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Sat, 19 Aug 2017
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Father & 7yo daughter terrorized at gunpoint by 'insane & violent' police officer

© Ken Walton / Facebook
Ken Walton and daughter
A father and his young daughter claim they were terrorized by a highway patrolman in Arizona while they were en route to the Grand Canyon on Friday.

Ken Walton, who is from California, described the horrifying ordeal in a lengthy Facebook post where he and his 7-year-old daughter were held at gunpoint after being pulled over by the out-of-control highway patrolman.

"Tonight, I was arrested at gunpoint by an Arizona highway patrol officer who threatened to shoot me in the back (twice) in front of my 7-year-old daughter. For a moment, I was certain he was going to kill me for no reason," he wrote.

Walton had been making his way to the Grand Canyon in a rented car when he was pulled over by the Arizona Highway Patrol who had been tailing him for a few miles.

Comment: As Mr. Walton further writes, he feels it was only by virtue of his demographic (white male) that he survived the terrifying encounter at all:
"Maybe it's because, as I sat in that back of that police car and heard the AHP officer learn the truth from his dispatcher - that the man he'd just captured at gunpoint and threatened to murder was totally innocent - I realized it was very possible that the only reason I was alive was because I am a scrawny 48-year-old white man wearing a Micky Mouse t-shirt and cargo shorts and hiking boots. The officer that arrested me was so pumped up on adrenaline and eager to get a "bad guy" that he could barely control himself, and if I'd looked just a little bit more threatening to him - because I was black, or young, or long-haired, or tattooed, or didn't speak English - I believe he might have pulled the trigger.

If you are a person who has ever looked skeptically [sic] at the claims of Black Lives Matter, or others who talk about police violence, I urge you to consider what happened to me and put yourselves in the shoes of others. I just survived a bizarre gunpoint situation in which I was as innocent as Philando Castile, who was not as lucky as I was. We live in a society where anywhere and everyone can have a gun at any time, and police are responding with fear in dangerous ways. I got lucky tonight. My daughter and I made it to the Grand Canyon and I'm going to try to salvage what's left of our vacation. Many others - because of the color of their skin or the way they look or because of simple bad luck - did not meet the same fate."

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New Black Panther leader on Milwaukee: This is a war on black people

© Twitter/@HueyGunClub
Responding to the latest violent incidents in Milwaukee over the weekend, Babu Omowale, the so-called national minister of defense for the People's New Black Panther Party, declared "Is it a war? Yes, it is. It's a war against black people because we're the ones being murdered."

Omowale is also co-founder of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, a black militant gun group named after Black Panther Party founder Huey P. Newton.

Omowale was speaking in an interview set to air Sunday night on this reporter's talk radio program, Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, broadcast on New York's AM 970 The Answer and News Talk 990 AM in Philadelphia.

Asked if the riots in Milwaukee following the police shooting on Saturday of an armed assailant fleeing the scene amounted to a "civil war," Omowale responded thusly:
"The people against terrorism, and tyranny in their community is not a civil war. When you are speaking about civil war, you are talking about a country fighting against a country. This is oppressed people fighting against a racist, white supremacist police system. Which is meant to oppress a certain group of people. More than likely black people and poor people around the country."

"What you see is people lashing out and fighting against the system. As it is said in the Second Amendment, you know. So this is not new. The people in this country have always defended themselves against tyranny. So I can't liken this to a civil war. No it's not. Is it a war? Yes, it is. It's a war against black people because we're the ones being murdered. We're the ones being killed. So there's been a war against us. But is it a civil war? I can't say that that's the case."

Comment: After the interview, Klein takes a caller and then goes on to spout the usual rightwing rant against progressive movements, especially decrying criticism of Israel by black organizations. Further reading:


Milwaukee unrest continues: Police 'rescue' new shooting victim amid 2nd night of violent protests

© Aaron P. Bernstein / Reuters
A gas station is seen burned down after disturbances following the police shooting of a man in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S. August 14, 2016.
One person was shot and rushed to the hospital in Milwaukee where disturbances continued for a second night. The crowd has been throwing objects at officers, blocking roads and firing some shots, police said.


Russian long jumper Klishina wins appeal and allowed to compete at Rio Olympics

© Daria Klishina Anton Denisov / Sputnik
Long jumper Darya Klishina, the only Russian track and field athlete cleared to take part in the 2016 Olympics, but who was then banned from competing at the last minute by her athletic federation, has finally won her appeal and will join the Rio Games.

Early Monday morning, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), temporarily based at a beachfront hotel in Rio, ruled that Klishina is eligible to take part in the Olympics, overruling a last minute ban imposed on her by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). In rendering its decision, the court noted that Klishina has been training outside Russia for the last three years and passed drug testing regularly, the Associated Press reports.

The IAAF has confirmed that Klishina is now allowed to join the Games and will take part in qualifications on Tuesday.


Two women sexually assaulted at music festival in US - right-wing media ignore story

© oregon.arrests.org
Terry Allen Pepiot (L), Jeremy Janssen
Two women were sexually abused at the Willamette Country Music Festival in the US city of Brownsville, Oregon this past weekend, with two men arrested for the assaults.

A 20-year-old woman reported the first incident early Sunday after she woke up naked in the RV in which she was staying with no memory of the night before.

Terry Allen Pepiot, a 56-year-old who was staying in the RV with the woman, admitted he sexually assaulted her. He was arrested for "unlawful sexual penetration."

A second 20-year-old woman reported a sexual assault on Sunday. She and a friend were drinking with a man they had just met. A few hours later, she woke up to find the man sexually assaulting her. Jeremy Russell Janssen, 37, was subsequently arrested for sex abuse.


'Gunfire' scare in French Riviera resort sparks stampede injuring dozens

© Jean Christophe Magnenet / AFP
People sunbath on a beach in the French southeastern city of Juan les Pins, near Antibes
Forty people have reportedly been injured in a stampede in the French Mediterranean resort of Juan-les-Pins after fears of gunfire led to panic. The noise, however, was caused by firecrackers thrown from a nearby car, local media said.

There were "a lot of people running" in a "stampede caused by the panic" that "left dozens of people slightly injured," a local witness told AFP.

Comment: For more information on how the population has been traumatized by global terror attacks leading to this kind of PTSD-like behavior, see this article: Limbic Warfare and Martha Stout's "Paranoia Switch"

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State of Wyoming claims ownership of the wind so it can tax renewable energy firms out of existence

Shortly after they realized the potential for wind energy creation in Wyoming, renewable energy companies began constructing turbines on private property and then selling the clean power they generated to the residents. However, shortly after their ventures began, Wyoming government officials, acting on behalf of fossil fuel interests, moved in for the kill.

The state legislature asked the question, "Who owns the wind?"

Without much debate, the Wyoming legislature quickly determined that the state does.

Unlike any other resource derived from the use of private property, which the property owner maintains from surface ownership, the state of Wyoming claims wind is different.

So, lawmakers decided to tax it. For the last several years, Wyoming has been taxing the power generated by wind turbines at $1 per megawatt.

Do not mistake this tax as part of the regular taxes that already apply to businesses like income tax and employment taxes. No, this is an entirely new tax based solely on the assertion by Wyoming officials that they own the wind.

"Wind is different than anything else. It's not like a mineral, which is something that sits there in the ground until you go after it," says Bob Whitton, chairman of the Renewable Energy Association of Landowners (REAL). "It's not like water that can be put in a lake or pond. The wind blows in and blows out and you can't put it in a pond, pipeline, truck or train and send it somewhere."


Pharmaceuticals moving in? Cannabis vaporizer being tested by NHS could lead to 'properly regulated market in UK'

© MediPen / Facebook
A cannabis product used by people suffering from various conditions is now being tested by the National Health Service (NHS) in a move it has been said could potentially shift perceptions of the drug.

The 'MediPen', which contains the active ingredient cannabidoil, an oil extracted from the cannabis plant, is legal in the UK because it is fully non-psychoactive and is used to relieve a variety of conditions including depression, anxiety and arthritis.

MediPen Ltd has reportedly been liaising with NHS production and regulatory support pharmacists who have been testing the oil over the last few months, according to the Independent.

A report on the testing process is due to be released, and could open the way for the beginning of a medical cannabis industry in the UK.


Orthodox Jews in London start fundraiser to stop children from leaving strict community and living with "irreligious parents"

© Ronen Zvulun / Reuters
A group of British ultra-Orthodox Jews have launched a million-pound fundraising drive to stop "pure and holy children" from leaving the strict faith community and living with "irreligious parents."

The fundraising drive was set up to fund the legal fees of divorcing parents involved in child custody battles with ex-partners who want to join mainstream society, the Independent reports.

Flyers have been distributed in London's Stamford Hill calling for the Charedi community to back the bid, saying: "Rescue the Children Convention: We now need one million pounds and therefore the community is requested to join in with a minimum sum of £500."

The flyers were accompanied by a letter of support from a local rabbi stating that they wish to fight cases involving 17 children.

"To our great pain, and our misfortune, our community finds itself in a terrible situation - 17 of our pure and holy children where one of the parents, God rescue them, have gone out into an evil culture, and want to drag their children after them," the letter, as seen by the Independent, reads.

"This is a degree of apostasy and this situation has motivated our rabbis who are in Israel... to come here in a personal capacity to increase prayer and to gather money for legal fees, and to achieve this a convention has been organised of prayer and also to collect money."


SAS veteran Chris Ryan: Special forces soldiers were psychopathic and mixed with organized crime

© James Vellacot / Reuters
Soldiers in Britain's elite special forces regiment associated with organized crime gangs, sold ammunition and some may have been borderline psychopaths, SAS veteran Chris Ryan has claimed.

Ryan, famously the only soldier to escape a disastrous 1991 SAS mission in Iraq during which half the team died and the rest were captured, made his comments to Gloucestershire Live on August 9.

While publicizing his latest thriller, the soldier turned author said he had run into some dubious characters during his time in the regiment.

"There were people who would sell ammunition, there were people who had dubious backgrounds in terms of who they were mixing with outside of hours of the regiment, like family and friends involved in gangs or organized crime," he said.