Russian Collusion
These are very tenuous times in Washington. As we've been noting for more than a year, the accusations made against Trump for "colluding with Russia" to win the Presidency against Hillary Clinton has been nothing short of a political witch-hunt to delegitimize him in the eyes of Americans, the world, and to prevent the US government from working with Russia in any kind of reasonable way. Globally, the attempt to connect Trump to an "evil plan" hatched by Russia "to subvert US democracy" by tinkering with the Presidential elections has also served the purpose of vilifying the Russian government - and painting Russian President Vladimir Putin as some kind of imperial Machiavelli who must be contended with in the most prejudicial of ways.

The entrenched political and intelligence interests connected to perpetuating this ridiculous shitshow must have thought they were killing two birds with one stone; the first, to destroy Trump politically so that he had no chances of showing that the US and Russia could work together constructively, and the second, to further the Big Lie that Russia seeks to harm the US (and the world) in pursuit of its interests. But, alas, the real lies, connivances and crimes connected to perpetuating the false 'Russiagate' narrative are now, finally, being exposed and reaching greater public recognition. And the laws that were broken in order to hunt Trump down may be the cause of all hell breaking loose in Washington. Or so it should.

Last Thursday, a four-page House Intelligence Committee memo laying out pervasive FISA court abuse was shown to members of the US House of Representatives. The "disturbing and explosive" information it supposedly contains points directly to the illegal surveillance of Trump and his campaign by employees of the FBI and the Department of Justice, under the direction of the Obama administration. The memo remains 'classified', but Republican members of Congress have over the past week been publicly hinting at what it contains, and urging its release.

Though downplayed in the mainstream media - which is casting the memo as a partisan effort by the GOP to undermine Robert Mueller's Special Counsel investigation - such is the hype in DC at the moment that publication of the document would apparently not only end the careers of senior FBI and DoJ officials and open a door to their criminal prosecution, but put an end to Robert Mueller's completely spurious investigation, the main driver of 'Russiagate'.

The memo is apparently an account of the House Intelligence Committee's own investigation into FBI and DOJ malfeasance in targeting Trump, and has been viewed by over 130 Congressional members so far, most of them Republicans. It seems that of the scores of Democrats who are also privy to the information, only those on the House Intelligence Committee have thus far bothered to read it.

What this memo apparently confirms is that Hillary Clinton's campaign indeed paid for the fake Steele Dossier - through its financing of Fusion GPS - which was then submitted as evidence for obtaining a FISA warrant in order to spy on her political opponent, then-candidate Donald Trump. It would, furthermore, confirm the historical nature of 'Russiagate': that US government officials working in US government agencies, rather than subverting a foreign government, instead attempted a regime-change operation in their own backyard.

The build-up to 'releasing the memo' and 'imploding Russiagate' is set to last at least another week because procedural rules apparently mean it cannot be made public before the end of the month. First, California Republican Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, must propose its release in Committee vote. Should that pass, the memo is then given to Trump for review. If he rejects release of the memo (which would surely indicate that the Deep State really has him in a stranglehold), it then goes back to the full House of Representatives for another vote.

Republican excitement has generated a groundswell of public support for its release, with the hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo being tweeted millions of times in just the past few days. There is palpable disgust and outrage among many who are demanding the truth be reported on the matter. Millions of Americans are sick to death of being lied to by their government, and not being able to see the president of their choice work to the best of his ability on their behalf, and unharassed. Of course, if you are to believe some in the media, the success of #ReleaseTheMemo is mostly due to 'Russia-linked bot accounts'!

Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova recently gave an interview to the Daily Caller in which he laid out the attempted coup, named the coup plotters and discussed a declassified but unreported April 2017 99-page FISA court opinion that "describes systematic and on-going violations of the law" by the FBI and their contractors (redacted in the FISA opinion, but almost certainly including private intel firm Fusion GPS and Crowdstrike IT company).

Should the memo reach Trump - and in unredacted form, such that it really does publicly confirm Russiagate for the witch-hunt it is - it's no sure thing that he will capitalize on it. Though this would be his big chance to dispel the myth of collusion with Russia to rig the US election, there is always the possibility that he won't go through with it.

We have already seen how Trump has been forced to cede executive power to the long-established interests of those who seek to perpetuate the toxic and destructive foreign policy of 'humanitarian intervention', 'democracy-building' and world hegemony. Terminating the Russiagate narrative would be a win for Trump, but would also effectively call into question the fallacious characterization of Putin's Russia that they are so committed to having everyone believe.

So, while we wait to see what impact publication of this memo has in Washington, we should remember with whom we're dealing here. Hillary Clinton, Comey, Mueller et al have, for years, engaged in massive criminal enterprises, are well-networked, have the corporate media on their side, and are not above doing whatever they deem necessary - including physically harming their targets - to protect themselves and the War Party's interests.