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Wed, 31 Aug 2016
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6 high school football players alleged to have raped girl in woods near school arrested

Police in Winter Springs said they have arrested six teens in connection to the alleged rape of a student last week.

Those arrested Wednesday were identified as Tywuan Johnson, 17, Torreano Batton, 18, Jose Sims, 17, Deoante Stewart, 17, and Tolbert Alexander, 16, all of Sanford; and Marquis Pierre, 16, of Winter Springs.

Police said all six are football players, and have been charged with sexual battery and false imprisonment.

Investigators said a 16-year-old Winter Springs High School student reported that she had been raped by a group of teens in a wooded area across from the school late Thursday afternoon.

According to investigators, the girl told them that she knew two of the attackers. Investigators said that over the weekend, they tracked down the accused juveniles in an effort to piece together what happened.

Comment: It's becoming increasingly common to see rape incidents like these not only at the high school level, but also involving athletes:

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Despicable: 11-year old child in critical condition after father uses her as cocaine drug mule

Drugs mule: The 11-year-old was rushed to a hospital in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, after a cocaine capsule burst in her stomach, where doctors found 104 capsules during surgery
An 11-year-old Colombian girl is in critical condition after one of more than 100 cocaine capsules her father had made her swallow as part of a drug mule operation, burst in her stomach.

The girl was rushed to hospital in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, where doctors removed nearly 1.2lbs of cocaine during surgery.

Police are now hunting for the schoolgirl's father, who is accused of forcing her to swallow 104 cocaine capsules so he could use her as a drug mule for a flight to Spain.

The schoolgirl underwent a life-saving operation after her father and another relative had rushed her to a hospital in Santiago de Cali early on Monday morning.

The father and the relative then disappeared after leaving the 11-year-old with medics.

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Surprise! U.S. personal freedom ranking falls under Obama

© Pocketfullofliberty.com
Americans' assessments of their personal freedom have significantly declined under President Obama, according to a new study from the Legatum Institute in London, and the United States now ranks below 20 other countries on this measure.

The research shows that citizens of countries including France, Uruguay, and Costa Rica now feel that they enjoy more personal freedom than Americans.

As the Washington Examiner reported this morning, representatives of the Legatum Institute are in the U.S. this week to promote the sixth edition of their Prosperity Index. The index aims to measure aspects of prosperity that typical gross domestic product measurements don't include, such as entrepreneurship and opportunity, education, and social capital.

The freedom scores are based on polling data from 2013 indicating citizens' satisfaction with their nation's handling of civil liberties, freedom of choice, tolerance of ethnic minorities, and tolerance of immigrants. Polling data were provided by Gallup World Poll Service. The index is notable for the way it measures how free people feel, unlike other freedom indices that measure freedom by comparing government policies.

"This is not a good report for Obama," Legatum Institute spokeswoman Cristina Odone told the Washington Examiner.

In the 2010 report (which relied on data gathered in 2009), the U.S. was ranked ninth in personal freedom, but that ranking has since fallen to 21st, with several countries, including France, Germany and the United Kingdom passing the U.S.

Comment: Freedom in the U.S. is an illusion.


Happy World Toilet Day! 2.5 billion people in the world have no cause for celebration

© flickr
An estimated 2.5 billion people lack access to proper sanitation around the world, and more than a billion defecate openly. Some 4 billion cases of diarrhea each year lead to more than 2 million deaths, mainly among children. That's more than AIDS and malaria combined.

In India, where 550 million people practice open defecation, 45 percent of children are stunted. The culprit in most cases is poor sanitation and lack of access to clean water. Studies show that lack of toilets and the resulting spread of disease is literally making Indian children shorter.

Comment: And why is there such a lack of basic sanitation for billions of people around the world? Look to your psychopathic leaders, corrupt World Bank and IMF who seem to like nothing more than to keep people subjugated and drowning in poverty.


Bus carrying Niagara University women's basketball team stranded during Buffalo snowstorm


This photo provided by Chelsea Andorka, the Niagara University women’s basketball team spokeswoman, shows the team holding a sign while their bus was snowbound near Lackawanna, N.Y., Nov. 18, 2014.
Residents in upstate New York remain trapped inside their homes, with motorists stranded as a deadly snowstorm continues to dump snow across the region.

A lake-effect snow warning has been issued for the rest of the week in Erie County, and the New York National Guard was deployed to help the Buffalo area dig out.

The storm is blamed for the deaths of at least six people. Three of the people who died in the storm suffered heart attacks, and two of those were shoveling snow at the time, officials said.

Another person in Erie County was pinned by a car while trying to push it out of the snow, while another was found buried in his car, authorities said at a news conference today. In Genesee County, an employee died while operating a snowblower, authorities said.

Dozens of vehicles, including a bus carrying the Niagara University women's basketball team, were stranded, and even snow plows got stuck in the deep snow.

"It started to get bad fast at about 2 a.m. [Tuesday morning] and we came to a dead stop and haven't moved since," Niagara coach Kendra Faustin told The Associated Press in a phone interview Tuesday night. "It was a rough weekend for us on the court and it just won't end."


Fire chief refuses to help black family stranded after accident: 'We ain't taking no n*ggers here'


Southeast Bullitt County Fire Chief Julius Hatfield speaks to WDRB
A Kentucky fire chief is being criticized for racist comments after he refused to help a family of stranded motorists because they were black, and then suggested that an Asian-American television reporter did not understand English.

In a Bullitt County Sheriff's deputy's body camera recording obtained by WDRB, Southeast Bullitt County Fire Chief Julius Hatfield can be heard discussing a car accident on I-65 in September.

Hatfield first goes out of his way to provide assistance to Loren Dicken, who is white.

"You got a jack, ain't you?" Hatfield asks the driver. "If you show me where them things is at, I'll get my guys to start changing the tire for you."

At first, Dicken turns down the offer, but Hatfield insists, saying, "It will save you a bill."

Firefighters working for Hatfield even picked Dicken up from the hospital and took him back to the firehouse, where his car was ready and waiting.

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Elementary school teacher arrested for sending "sexual" photos to student

© Lee County Sheriff's Office
A Lee County elementary school teacher is charged with Cruelty Towards a Child/Transmitting information harmful to minors, according to the sheriff's office.

Tara Milton Roberts, 28, taught at River Hall Elementary School in Alva and is at the Lee County Jail being held without bond. She was arrested for sending photographs of herself scantily clad to a student through the KIK application, according to LCSO.

The messages started off as friendly but soon turned into more sexual in nature - the student knew it was Tara Roberts because he recognized her white iPhone, according to the sheriff's office.

The school district confirmed Roberts taught 5th grade, but the victim was not a student in her class. According to the investigation, Roberts told the student not to tell anyone because she would get in trouble.

According to a Lee County School District spokesperson, Roberts was in her first year of teaching and was on probationary status. She will not be returning to the district.

River Hall parents were notified of the arrest around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday - and a substitute teacher will be working with the 5th grade team until a qualified teacher can be placed.

Parents were also told the incident involved one student and the use of social media.

At her first appearance Wednesday morning, Roberts only said a few words. She is being held on a $20,000 bond and can have no unsupervised contact with minors.

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Citigroup banker found dead in bathtub with his throat slit

© William Miller
Police investigate the scene Tuesday where Shawn D. Miller (inset) was found dead in a bathtub with his throat slit.
A Citigroup banker was found dead with his throat slashed in the bathtub of his swanky downtown apartment, authorities said Wednesday.

Shawn D. Miller, Citigroup's managing director of environmental and social risk management, was discovered around 3 p.m. Tuesday by a doorman in the Greenwich Street building, law enforcement sources said.

"We are deeply saddened by this news and our thoughts are with Shawn's family at this time," said a statement sent out by Citigroup.

Comment: Do all these dead bankers know something that we don't? For more on the preponderance of murdered and suicided bankers see:

One more banker down: Liechtenstein CEO murdered in underground garage

JP Morgan executive becomes 5th banker to die in last 2 weeks

4th Financial Services Executive found dead; "From self-inflicted nail-gun wounds"

Young banker's suicide becomes twelfth in financial world this year

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'Anti-offshore' law to bring billions back to Russian economy

Russia's upper house of parliament has approved an "anti-offshore" law requiring individual and corporate taxpayers to report foreign profits. The Russian government aims to prevent capital outflow via "offshores," estimated at $200 billion in 2014.

The law requires Russian tax authorities to be notified of all foreign dealings. The government believes it will return $3.1-4.2 billion in tax revenue to the Russian state budget.

Any Russian individual or company that owns 50 percent or more of an offshore asset will have to declare profits to the tax authorities. Over time, the allowable share of ownership will decrease - in 2016 to 25 percent, and on an individual basis to 10 percent.

According to some experts, over $2 trillion has flowed offshore out of Russian jurisdiction in recent years, TASS reports. Even the most moderate estimates put the figure at between $800 million and $1 trillion.


Ebola can possibly be sexually transmitted: India isolates man with Ebola-infected semen

An Ebola survivor has been quarantined in India after his semen tested positive for the virus, health officials there have announced.

The 26-year-old man, an Indian national, traveled to New Delhi from Liberia on November 10, almost two months after he was hospitalized in the West African nation after showing symptoms of the illness, India's health ministry said in a statement.

He was released from the Liberian hospital on September 30 with documents declaring him free of clinical signs linked to Ebola, the ministry added.

As a precautionary measure, Indian authorities carried out tests on his body fluids, which confirmed traces of the virus in his semen, the statement said.

"Currently, this person is not having any symptoms of the disease. However, he would be kept under isolation in the special health facility of (the) Delhi Airport Health Organization, till such time his body fluids test negative and he is found medically fit to be discharged," it said.