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Mon, 16 Jul 2018
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Child survives plane crash in Khabarovsk Region, six dead

A short-range plane has crashed in Russia's Far East

plane crash

Press Service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Khabarovsk region
Six people died when a Let L-410 Turbolet twin-engine short-range passenger plane crashed while landing in Russia's Far Eastern Khabarovsk Region, the regional department of the Russian Emergencies Ministry told TASS.

"According to updated information, six people were killed in the crash, including two crew members. A three-year-old girl was rescued," the spokesman said. The child will be taken to a regional hospital by helicopter.


Russian grandmaster Karjakin joins Putin Team social movement

Sergei Karjakin
© Sergey Bobylev/TASS
Russian chess grandmaster Sergei Karjakin has joined the Putin Team social movement.

"I have always openly supported Vladimir Putin and now I can finally do that officially. The Putin Team. Count me in," Karjakin wrote on Twitter.

On November 2, Russian ice hockey star Alexander Ovechkin, who plays for the national team and the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League, wrote on Instagram that he was creating a new social movement calling it the Putin Team. "Personal wins are always good, but as far as ice hockey and any other activity go, being a team is crucial for achieving a victory. Only a team is capable of changing the tide of the game and doing the impossible. As for me, I am ready to become part of such a team," he wrote. Ovechkin pointed out that he "never made a secret of my attitude to our president, always openly supporting him." "I am sure that there are many of us who support Vladimir Putin. So let us come together and show everyone how strong and united Russia can be," the ice hockey star added.

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Sweden faces challenges in academic freedom as intersectional ideology comes knocking

"You will include Judith Butler in your course." That was announced to Erik Ringmar, senior lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Lund University, after the September meeting of the department's board of directors. Not that there's anything wrong with reading the queer studies feminist Butler. It's just that the course Ringmar teaches is primarily about the reaction to modernity at the turn of the last century, with a focus on fascism. During earlier semesters it included a part about postmodernism, and within it Butler, but it was removed because it didn't fit in with the rest of the course. "There is not a course committee in the world which can force me to teach Judith Butler unless I want to," Ringmar wrote on his blog. This has led to strong protests from student activists, the board, the director of studies and the dean.

Of course, this is no great catastrophe in and of itself. It's just a literature list, after all. But it is part of a much larger process by which academic freedom in Sweden is being circumscribed. What is happening now in the political science department at Lund University is fully sanctioned by the gender mainstreaming that the government has ordered all Swedish universities to implement (more on that later).


'Stranger Things' star Sean Astin comes forward in support of friend Corey Feldman

'Stranger Things' Star Comes Forward In Support Of Friend Corey Feldman Sean Astin,
© Netflix
Sean Astin, who plays Bob "The Brain" Newby in Stranger Things 2 and Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings, spoke out this week in sympathy for and support of his friend and Goonies co-star Corey Feldman, after Feldman revealed the names of two men he claims molested him as a child.

After years of trying to draw attention to what he describes as rampant pedophilia plaguing Hollywood, Feldman finally revealed the names last week of two of his alleged abusers. On The Dr. Oz Show last Thursday, Feldman said actor Jon Grissom was the first man to molest him when he was just a boy. Feldman also named former child talent manager Marty Weiss as one of the men who took advantage of him. On Monday, Feldman sat down with investigators to give them all the details. LAPD confirmed on Tuesday that they had opened an investigation into Feldman's accusations.

Star of David

Bitter harvest: Illegal Israeli settlements set to drive out Palestinian olive farmers

illegal settlements Israel
© Middle East Eye/Chloé Benoist
The illegal Israeli settlement of Beitar Illit overlooks the olive groves of Wadi Fuqin
For villagers of Wadi Fuqin, harvest is a regular reminder of the occupation's impact on Palestinian agriculture

As the Manasra family picked olives from one of its fields in early November, marking the tail end of the harvesting season, the low rumbling of construction equipment in the nearby illegal Israeli settlement of Beitar Illit served as a reminder of the uncertainty ruling the small Palestinian community's existence.

Squeezed between the settlements of Beitar Illit and Tzur Hadassah, and directly adjacent to the Green Line demarcating the border between the occupied West Bank and Israel, Wadi Fuqin has fought since the establishment of the state of Israel to preserve its livelihood and presence on the village's lands, which once were renowned as the "food basket" of the Bethlehem area.

"We are surrounded by all these settlements, and we are stuck in the middle with only one road out," Nadia Manasra, a matriarch of the family, told Middle East Eye. "It feels like a prison."

"None of my human rights are applied, most of the lands down in the valley are confiscated or under threat of confiscation, and we don't know what our fate will be here," Mohammad Moussa Manasra, Nadia's husband, told MEE.

"But in spite of everything, we try to adapt to our situation."

Light Saber

Clinton attack dog caught out for making McCarthyite smears and lies about Glenn Greenwald - and made to apologize

Matthew Chapman
Ten days after publicly accusing Pulitzer-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald of having "ties to Putin that he doesn't want people to look too closely at," Shareblue writer Matthew Chapman has apologized for his false claim. This is going to be a quick and easy article, but it's actually pretty important that somebody document this, because it illustrates a pernicious trend.

If you're just tuning in, Shareblue Media is a pro-Dem establishment outlet run by Clinton attacker turned Clinton attack dog David Brock, who is perhaps better known today as the chief architect of the Correct the Record shill army which disrupted online discourse in the leadup to the 2016 election. Chapman has established a sizeable reputation on Twitter for his reliably pro-Clinton centrism and promulgation of whatever anti-Trump/anti-Russia narrative is hot in the news on any given day.

Greenwald, like myself and literally every single English-speaking person with a following who questions the Russiagate narrative, is routinely smeared as a Kremlin agent by rank-and-file Clintonites and McResistance social media addicts. Rarely however have I seen a political commentator who is trying to be taken seriously level such a brazen McCarthyist lie as the following:

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As the world burns: VIU denies it failed to protect staff in case involving alleged diaper fetish

'They didn't ask the right questions. They didn't put into place any warning signs'

Vancouver Island University
'We take the safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff very seriously. We are confident that we have measures in place to ensure the safety of our campuses, and policies and procedures to support our community,' said Vancouver Island University in a statement.
Vancouver Island University is at the centre of a human rights complaint alleging that female staff were not protected from a student who brought a diaper-related sexual fetish to the B.C. school.

A 105-page complaint filed by the Nanaimo school's former director, Human Rights and Respectful Workplace, Katrin Roth, said the man's behaviour was treated as a disability when it should have been dealt with as a potential threat to female staff.

"He will not stop unless we make him," said Roth.


Questioning gender fluidity has become the new blasphemy

male female logos
The capitulation of the establishment to the politics of transgenderism has been astonishing. I'm struggling to remember any other time when a new and contested ideology has been so uncritically embraced by the powers-that-be.

We have a Tory government pushing a Gender Recognition Act that would allow anyone to change his or her gender without so much as popping a hormone pill. An established Church which yesterday issued guidelines to its schools encouraging them to let kids 'explore gender identity'. Police forces exchanging helmets for caps because 'gender-based headgear' is disrespectful to trans people. And of course a university system - the nurturer of future leaders - in which women's colleges are throwing themselves open to people who were born male, students are told to use gender-neutral pronouns, and anyone who says 'Men cannot become women' can expect to be hounded off campus.

From the stuffy Tories to the armed wing of the state to the actual Church of England, one by one the core institutions of the nation have accepted an idea that we really should have more debate about, no? Namely that gender is fluid. And that children should be allowed to decide if they're male or female. And that men who transition into women are actual women - full-on, legally recognisable, going-into-women's-changing-rooms women - rather than transwomen, as they were respectfully referred to for many years. Anyone who claims that trans politics is edgy is kidding themselves: it is one of the most established, protected ways of thinking of our time.

Comment: See also:


'Westminster Sex Scandal' subjecting men to character assassination

© Russell Boyce / Reuters
The editor of the Conservative Woman, a right-wing web platform that describes itself as "post-feminist culture war fighters," has called upon the men of Westminster to defend themselves against the sex scandal currently rocking UK politics.

Editor Kathy Gyngell writes that men have been "subjected to an across-the-board character assassination" by a "harpy led onslaught." While Gyngell points out that the men of Westminster might be innocent until proven guilty as far as the law is concerned, they are suffering through a trial by media, and are presumed guilty with their reputations and lives irreversibly damaged.

Comment: There is no doubt that any scandalous dirt 'uncovered' on politicians is but a political move by other politicians to conveniently remove them from the game. And furthermore, any revelations that do not touch the subject of pedophilia are simply a distraction or 'limited hangout'. Could that be what has got these politicians so scared?

The other angle to this is that the SJW witch hunt is now spreading into almost every corner of daily life, and is being given some serious legs by the mainstream media. Interesting times indeed.


Designer Karl Lagerfeld draws ire for migrant Holocaust statements

Karl Lagerfeld
Veteran German fashion designer for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, sparked controversy by criticising Angela Merkel's decision to take in more than one million asylum seekers since the migrant crisis of 2015.
Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has sparked outrage by evoking the Holocaust as he attacked German Chancellor Angela Merkel for opening the country's borders to migrants.

"One cannot -- even if there are decades between them -- kill millions of Jews so you can bring millions of their worst enemies in their place," he told a French television show.

"I know someone in Germany who took a young Syrian and after four days said, 'The greatest thing Germany invented was the Holocaust,'" he added.

Several hundred people lodged official complaints about Lagerfeld's comments, the French media regulator said Monday after he appeared on the "Salut les terriens!" (Hello Earthlings!) talkshow on the C8 channel on Saturday.

The veteran Chanel designer, who was born in Hamburg just as Adolf Hitler came to power, had earlier lambasted Merkel for taking more than one million asylum seekers since the migrant crisis of 2015.