Cancer Uptick
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Kate Middleton has cancer. The King of England has cancer. Every day we hear of more and more people diagnosed with cancer — many of them quite young. And not a single report we hear, unless coming from alt media, will suggest that the Covid vaccines are a possible cause.

There is no guarantee that any particular case is definitely attributed to the jabs. But considering the radical upswing of cases recently, you would think more people would be scratching their heads and connecting the dots. The rise in cancer cases pretty clearly correlates with the release of the vaccine.

That alone should get most thinking folks questioning. But they aren't, and they won't.

It is much easier to blame the usual suspects — pollution, bad water, unhealthy food, toxins in general, messy lifestyles, no exercise, and now, of course, climate change. Not only is the Covid vaccine not a suspect, but no vaccine is. In fact, no FDA-approved medication is. Big Pharma can once again hold the bloody dagger behind their back with a big grin on their face, "What, me worry?" Nope, you've played the game well Mr. Big Pharma, you've got us all (or most) under your spell. No matter how obvious your implication may be, you are off the hook.

If you believe in data from mainstream sources, they tell you that in 2019, one in ten deaths worldwide was caused by cancer. Over 10 million people in that year succumbed to the dreaded "C" word. I would be curious to know what the number was in 2023, the official figures for 2022 were not much different from 2019, which indicates to me that none of these statistics can really be trusted. Most mainstream reports are not reluctant to say cancer diagnoses are on the rise, but they say that every year, and of course the incentive is to frighten people into early diagnosis and early treatment, thus filling the coffers with even more gold coins.

Oooo, did that hit a nerve? As with most confusing things these days, this is confusing. There is no doubt in my mind that some cancers, at some stages, can be successfully treated through conventional methods. How they treat these cases in the conventional world may not be as safe as how they treat them in the alternative world, but nonetheless, there have been successful treatments using conventional methods.

Of course, that conventional world will do everything it can to convince you that their interventions are the only ones that can be effective and that anything the "safe" alternative world has to offer is bogus. I personally do not believe this, but I have to say, I have not experienced alternative treatments saving many lives. And I have experienced conventional, extremely invasive, treatments doing just that, saving lives. So, what can I say? This is from personal experience, and I have had a bit of it, considering my first wife died of cancer 20 years ago.

I'm off on a tangent, my apologies.

So, back to the question, what is causing the uprise in cancer cases? In my humble opinion, the culprit is most definitely the Covid vaccine. Of course, I am just an observer and have no medical data to back up my personal opinion. From what I understand, however, the data is out there. It may be difficult to find, but there are many quite learned, experienced, and credentialed folks (as in MDs) out there who would support my statement with medical data.

Although I do believe the upswing in cancer diagnoses is largely attributed to the Covid vaccine, it cannot possibly be the only reason. And the vax is certainly not the only answer to the ubiquitous cancer diagnosis question, "Why did this happen to me?"

As we all know, the agenda has more than one way to skin a cat. mRNA in injections is only one of them. mRNA is showing up everywhere anyway, not just in needles, and in nearly every form of bodily intake. So the mRNA method can get us, even if we avoided the jab. There are known cancer-causing elements in places other than mRNA and gene therapy as well. How about 5G, Chemtrails, GMO products, cricket meal, fluoride, any number of approved pharmaceuticals, need I go on?

As they add to their wicked mix of lethal concoctions, the cancer rate just continues to climb. And there is no way to put the proverbial finger on any one thing as "the" cause.

So, we all know this. When I say, "we all" I mean those of you reading this. No one would have gotten this far in this essay if they were not already in the choir I am preaching to. We are again left with the sheep, who will probably never "get it." Here goes the broken record skipping back into the same groove over and over again. If people, I mean sheep, actually could accurately identify the enemy and stop chasing ghosts like climate change into the woods, guaranteed never to catch them, we would possibly have a fighting chance.

I have read at least a half dozen articles, some of them even a bit alternative, about the rise in cancer cases, particularly among young people, and not a single one mentioned the Covid vaccine as a cause. Yes, all of us have been hearing since day one about the proliferation of "turbo cancer" among the vaxxed, but no one else seems to make the connection. Of course, the horse is out of the barn to some degree with all this, at least for the folks already pin-cushioned by multiple needles. It is still a battle worth fighting considering the continuation of the vaccine as a "reasonable deterrent" against Covid, for adults, the elderly, and for children. It does seem to me that it is not worth getting cancer to avoid getting Covid.

And, as you know, I am only speaking of cancer as a side effect of the vaccine, what about heart disease, blood clots, and a myriad of other known Covid vaccine side effects? And that is only to mention the ailments we have scientific support for. What about the loss of cognition, loss of empathy, depression, and suicide, along with a plethora of other mental and physical maladies that are at the moment only speculations and anecdotal observations?

My heart goes out to Kate. She seems like a nice person and the mother of three innocent and beautiful children. And who really knows if these specific cases were caused by the vax? I know someone very close to me who recently died of a "turbo" cancer, and I know without reservation he was not jabbed. Kate? Seems odd that a close member of the ruling lizard class would be vaccinated with the real stuff, but who knows? The world is strange these days, very strange indeed.