deal, Twitter has become a makeshift platform for trash talk between the two nations. Last November, Trump tweeted a Game of Thrones meme to threaten sanctions, and Zarif mocked Trump over his comments on the California wildfires.

Trump's handpicked warhawk Bolton has been a consistent proponent of intervention and regime change, not only in Iran, but around the world. He has no regrets over his support for the war in Iraq, said that there was no choice but to "end" North Korea, and has recently begun to step up Washington's rhetoric around Venezuela.