Banana Republic
© The Babylon Bee
In the wake of last week's controversial conviction of Donald Trump, the term "banana republic" keeps being thrown around in reference to the United States. But what is a banana republic, and how do you know if you're living in one?

The Babylon Bee is here to help by providing the following list of tell-tale signs you're living in a banana republic:

1. Your leader is a corpse: No matter how complicated the system of wires and pulleys may be, it's still obvious.

2. Sacha Baron Cohen is making a mockumentary about your country: He's going to make your country look so stupid.

3. Millions of citizens of other banana republics are migrating to your country because it feels like home: Only the best banana republics attract people from all the other banana republics.

4. All of your country's elections are supervised by the CIA: Nothing fishy at all about an intelligence agency determining who runs the country. Totally fine.

5. There are bananas everywhere: Could be an indication.

6. The media, big corporations, and law enforcement all work for the government: Good thing that doesn't happen here.

7. The ruling class seems unconcerned that the poors can't afford food: Let them eat crickets!

8. Your nation's currency is worth less than actual bananas: Once people start using fruit to buy things, you're in trouble.

9. The guy running against your current leader just got convicted of a "crime": Don't worry, this one's too ridiculous to ever actually happen in real life.

10. The khaki pants cost $238: You definitely know you're in a Banana Republic when there is overpriced clothing everywhere you look.

If any of the items on the list above sound familiar, then congratulations, you live in a banana republic!