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Thu, 18 Oct 2018
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Trump tax cuts: FedEx announces $3.2 billion in worker bonuses & wage increases

trump flag
© Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
On Friday, FedEx announced a massive $3.2 billion investment in the American economy, crediting the Trump-backed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The money will be used for wage increases, employee bonuses and pensions, and job creation.

Over $200 million will go directly to workers' wages, FedEx said in a statement. Approximately two-thirds of that sum will be devoted to hourly employees, while the remainder will boost incentives for the company's salaried personnel.

FedEx is following that up with $1.5 billion for its pension plan, a voluntary contribution the company said will "ensure it remains one of the best funded retirement programs in the country."

The last $1.5 billion will serve as capital to expand the FedEx Express Indianapolis hub over the course of the next seven years-leading to jobs and community growth. The Memphis SuperHub will also be expanded, with details of the plan set to be announced in the spring.


Police handcuff 7-year-old boy in Florida school after allegedly attacking teacher

Boy handcuffed

A 7-year-old boy emerged from a Miami-Dade police car's back seat on Jan. 26, 2018, in metal handcuffs while his mother videotaped and comforted him from just a few feet away.
A 7-year-old boy emerged from a Miami-Dade police car's back seat on Friday afternoon in metal handcuffs -- while his mother videotaped and comforted him from just a few feet away.

The video captures the boy -- his hands cuffed behind his back -- stepping out of a patrol car and being guided into the Miami Children's Hospital by a uniformed police officer.

"It's OK, my love," the boy's mother says in Spanish.

His father, Rolando Fuentes, told ABC affiliate station WPLG in Miami that it was difficult to watch the video.


US composer receives Grammy award for song about Putin (VIDEO)

composer Randy Newman
© AP Photo/ Jordan Strauss/Invision
American composer Randy Newman

US music composer Randy Newman has received a Grammy award for best arrangement for his song about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the song, Newman writes about Putin's "love for his mother country," ability to "power a nuclear reactor" and women driven crazy, when he takes off his shirt.

Among the contenders, there were Another Day of Sun from the film La La Land composed by Justin Hurwitz, I Loves You Porgy by Shelly Berg and Every Time We Say Goodbye by Jorge Calandrelli.

This not the first time, musicians have written songs about the Russian leader. For example, the hip-hop duo of K.King and Beni Maniaci wrote a song entitled "Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin," while the German band Rammelhof produced a song, called "Wladimir."


N. Korea calls off joint event with S. Korea, blames media - report

North Korea
© KCNA / Reuters
North Korea has cancelled a cultural performance due to be held in conjunction with South Korea next week, according to officials in Seoul.

South Korea's unification ministry said Monday that North Korea's decision to drop the event was "very regrettable,"Reuters reports. North Korea called off the event, blaming South Korean media for encouraging "insulting" public sentiment towards the North, the ministry added.

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Airline calls the shots: 'Humiliated' Instagram star removed from AA flight (VIDEOS)

American airlines
© Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters
Police removed Instagram fitness model Jen Selter from a New York-bound American Airlines flight over the weekend, after she got into a heated argument with a flight attendant.

The 24 year old posted several clips of the encounter, filmed by her sister, on Twitter which showed the aftermath of an argument between Selter and a male flight attendant.

Selter, who has 11.7 million Instagram followers, says the delayed flight had been sitting on the tarmac for more than two hours on Saturday night, when she got up to stretch and put her jacket away.

Selter says a flight attendant yelled at her to sit down so they could take off, but when she told him to "relax" because the two people sitting next to her were in the bathroom, he asked her if she wanted to be kicked off the plane. She jokingly replied "yes."


Kickstarter's PC ban on Swedish 'Rape Book' spurs avalanche of donations

Ann Heberlein
© CC BY-SA 3.0 / Frankie Fouganthin / Ann Heberlein
Kickstarter's ban against a crowdfunding attempt by a Swedish Conservative parliamentary candidate, who is writing a much-anticipated book about rape, has resulted in a torrent of direct donations greatly exceeding the initial goal.

Last week, Ann Heberlein's Kickstarter project for her upcoming book "Rape and Culture - a Survey of Group Rape" had been closed down following numerous reports of "racism." Before the ban, Heberlein managed to attract a total of SEK 161,704 ($21,500), still far short of the target of SEK 400,000 ($51,000).

"To survey the [Crime Prevention Council]'s statistics is thus 'racist.' Do you understand where we are heading? Freedom of expression is not threatened. It's throttled," a dismayed Ann Heberlein tweeted.

Comment: When reality collides with political correctness the result is always blatant censorship. It seems that the crowdfunder Kickstarter is not interested in allowing users to use its platform to fund projects that examine difficult truths. Stick with potato salad, pirate pancakes and Lionel Richie's head please, Kickstarters.

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Bottom of the housing ladder: UK families forced to live in deplorable housing conditions

Carley Jones and her seven-year-old son
© Alicia Canter for the Guardian
Carley Jones and her seven-year-old son live in a crumbling one-bedroom flat in Medway in Kent.
Carley Jones has seen the rent on her crumbling one-bedroom flat in Medway in Kent rise 40% in just three years, but she hasn't got much for her money. A hole in her seven-year-old son's bedroom wall lets in cold air so the heating is on non-stop. The plaster is coming away in the kitchen where the hot tap dribbles constantly. Jones sleeps in the living room, a broken smoke alarm hangs from the ceiling and laundry hangs, barely drying, in the damp bathroom.

"There are a lot of people going through this situation," said the 23-year-old part-time school cleaner. "It is so easy for private landlords to get away with it because there are so many people desperate to find a property."

Jones is not quite at the bottom of her area's housing ladder. A few yards from her front door, a middle aged man has been living in the doorway of a vacant shop for six months - one of 4,750 people currently sleeping on Britain's streets, according to the Ministry of Housing.

"I walk past him and think 'what if that is me soon'," she said. "I feel like a squatter in my own home. Rough sleeping is the next step down. There is a massive amount of stress and I now have depression and anxiety."

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Woman astonishes Chinese man by returning $19,000 he accidentally threw away

yuan Chinese currency
The man was going to deposit the money in the bank after work, but mistakenly threw the bag with the banknotes away instead of the one with garbage. When he realized his mistake, it was too late, but the events took quite an unexpected turn later on.

A Chinese resident who accidentally dropped a plastic bag filled with banknotes totaling 124,000 yuan (US$19,600) into a public waste dumpster was absolutely over the moon after a neighbor found the money and returned it to the police, according to South China Morning Post.

The incident took place in the city of Dalian in northern China's Liaoning province.


Silver-winning Vietnam football team gets rewarded with plane-ride bikini show; backlash on social media (VIDEO)

Vietjet bikini models
© Youtube / Vietjet
VietJet Air apparently decided that an improvised catwalk show of bikini-clad models onboard their flight is what a football team needs after playing a good game in the finals of the AFC Asian Cup.

Vietnam's U-23 football team managed to win a silver medal at the AFC Asian Cup after a tough competition, making it to the final game for the first time. They received an unexpected gift from the VietJet Air airline, which flew the team from Changzhou back to Hanoi. According to Taiwan News, it decided to invite several models to perform a bikini show onboard the team's flight.

In a video, filmed by one of the passengers and posted on YouTube, you can see that while some members of the team are enjoying the show and capturing it on their phones, others seem to feel a bit more awkward, or even embarrassed.

Mr. Potato

CNN Turkey falls for prank and reports 'American Sniper' star killed In Syria, Pentagon forced to deny

American Sniper
On Friday a Middle East regional CNN network reported that American Sniper Chris Kyle had been killed while embedded with US-backed Kurdish forces in Syria by invading Turkish troops, and the story went viral. Or maybe they meant to say actor Bradley Cooper?

Though priding itself for its brand recognition in setting the agenda for accurate mainstream news and top notch investigative journalism around the globe, CNN has once again embarrassed itself as its sister network, CNN Turk, fell for what should have been an easy to recognize prank. At the end of this week false reports that two US Special Forces members had been killed in Syria while embedded with American-backed Kurdish units fighting in the northwest Aleppo district of Afrin in Syria spread wildly through major Turkish media after CNN Turk reported it.

The only problem is that the identified US soldier purported to be featured in a photo circulating on social media which is the basis of CNN Turk's story was actually none other than "American Sniper" actor Bradley Cooper. That's right, as one classic and sadly all too literally serious headline from Newsweek reads - CNN Turkey Reports 'American Sniper' Bradley Cooper Killed In Syria, U.S. Military Denies.

Comment: For the Fake News professionals at CNN, if you see something on the Internet it must be true! No wonder your average news-junkie web-surfer makes better journalism these days.