London bridge attack 2019

Comment: 3 weeks ago Joe Quinn posted this on Facebook:
"I'll make a little prediction now, that if there is another "Muslim terror attack" in the UK before the Dec. 12th general election, it will be pretty clear evidence that the British establishment, as represented (as always) by the Conservative party, uses "Muslim terrorism" to maintain their position in power.

Why? Because "Muslim terrorism" was THE reason that a majority of British people voted for Brexit. If that reason were to be brought back, front and center, it would likely swing a general election vote in favor of the Conservatives, with the people thinking that by voting for the Conservatives they are voting for "Brexit" (and an end to immigration) when they are merely voting for 5 more years of Conservative party rule (and the continued destruction of the NHS)."

The man shot by police on London Bridge has died at the scene, Britain's top counter-terrorism officer told reporters. The suspect was strapped with a fake bomb and the incident is being treated as a terrorist attack.

Police shot the suspect dead, after he stabbed multiple people near London Bridge on Friday, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu told reporters that afternoon. The man died at the scene.

"This is a terrorist incident," Basu told reporters, adding that investigators believe the man was wearing a hoax explosive vest.

In response, Basu said that the Metropolitan Police would be stepping up patrols in London, and that the area will remain cordoned off for some time, to ensure "no further danger to the public."

After speaking to reporters, Basu traveled to Downing Street to brief Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the situation. Johnson condemned the attack as an "appalling incident."

It is still unclear how many people were stabbed before police ended the attacker's rampage. News reports suggest that at least five people were injured. The attack brought chaos to the busy central London thoroughfare, with police rushing to the bridge and ordering the public to remain indoors.
London bridge attack 2019
A group of bystanders managed to tackle and disarm the suspect, and video footage shared on social media showed officers breaking up the scuffle before shooting the man at close range with a submachine gun.

Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has previously been criticized for the terror attacks that have taken place in London under his watch, commended the "breathtaking heroism" of the bystanders who intervened.

London Bridge was also the scene of a vehicle-ramming and stabbing attack in June 2017, which left 11 people dead.