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Mon, 18 Jun 2018
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About time: Senate committee approves bill to reduce salaries of former US presidents

Clinton Bush Obama
© Sam Greenwood/Getty Images
Former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama attend the trophy presentation prior to Thursday foursome matches of the Presidents Cup at Liberty National Golf Club on September 28, 2017 in Jersey City, New Jersey.
A Senate committee approved a bill Wednesday to reduce the salary former presidents can make, years after former President Barack Obama vetoed similar legislation in 2015.

The update to the Former Presidents Act would reduce how much former presidents receive in pension from the taxpayers and reduce total amount of money taxpayers contribute to former commanders in chief.

"Our national debt now exceeds $20 trillion; this bipartisan effort is another important step toward reigning in Washington's out-of-control spending," Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst, sponsor of the Senate legislation, said in a statement.

"It is ridiculous to continue asking taxpayers to help foot the bill for former presidents' perks at a time when they already rake in millions of dollars from book deals, speaking engagements, and more."


Lost in academia: Dream of a charmed life surrounded by brilliant colleagues is a far cry from reality

© Gabe Souza/Getty Images
College teachers are earning less than half of what a kindergarten teacher makes.
The academic dream is a powerful thing. To be surrounded by brilliant colleagues, working on discovering new insights for the betterment of society, is a heady prospect. To enjoy ironclad job security, to rest easy deep into middle age as your peers in the private sector grow anxious about being laid off, would be an almost unimaginable relief. And to enjoy both the company and the respect of smart, energetic youngsters, not to mention free gyms, lots of time off and good health care -- well, it's no surprise that for many, academia is an ideal job.

But for most, that dream never becomes a reality. U.S. universities are seeing the rise of a growing underclass of poor, overeducated college teachers known as adjuncts, clinging to low-paid insecure jobs with little hope of advancing to the coveted ranks of the tenure track:

Snakes in Suits

Massacre in Las Vegas: Who Benefits? (VIDEO)

Cui Bono?
Who stands to benefit (profit) from the fear created by mass shootings like the one in Las Vegas?

This video from Truthstream Media explores that question.


Facebook, Google and Twitter sued by family of American killed in Barcelona van attack

ISIS flag twitter facebook
© Reuters/Dado Ruvic
3D plastic representations of the Twitter, Facebook and Youtube logos are seen in front of a displayed ISIS flag in this photo illustration shot February 3, 2016.
The family of a California man killed in the Barcelona terror attack filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Google, Facebook and Twitter,alleging the tech giants played a role in "aiding, abetting and knowingly providing support and resources" to the Islamic State group.

The three daughters of Jared Tucker, who was among the 13 people killed in the August 17 attack, are plaintiffs in the lawsuit. They are represented by their mother and legal guardian Danelle Sinclair. Tucker, 42, of Walnut Creek, was in Europe with his wife, Heidi Nunes-Tucker, celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

The assault was the worst terrorist attack to hit Spain in more than a decade when a vehicle plowed into pedestrians on Barcelona's most popular boulevard, Las Ramblas. Thirteen people died and 130 were wounded.

The three tech companies, the complaint argues, have "for years knowingly and recklessly provided the terrorist group ISIS with accounts to use its social networks as a tool for spreading extremist propaganda, raising funds and attracting new recruits."

Comment: The drive for censorship is on. Clocking truly dangerous content is understandable, but the net has being widened to included all material dissenting against the Empire.


How to fight back against 'Starbucksification'

Arab market
© Nazanin Tabatabaee Yazdi / Reuters
Last weekend's big horse racing festival in Chantilly, France brought together trainers, jockeys, spectators and journalists from all over the world.

The genuine internationalism of the event, which saw enthusiastic Japanese, Brits, Arabs, Italians, Irish, Germans, French and Africans dressed in national costume and rubbing shoulders, was uplifting. It was also in stark contrast to the depressing news from outside the Hippodrome of mass killings carried out by an alienated firearm fanatic in Las Vegas, fatal stabbings in Marseilles and a stabbing and vehicular ramming in Edmonton, Canada.

At Chantilly, geopolitics was put on hold, while outside insane, inhumane battles still raged. For 48 hours at least, it was wonderful to escape into an oasis of peace and even back a few winners. What happened in France at this magical racecourse, surrounded by woods and opposite a beautiful chateau, provided much food for thought about how things might be improved out in the 'real world.'

For starters, you'd have to go a long way to find better examples of international co-operation.


Minnesota man lived with bodies of mother, brother for a year

Paul Kuefler
© Ramsey County Sheriff's Office
A Minnesota man who lived in a house with the decomposing bodies of his mother and twin brother for about a year said he could not bring himself to report their deaths to authorities.

"I was traumatized," Robert James Kuefler told The Associated Press on Saturday. "What would you do?"

White Bear Police Capt. Dale Hager said Kuefler, 60, was charged this week with interference with a dead body or scene of death because Kuefler moved his brother's body. Hager said both the brother and the mother died of natural causes in 2015.

Heart - Black

Wichita, KS: Patient accused of stabbing psychiatrist more than 160 times at clinic

Dr. Achutha Reddy (left) and Umar Rashid Dutt
© Unknown
Dr. Achutha Reddy (left) and Umar Rashid Dutt
A slain Kansas psychiatrist was stabbed more than 160 times at his clinic in Wichita last month, according to a newly released arrest affidavit for a patient charged in the attack.

Umar Dutt, 21, is jailed on $1 million bond on charges of first-degree murder in Dr. Achutha Reddy's Sept. 13 killing at his Holistic Psychiatry Services clinic.

A clinic employee reported hearing Reddy calling for help and then seeing Dutt stabbing the psychiatrist, according to the affidavit written by a Wichita police detective. The employee was able to briefly separate the two. Reddy then ran out the back of the clinic with Dutt following him, according to the affidavit, which was released Thursday.

Comment: Another Millennial snowflake lost control over himself?
Who is the suspect accused of killing a Wichita doctor?


Horrifying video shows cops kill man with his hands in the air

Rueben Galindo killed by police
Rueben Galindo, 29, wanted to turn in his gun to Charlotte Mecklenburg Police. No longer wanting to be in possession of his firearm, according to his wife Azucena Zamoraro, he decided to call police to make arrangements to turn it in. Little did he know calling 911 would be the last phone call he'd ever make.

Answering the 911 call, an unnamed police dispatcher asked Galindo (as police officers were en route to his apartment) if he had any guns in the home. He said he had a gun in his bag. He asked her if she wanted him to retrieve it and she said, "si, si", meaning yes in English. Spanish-speaking Galindo had spent 15 minutes prior talking to 911 operators who decided police would have to come to the home.

Galindo was more than happy to retrieve the gun to give it to the officers when they arrived. Over and over again, he told the 911 dispatcher that he had no bullets for his gun. She also reassured him that they were there to help him. In her defense, she did tell the allegedly drunk man that he should leave the weapon. Clearly, he was confused, and possibly perceived her message to mean he must leave it with the policemen.


Australia's capitol city bans smoking at bus stops, taxi ranks, train & bus stations

No smoking sign
© Zest Magazine
Canberrans can no longer smoke in public transport waiting areas in the ACT with a new ban in place that covers bus stops, taxi ranks and bus and train stations.

The ban includes the Jolimont Bus Station and Canberra Train Station but does not apply to the Civic Bus Interchange between 11 pm and 6 am in keeping with the regulations applying to the city's night traders.

"The smoking ban includes seating areas where people might wait for public transport such as a bus shelter, bench or any seating at a transport stop and our future light rail stops," ACT Health and Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris said.

Ms Fitzharris said that, other than at the Civic Bus Interchange, the smoking ban applies at all times even if public transport is not in operation.

Comment: More anti-smoking hysteria based on junk science.


Seems Harvey Weinstein is backing his feminist attorney Lisa Bloom's new miniseries

Lisa Bloom
Feminist attorney Lisa Bloom, who has represented dozens of women against accused sexual harassers like Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly, is now representing an alleged sexual harasser. In, quite frankly, a shocking move, Bloom agreed to give her "advising" services to film studio executive Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of harassing women over a thirty-year timespan. Immediately, many in the legal world wondered what would motivate such a principled women's rights advocate to represent a man facing such sordid accusations. Bloom claims she is trying to help Weinstein right a wrong and "evolve to a higher standard." But, in an interesting twist, LawNewz has learned that the movie giant is also backing Bloom in an effort to turn one of her books into a miniseries.

The allegations revealed in a New York Times article are disturbing to say the least. The paper's investigation found that dozens of women accused Weinstein of creating a hostile workplace in which they were subject to his ongoing, and persistent sexual advances. According to anonymous sources, Weinstein settled with at least eight different women over the years.