China gas explosion
Chaos: Enormous explosion left debris everywhere and concrete blocks showered down, hitting the car below
Four people have been confirmed dead following a gas explosion in Liaoning province, northeastern China, on Friday 2nd October, as reported by People's Daily Online.

According to the Daily Mail, the nucleus of the explosion was the ninth floor of a residential building in Dandong city, and part of the building front has been completely destroyed. Damage to the surrounding areas was also extensive, with falling debris damaging several vehicles parked on the roads.

CCTV of the road just outside of the building showed a massive shockwave blow through the area moments before the debris started showering down and engulfing the road in a cloud of dust. The case is currently under investigation although the cause is suspected to be a gas explosion, which is just the latest in a recent surge of somewhat mysterious gas-related powerful explosions to high-rise and other residential, commercial and industrial premises, which seem to have seen a dramatic increase in terms of number and intensity.

Other recent incidents of explosions at high-rise buildings include:

'Thunderous explosion' rocks Los Angeles high-rise office

Los Angeles explosion
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Firefighters responded to an underground explosion and fire Thursday night at a 19-story high-rise building in downtown Los Angeles on Aug. 20, 2015.
Last month a "thunderous explosion" rocked a high rise building in Los Angeles. About 161 firefighters responded to 811 Wilshire Blvd. and found evidence of an explosion and fire on a subterranean level of the 22-story office building, according to an LAFD news release.

A large generator was initially suspected of being involved in the explosion, the LAFD news release stated. Fire investigators later said they were also investigating whether the cause was a transformer explosion.

One witness, Shean Melanmed, told KTLA what he saw and heard during the initial blast:
Everything was normal, and all of a sudden you see this bright light and a then a rocket through the building. You can see the shaking.
Recently there have been many other cases of transformer explosions and electrical anomalies, including:
  • An underground transformer blew, causing underground explosions and a fire knocking out power in Charleston, West Virginia.
  • Con Edison says explosions blew the covers of two manholes in Midtown Manhattan Wednesday morning - with no sign of 'snow and salt', the typical combination attributed to such incidents!
  • A Delta flight from Fort Lauderdale to LaGuardia made an emergency landing in Charleston, South Carolina, after a "performance issue" with one of the engines caused the cabin to fill with smoke.
  • A "very violent" fire at Rome's Fiumicino airport last week was probably caused by a "short circuit".
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High-rise building explodes in Miami Beach, Florida

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The explosion occurred at the Chateau Beach Condo, in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami. A large hole can be seen in the building.
On Friday 2nd October at least 34 people were injured after an explosion at a high-rise building in Miami Beach, Florida. The blast appears to have originated in the boiler room, with reports of a gas leak, according to WSVN.

The explosion occurred at the Chateau Beach Condo, which is under construction, in the Sunny Isles Beach neighborhood. A large hole can be seen in the building. According to local police Sgt. Brian Schnell:
There was [an] explosion at the top of the building. We are on scene with Ocean Rescue, assisting them as they need us.
Several people were treated for severe burns and sent to area hospitals, while pedestrians may have been struck by large pieces of concrete from a side wall. Glass and debris also rained down on beach-goers and hotel patrons next door to the condo. An active gas leak was reported near the scene at the adjacent Travelodge Monaco, WFOR reported.

Obviously gas explosions are nothing new, and there can be many sources of ignition, from the naked flame of a cigarette lighter to the spark created from switching on the lights. However, could there be another potential source, a 'spark' with a cosmic-related signature?

The cosmic 'spark' of ignition?

According to the American Meteor Society website, there were 12 reports of a fireball over Florida on the same day as the Miami Beach explosion. Coincidence? There was also a 'fireball' sighting in the same area that was posted on YouTube which was later attributed to an Atlas rocket launch from Cape Canaveral.

It is possible that some of the reports may have related to the rocket launch - the exhaust gases in the atmosphere, especially in certain light conditions, can look like meteor smoke. But there has also been an undeniable increase in meteor/fireball activity lately, including direct visual evidence, such as this daytime fireball seen over Bangkok, Thailand, only a few weeks ago.

Despite the dramatic overhead explosion of a bolide (meteor that explodes in the atmosphere) over Chelyabinsk, Russia, on February 15th, 2013, many people still associate meteor/fireball activity with direct hits on our planet. This current increase in meteor activity also coincides with an upsurge in mysterious loud booms being reported around the world, which are quite probably meteor fragments exploding in the atmosphere. Last month a meteor fireball exploded over eastern Turkey, sending a shower of meteorites to the ground. Some other reports of these 'booms' in the past month include: Considering the recent increase in meteor activity, it's worthwhile to remind ourselves of the nature of these overhead explosions. The Chelyabinsk event, for example, was not predicted by any governmental or scientific authority. The blast caught up with people in their offices, schools, workshops... one moment they were going about their normal day, the next...

So, Chelyabinsk-type events, whether on a much smaller scale or indeed larger, can produce tremendous bursts of energy to certain areas on the ground. This phenomenon, largely ignored by mainstream sources, could well be the 'spark' that ignites some of these gas leaks in the high-rise buildings, resulting in powerful explosions and subsequent fires. Perhaps these tall buildings act as 'lightning rods', as industrial plumes similarly seem to act, by holding an electric charge opposite to incoming space rocks and their particular electrical discharges. Additional indicators of increased electrical activity manifesting nowadays are the more intense lightning storms and higher lightning fatalities reported around the world.

© AFP Photo / Jewel Samad
An aerial picture shows the devastation at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, on April 25, 2013
In his book, Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection, Pierre Lescaudron proposes a theory where certain types of buildings or factories can act as 'attractors' for dramatic electrical discharges - possibly 'sparked' via electrical discharges 'at a distance' - from incoming comet fragments or meteors. Lescaudron also suggest that unusual atmospheric conditions may be producing strong lightning strikes and even 'invisible' discharges.

After a lull in activity, regular readers can see just how common meteor fireballs are becoming again these days, and how strong the likelihood is that they are starting to cause serious damage, similar to incidents like the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion a few years ago that was probably caused by a meteorite. As well as causing potentially devastating destruction in terms of explosions and fires at affected locales, such overhead explosions, and the electrical discharges that often accompany them, may have wider implications.

Psychopathic use of a natural catastrophe: 'Casus belli'

Back to the 'Dark ages'
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Coming soon to a city near you - the 'Dark ages'. Blame it on Russia...China...Iran...
With so much hypocrisy and fear mongering in the mainstream media as Russia pursues its lightning war in Syria and fights U.S. state terrorism in the form of Western-backed proxy 'terrorists', we should all remember that the real potentially cataclysmic threat may not be from 'over there' by rather 'out there' i.e. incoming celestial bodies - comets, meteor/fireballs and the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which they can generate.

The solar storm of 1859, also known as the Carrington event, had serious consequences at that time. With our current reliance of electrical-based systems and technology, experts predict that a similar event nowadays would send us back to the 'Dark ages'.

Given that western psychopathic leaders have historically engaged in 'false-flag' attacks to justify their warmongering agenda (such as 9/11 and the so-called 'war on terror') it is logical to assume that a catastrophic, albeit completely 'natural' event - like an overhead meteor exploding over a western, populated area - could be used as 'casus belli' and blamed on Washington's chosen enemies like Russia, China and Iran - the very countries that are trying to create a safer, saner, multi-polar world.


An artist's rendition of a meteor entering earth's atmosphere.
From Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection:
Unlike conventional missiles, cometary bodies, because of their electric activity, have a strong electromagnetic signature that can trigger lightning bolts between incoming asteroids and the Earth's surface, which can fry electrical devices over a wide area. One naturally wonders if this is related to the media frequently reporting , since around 2008, the development of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons by the USA, Israel, China, South Korea, and the convenient suspect, Iran. The source mentioning the development of Iranian EMP weapons specifically states the following:

An EMP is an above-atmosphere level detonation of a nuclear device that produces enough radiation to wreak havoc with electrical systems.

Because of the protection provided by our atmosphere, an overhead cometary explosion is a far more probable event than a direct impact and could easily be mistaken for an 'above-atmosphere detonation'. And the EMP generated by such an explosion could, of course, be blamed on the 'Iranian EMP missiles'.
Victor Clube wrote, perhaps prophetically, in 'The Hazard to Civilization from Fireballs and Comets':
History, it now seems is repeating itself: it has taken the Space Age to revive the Platonist voice of reason but it emerges this time within a modern anti-fundamentalist, anti-apocalyptic tradition over which governments may, as before, be unable to exercise control....Cynics (or modern sophists), in other words, would say that we do not need the celestial threat to disguise Cold War intentions; rather we need the Cold War to disguise celestial intentions! [Emphasis in the original]