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Alberta wildfire more than triples in size overnight

hinton wildfire 2018 canada
© David Robson
A wildfire about 15 kilometres southeast of Hinton, Alta., is burning out of control.
Air tankers, helicopters used in fight against fire that has grown to 1,250 hectares

A wildfire burning out of control near Hinton, Alta., has more than tripled in size in less than a day, fire officials said Thursday.

The fire, about 15 kilometres southeast of the town of Hinton, now covers 1250 hectares, up from the 900 hectares reported earlier Thursday, and the 350 hectares reported Wednesday evening, said wildfire officials.

"This morning there's a bit of an inversion which makes it difficult to get a more recent size assessment, so it could be slightly larger than that," said wildfire information officer Travis Fairweather

An inversion is when a lot of smoke at the head of the fire creates difficult flying conditions for those assessing the fire, he explained.


'Biggest fire in living memory': Moorland blaze reignites and rages for days in Saddleworth, UK

moor fire
© Anthony Devlin/Getty Images
The fire on Tuesday night was accompanied by a dramatic full moon
Firefighters are continuing to battle a huge moorland fire which is continuing to spread, as more than 50 homes have been evacuated.

The blaze on Saddleworth Moor, which measures 3.7miles (6km), has been raging since Sunday night.

Firefighters are working in "tremendously difficult conditions" to contain the "major incident".

The homes in Carrbrook, near Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, were evacuated on Tuesday night.

Matt Lomas, 76, who was evacuated with his wife, daughter and eight-month-old granddaughter Isla, said: "It was horrendous."

"We could see flames 50 feet high like raging ball of fire all on the hill side.

"It was really scary - we were really worried the smoke would hurt Isla so we had to get out."

Comment: The fire is certainly quite curious because the UK has seen similarly hot temperatures before, and it wasn't long ago that the UK - much of Europe and, actually, the northern hemisphere - was suffering a particularly cold and wet spring. Moreover, the fires resemble those which recently broke out in Scotland: Firefighters battle for second day three large wildfires which broke out in different areas of Scotland's west coast

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Forest-wide closure ordered in Colorado as firefighters battle raging wildfires

durango colorado forest fire june 2018
Authorities have issued a forest-wide closure order in Colorado, warning residents and ramblers to stay out of the forest while the threat of wildfires remain high.

Firefighters are braced for more dry weather as they battle to put out raging wildfires in the Centennial State.

A number of fires have plagued parts of Durango and local authorities warning that parched conditions in the area look set to continue. The area bordering New Mexico is known for its acres of natural parks and forests.


Major wildfire sweeping through Chernobyl nuclear disaster area, up to 24 acres in flames

wildfire chernobyl june 2018
© www.dsns.gov.ua
A major wildfire is sweeping through the Chernobyl nuclear disaster area. The authorities have deployed dozens of fire trucks as firefighting aircraft bombard the radioactive exclusion zone with massive amounts of water.

The fire inside the Chernobyl 'dead zone,' which is now part of Ukraine, started on Tuesday morning, when dry grass was ignited, local emergency services said in a statement. The wildfire subsequently reached a forest, where up to 10 hectares (24 acres) are now in flames.

Some 29 vehicles and 126 personnel have been dispatched at the scene, with several planes and helicopters dropping water from the sky on the area engulfed by wildfire.


Wildfires sweep through Colorado and New Mexico; hundreds of acres ablaze

Ute Park Fire

Teachers cook for first responders on the scene of the Ute Park Fire in New Mexico.
Massive wildfires in Colorado and New Mexico have torched thousands of acres and forced hundreds to evacuate their homes. A blaze known as the 416 Fire in Colorado's La Plata County has burned 1,100 acres, US Forest Service spokesman Jim Mackensen told CNN on Saturday.

The fire, about 15 miles outside the town of Durango, is 0% contained and has forced the evacuations of 1,500 residents, Mackensen said. No structures have been destroyed, he added.

By Friday evening, the blaze had prompted La Plata County Manager Joanne Spina to declare a state of local disaster.Grass, brush and timber continued to fuel the fire on Saturday morning.

The fire broke out on the west side of US 550, according to a Forest Service update posted on InciWeb, a government-operated multiagency fire response site. That highway is closed as firefighters work to prevent the fire from crossing it.


Firefighters battle for second day three large wildfires which broke out in different areas of Scotland's west coast

wildfires scotland May 2018
More than 1,000 properties in the Highlands were without power yesterday after a wildfire damaged the Lochcarron substation.

The loss of power to hundreds of homes and businesses in the north west of the region happened on one of the busiest bank holiday weekends of the year.

Proprietors of hotels and restaurants were unable to provide food for their guests as SSE scrambled to reconnect them to the grid.

The areas affected were Torridon, Diabeig, Shieldaig, Alligin, Kishorn, Strathcarron and Applecross.

wildfires scotland

Luke Bowers @ ‎Raging Skies UK: fires at strathcarron & at Torridon & Skye seen from space You make out the trails.

It seems rather early for wildfires especially considering the UK was just recovering from a particularly brutal winter, and southern England along much of Europe are experiencing unseasonable lightning storms, hail and flooding:


23,700 square miles of forest on fire in Russia

The track is in sprawling Amur region, an area in the far eastern part of Russia and is surrounded by fire

The track is in sprawling Amur region, an area in the far eastern part of Russia and is surrounded by fire
A shocking video shows how a train in Russia was forced to go through a raging wildfire as flames licked its sides.

The driver launched a foul-mouthed tirade as he realised the scale of the inferno close to the remote Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM), an offshoot of the Trans-Siberian railway.

Some areas of Siberia are facing catastrophic wildfires - with one city Komsomolsk-on-Amur under siege from flames and choking smoke.


Wildfires in northwest Oklahoma have killed one, burned more than 366,000 acres

Wildfires have burned thousands of acres in northwest Oklahoma.
Wildfires have burned thousands of acres in northwest Oklahoma.
One person has died as a result of wildfires that have ravaged thousands of acres in northwest Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management confirms that a 61-year-old man died April 12 in Roger Mills County as a result of injuries he sustained in a fire that began southeast of Leedey. A turkey hunter who went missing the fires in Dewey County was rescued from the fires and transported to a burn center.


Wildfires in NW America in 2017 were the biggest ever recorded and had same effect as a volcanic eruption

2017 wildfires in California
© Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County Fire Department/Handout via REUTERS
2017 wildfires in California
The wildfires that raged in northwest America last August were so ferocious that they had the same effect on the planet as a volcanic eruption.

The heat and smoke from the fires led to the formation of massive thunderstorms known as pyrocumulonimbus. These storms, called pyroCbs for short, pumped the smoke from the fires so high in the atmosphere that it spread over the entire northern hemisphere and remained there for months, until November and December.

It was by far the largest event like this ever recorded. "This was the mother of all pyroCbs," said David Peterson of the US Naval Research Laboratory in Monterey, California, who presented his team's finding this week at a meeting of the European Geosciences Union in Vienna.

With 2017 being a record year for wildfires in the US, the worry is that this phenomenon will become more common as the planet warms. PyroCbs form from wildfires when conditions are right for the hot air and smoke to generate clouds, which can sometimes develop into a full-blown thunderstorm.

"The difference is that the thunderstorm is driven by fire heat, and you end up with a very dirty thunderstorm," said Peterson.


Around 31 grassfires sweep across Victoria, Australia

'We'll see fires move around in the night with levels of intensity and fire behaviour that'll be quite erratic,' Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley said

'We'll see fires move around in the night with levels of intensity and fire behaviour that'll be quite erratic,' Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley said
Residents near raging fires west of Melbourne have been told it's not safe to leave their homes and to take shelter immediately.

A warning has been issued by the Country Fire Authority said people should stay within their homes as it is 'not safe for you to leave'.

Dramatic video footage shows massive flames and explosions emerging from a substation in Terang, while a grassfire burns out of control in Boorcan, 199km west of Melbourne.

Nearby resident Brett Gasper told the Herald Sun the scene of the fire caused a 'red sky and smell of smoke' which was 'daunting'.

A CFA spokesperson said people had been evacuated from nearby homes.