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Text in image reads: '"Mom, I have a big problem: I fall for young boys" Out of the closet as a pedophile'
Established in 1988, Expreszo is the only magazine for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth distributed in The Netherlands and the Dutch-speaking northern Belgian area, Flanders. This month, an article was published on their website that strongly suggested this LGBT organisation has come out in support of pedophilia.

On August 11th, Expreszo published an interview originally posted on the website in April 2016 ('Mom, I have a big problem: I fall for young boys'), in which a 23-year-old man, 'Cody', together with his parents, declared himself a pedophile.

Below the interview, an editorial comment reads: "With this story the author and Expreszo want to draw attention to the challenges young pedophiles face."

The man explains how difficult it was for him to keep this secret to himself and that it led to depression, until one day he told his mother, who then told his father. According to the interview, both parents accepted the situation, and trusted he would never sexually abuse children. The interviewer asks Cody whether he can explain his 'sexual orientation', to which he responded:
"I fall for women around my age as well as boys around the age of 8 to 12 years. Those two orientations are evenly distributed, say 50/50. My attraction to women is less compared to 100% heterosexuals. I notice this when I walk around in the city with my friends or my brother. They notice beautiful women quicker and more often than me. What they don't see, but I do, are beautiful boys. That I also fall for boys is something that I preferably did not want to have".
He then goes on to say that he had read a lot of 'coming out' stories by pedophiles on the Dutch website, which encouraged him to share his story there. After receiving "normal humane comments" to his post, he felt relieved, which then led him to tell his mother when the opportunity arose.

After finding out, the mother told the interviewer: "I held Cody for an hour, at least. One of the first questions I asked him is if he was sexually active or would be. He was very determined that that: "will never happen. Never." I trust him." The father said: "There's nothing you can do about an orientation. It's not a disease or anything. [...] I know that he's not a child abuser, he has that moral understanding. But of course, you don't wish something like that for your child. It would've been easier if he was gay."

The effect of such stories, whether fabricated, slanted or just partially true, is to further open the door towards normalizing pedophilia. When pedophilia is presented as merely another sexual orientation - rather than a serious disorder - and the man in question is presented as a 'victim of his condition', it's not difficult to see how, in the current climate of normalizing novel sexual orientations and elevating minorities' rights to special status, acceptance of pedophilia could establish itself and proliferate.

This interview, which was shown to Dutch and Flemish LGBT community members, is a clear step towards realizing the psychopathic agenda of accepting pedophilia in society. Notice also the picture chosen for this interview (see above), which is disturbing to say the least: A man standing with his arms out, as if free and relieved to have come out as a pedophile and being accepted for it

What is even more worrying is that Expreszo organises parties for LGBTQIAP+ members, such as a 'gayparty' in July this year with the theme 'Embrace Your Darkness' where "many people of various genders, sexualities and ages" were present. Another event, also in July, invited children also to attend the 'PrideWalk', where children/youth are told "they could bring their parents, if they want." With such organizations becoming more accepting of pedophilia, consider the danger that children in attendance will be in with predators among them 'celebrating their pride'.

In a country where the push for pedophile acceptance started in the 1950s with the growth of the 'Enclave Movement' - which brought people from both inside and outside the country into contact with each other - it's no surprise that pedophiles are now 'coming out' as just one more 'sexual orientation'.

The Netherlands prides itself on its 'progressive values', which is the perfect cover for the major role Dutch pedophiles play in the production and distribution of child pornography. This came to light in 1998 when Marcel Vervloesem, the Belgian founder of child support group 'Werkgroep Morkhoven', provided a mountain of evidence to Dutch police indicating the existence of a network which engaged in the systematic kidnapping, torture and sexual abuse of children, even infants. Included in this evidence were high-profile names and matching bank account details proving their involvement, called the 'Zandvoort File'. The case has long since been buried by the media.

Or as Flavia Dzodan wrote in her devastating critique of Dutch euthanasia, the country's psychopathic elite is "leading by example, setting the path to push the boundaries of what later on becomes acceptable across the Western world (and eventually everywhere else)."

A program 'exploring unusual relationships' on Dutch public television ('Je zal het maar zijn') in 2015 aired an episode on the "broader picture about the theme of pedophilia." They have since removed it from their website, but it may not be long before similar 'cultural innovations' are exported to other countries.

As things currently stand, official stats claim that one in three Dutch children are sexually abused or exploited. By presenting pedophiles as unfortunate people who need understanding and acceptance, Expreszo and others pushing the same agenda are making the country more dangerous for children and a safe space for predators. As Bart Bohemen from news site Curiales writes:
"In The Netherlands, people - and especially in progressive circles - are trying to evoke sympathy for pedophiles. In various editorials, people are downplaying this vile sexual desire and are pleading for some form of acceptance. This is exactly what should not happen, considering that any form of rapprochement or downplaying will ultimately lead to minimization. This will only encourage pedophiles."
You have to wonder why the Zandvoort case in 1998 did not rock Dutch society to its core, as the Dutroux case did in Belgium. A country where the authorities allowed a pedophile political party to exist for 30 years until the Supreme Court put a stop to it in 2014 seems to be an ideal breeding ground for the sickest practices we can imagine. Maybe we can look for an answer to this conundrum in the findings of Adeo Ressi's company, which "test[s] if people have a high degree of narcissism, a high degree of entitlement, a high degree of troublemaking, whether they have a personality disorder - all of these types of things." Interestingly, Ressi found that:
" turns out that 40% of the people in The Netherlands have personality disorder flags. It's the highest ratio of personality disorder flags of anywhere in the world."
Such 'personality disorder flags' were hoisted high when Dutch leaders accused President Putin and Russia of 'homophobia' for passing legislation that protects children rather than exposes them to danger. During a visit there in 2013, Putin reminded Prime Minister Rutte of the pedophile party in his own country and explained to him that in certain regions of Russia, people would never accept a party like that. People would sooner take up arms, Putin told the sheepish-looking Rutte.

According to the following Russian news item on Putin's visit (in Dutch and Russian only), the Supreme Court was only able to put a stop to the pedophile party when the secretary-general of the Department of Justice, Joris Demmink, who is himself accused of committing child abuse, retired. It was also reported that the law firm Vink Velman & Swier from Amsterdam has been taking pro-pedophilia legal cases since 1999, winning 8 out of 10 cases.

The old boys network which protects the 'elite' is alive and well and Dutch leaders have been mostly successful at keeping information about their sordid business hidden. It's the height of irony that we have to thank the allegedly uncivilized Russians for shining some light on Dutch pedophilia-in-high-places.