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Wed, 29 Mar 2017
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Oregon judge under investigation for hanging a picture of Hitler in local 'Hall of Heroes'

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"Hitler's so cool! He's my hero!" - Judge Day
An Oregon judge who loves Hitler and hates just about everybody else, is under investigation by a state commission that just recommended his removal. They believe the judge's actions are so unethical they are likely even criminal in nature. The Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability released a lengthy 48-page report that asked the state Supreme Court to remove Judge Vance Day from the bench, according to The Oregonian.

The nine-member panel said that Day had undermined public trust through many of his actions, such as refusing to marry same-sex couples, and even hanging a portrait of Adolf Hitler on the Marion County Courthouse's "Hall of Heroes" wall. He is also accused of communicating improperly with a felon as well as allowing another felon to illegally handle a firearm.

"Judge Day shows no outward sign of comprehending the extent or nature of his ethical violations," the commission explained. "His misconduct is of such a nature as to impugn his honesty and integrity."

Comment: Sounds like a fine example of a political psychopath who's gone unnoticed until his behavioral violations have become egregious and undeniable.

The county's presiding judge said that Day must remove the portrait of the Nazi leader. The judge, however, said that the judge should not "go there because some very influential people in this town want it up," according to the commission's findings. Day was also found to have used taxpayer funds - twice - for the framing and mounting of the portrait of the Nazi leader.

Comment: Another example of deep seated corruption in our justice system. It's not just a few bad apples, but the whole tree that's rotten.


Paris airport staff find fake bombs ordered by US embassy

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Charles De Gaulle airport.
A security exercise gone wrong saw tempers flare in a Paris airport, after fake explosive devices were discovered by FedEx workers in a ripped package, sources told AFP.

Employees of the American courier service at Charles de Gaulle airport were shocked to find a pressure cooker filled with nuts and bolts inside a package in transit from the US to Tunisia.

On further inspection they discovered a container of other similar devices, along with what appeared to be detonators, said Frederic Petit, who represents the company's employees for the CGT union.

The staff alerted authorities of "imminent danger," and officials arrived to test the device using sniffer dogs and X-ray machines.

A security source at the airport said the devices were actually decoys bound for the US embassy in Tunisia that were being used for a training exercise.

"This type of delivery is not common, but sometimes takes place," the source told AFP. "This is just the first time that a package has been opened."

But Petit slammed the exercise as "irresponsible," given the heightened security concerns since the Paris attacks in November, when jihadists killed 130 people.

"Nobody was aware of this cargo," he said, adding that FedEx employees want to see such parcels banned from transit through France.

Source: Agence France-Presse

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US DOD issues veiled threat to psychologists: Help us torture or share blame for future attacks

Caught colluding with the Pentagon and endorsing the CIA's torture program, the American Psychological Association (APA) sent a letter to the Defense Department last year refusing to continue participation in national security interrogations. Instead of accepting the association's new policy, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) recently responded with a veiled threat furtively blaming the APA's non-participation in enhanced interrogations for any future attacks against U.S. citizens.

Following the tragic events of 9/11, the Justice Department constructed a series of legal memos authorizing the Bush administration's use of torture against enemy combatants. In 2002 and 2003, Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo authored the torture memos, which were signed by Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee. The Authorization for Use of Military Force, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and Executive Order 13440 became legal justifications for the utilization of enhanced interrogation techniques and a total disregard for the Geneva Conventions.

Comment: Obviously nothing has changed in the US. Extreme cruelty and violence are hallmarks of the American government, which has been completely overtaken by psychopaths who have so infused the culture with their twisted values that the majority of Americans approve torture.

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Denmark's new migrant policy 'a violation of international law' - Danish politician

© REUTERS/ Jens Norgaard Larsen
Copenhagen's new legislation aimed at containing the influx of migrants is a violation of international law, according to Kashif Ahmad, leader of the Denmark's pro-immigrant the National Party.

In an interview with Sputnik, Kashif Ahmad, leader of Denmark's pro-immigrant National Party, described Copenhagen's adherence to a new legislation on containing the influx of migrants as little more than a violation of international law.

"It is a violation of plenty of international conventions, including the European Convention on Human Rights, the UN Convention of the Right of Children and the UN Refugee Convention. I'm absolutely sure that the Danish government infringes on international norms by implementing this bill," Ahmad said.

Comment: Denmark is not only seizing what little valuables the refugees have, they're also removing them from society and putting them into camps outside the cities. This is what an ethnic cleansing looks like.
Ethnic cleansing is the systematic forced removal of ethnic or religious groups from a given territory by a more powerful ethnic group, with the intent of making it ethnically homogeneous.
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Wal-Mart closures create new food deserts across America

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Wal-Mart's decision to shutter 154 stores across the country means that, starting Thursday, residents without cars in a neighborhood near a historically black college outside Birmingham,Alabama, will have to cross dangerous roadways on foot to get fresh produce and meat. Come Friday, folks in Coal Hill, Arkansas, will need to drive 15 miles to get to the nearest supermarket and pharmacy. Low-income neighbors of Wichita State University in Kansas, too, will be losing quick access to fresh groceries.

The store closings by the world's largest retailer are creating three new food deserts in these neighborhoods with nearly 15,000 residents combined, according to an Associated Press analysis.

One of them is in Fairfield, Alabama, a hard-luck suburb of 11,000 about 8 miles west of Birmingham. The Wal-Mart there sits on a highway marked by dreary swaths of abandoned commercial buildings, fast-food restaurants, payday lending businesses and gas stations. By late last week it was already out of fresh food, and shoppers who picked over the remaining items also worried that the store's shutdown could affect competitive prices nearby.

Comment: Further reading: Walmart closing hundreds of stores, thousands of layoffs

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Sweden will expel up to 80K asylum seekers

Policemen and a group of asylum seekers on the platform at the Swedish end of the bridge between Sweden and Denmark in Malmo on November 12, 2015
Sweden intends to expel up to 80,000 of refugees who crossed its borders last year, saying they did not qualify for being asylum seekers. "We are talking about 60,000 people but the number could climb to 80,000," Sweden's Interior Minister Anders Ygeman said on Wednesday, adding that Stockholm had called on the police and authorities in charge of refugees to organize their expulsion.

The application of these people have been rejected and their expulsion from the country will be carried out through specially chartered aircraft, he further said, adding that due to the large number of these people, the completion of the process would take several years.

Home to nearly 10 million people, the Scandinavian country accepted over 160,000 asylum seekers in 2015. It has the highest per capita number of asylum seekers among European countries.

The EU is facing its worst refugee crisis since World War II with more than a million estimated to have entered the continent in 2015 while a record number is expected for this year.

Comment: Sweden has been one of the more generous countries in regards to the refugee crisis. While no one can blame destitute families for seeking asylum from war-torn neighborhoods and the constant threat of annihilation, there are those who looked at the opportunity to better themselves somewhere else and took advantage. The onus of the refugee/asylum seeker problem should be laid squarely at the feet of those countries that caused it to happen, and who, by the way, are most rigidly refusing refuge to their victims.


112-year-old woman credits her longevity to smoking 30 cigarettes a day for last 95 years

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Batuli Lamichhane has outlived her own children
A 112-year-old woman has credited her old age to chain smoking 30 cigarettes a day - for 95 years.

Batuli Lamichhane was born in March 1903 - and took up smoking when she was 17. She claims it's her daily habit that has helped her outlive almost everyone else in her village - and her own children. She said: 'I dont really care how old I am. But I am old nonetheless. I have seen a lot of things change during my lifetime.'

But despite her age, Batuli continues to be a chain smoker. She smokes as many as 30 cigarettes a day. 'I have been smoking for over 95 years. There is nothing wrong with smoking,' she says.

Batuli's added advice on smoking is to avoid 'commercially made' cigarettes. Instead, she recommends locally made 'beedis' - tobacco wrapped in tendu leaf.


Hands up or charging? Conflicting reports on shooting of Oregon militia spokesman, Robert "LaVoy" Finicum

© Jim Urquhart / Reuters
Ammon Bundy (C) meets with supporters and the media at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, January 7, 2016.
Conflicting information is emerging over what happened after a well-known member of the militia group occupying a nature preserve in Oregon died in a shootout with federal agents. The group's spokesman had tried to run a roadblock before he was killed.

Robert "LaVoy" Finicum, a member of the group occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge since January 2, died Tuesday evening after a confrontation with federal law enforcement at a roadblock north of Burns, Oregon.

According to Victoria Sharps, a young woman who was in Finicum's truck, the rancher had his hands in the air when he was shot.

Comment: See also: Oregon militia occupying wildlife refuge tears down government fence


Alleged online child porn ring busted in Canada,12 arrests made in 7 cities

© Christinne Muschi / Reuters
Twelve suspects have been arrested in two Canadian provinces, mostly in Quebec, during a major bust on an alleged online child sexual exploitation ring. The operation was the result of a three-year-long investigation.

The suspects, aged 27 to 74, were detained on Wednesday in Quebec City, Montreal, Trois Rivieres, Toronto, Saint-Eustache and Richelieu-Saint-Laurent.

They are suspected of having online discussions about their sexual experiences with kids and sharing advice on where to meet children without causing suspicion, Quebec's provincial police force, Surete du Quebec, said.

Comment: See also: Anti-paedophile police fight child porn 'epidemic': Too bad they ignore the worst of the worst

Black Magic

The new normal: Martial law and the psychology of "lockdown" in the US

The establishment has been working hard over that past few years to make martial law the norm in the United States. A few events which are most responsible for the normalization of martial law stand out in most of our minds.

First there was the frightening gun confiscation and private home intrusion seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Particularly after the flooding in New Orleans. Many people witnessed for the first time the real horrors of martial law as militarized police, the National Guard and FEMA all operating until Federal orders bullied ordinary civilians around forcing them out of their homes and into a FEMA camp set up at public arenas. At the time, no one was used to seeing this here in America. But after a while people carried on with their business; but the memory of the arguably acceptable martial law scene playing out in the case of a natural disaster stayed in everyone's memory.

Then 8 years later on April 15, 2013 we had the staged Boston bombing pressure cooker detonations at the Boston Marathon. We all know the story, how within the following days the establishment cooked up the "chase" for the real perpetrators which they used to officially introduce the "lockdown" concept. I warned about this then. To this day I firmly believe the Boston bombing was set up to show America how an "event" can and will be used to lock down a town or a city.

Comment: Before the American Police State went into full overdrive these past few years, the only time one even heard the word 'lockdown' was when one was watching a crime drama or prison movie (unless of course one has experienced these things first hand). Nowadays, the crime drama or prison movie is not isolated; we're living it, or at least hearing and reading about some event occurring nearly every week; the prison has grown.

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