People of Scotland!

Let's be honest. For a long time, the vast majority of you have, at the very least, harbored a certain resentment towards the 'English', and by 'English' I mean the racist, warmongering 'elite' class in Westminster who have treated you as second class citizens.

I'm here to tell you that your dislike of these 'English' is entirely justified
. As an example of the prevailing attitude of the English establishment towards the Scottish people, consider the comments made by two members of the English establishment media a few days ago. In reference to the very fact that the Scottish were even being 'allowed' the chance to vote for independence, one of them said:
"Hang on, are we just pandering to the errant child, offering sweeties"
the other added:
"rewarding bad behavior"
These comments clearly highlight the contempt with which the English establishment authorities look upon the Scottish people. So why would any Scot, in his or her right mind, want to be associated in any way with such elitism and arrogance?

Scotland has only 8.3% of the UK's population. 8.3%! Remember this important figure... 8.3%

On the other hand, Scotland has:
  • 32% of the land area
  • 61% of the sea area
  • 90% of the fresh water
  • 65% of the natural gas production
  • 96.5% of the crude oil production
  • 47% of the open cast coal production
  • 81% of the untapped coal reserves
  • 62% of the timber production
  • 46% of the total forest area
  • 92% of the hydro electric production
  • 40% of the wind wave and solar energy production
  • 60% of the fish landings
  • 30% of the beef herd
  • 20% of the sheep herd
  • 9% of the dairy herd
  • 10% of the pig herd
  • 15% of the cereal holdings
  • 20% of the potato holdings
  • ...obviously 100% of the Scotch Whiskey industry.
  • Image
    We have a...
  • 17 billion pound construction industry
  • 13 billion food and drink industry
  • 10 billion business services industry
  • 9.3 billion chemical services industry
  • 9.3 billion tourism industry
  • 7 billion financial services industry
  • 5 billion aero-service industry
  • 4.5 billion pound whiskey exports industry
  • 3.1 billion pound life sciences industry
  • 350 million pounds worth of textile exports
  • 25% of Europe's wave and wind energy potential
  • And finally we are blessed to have 1.5 trillion pound worth of oil and gas reserves.
All of this, yet only 8.3% of The UK's population... Wow, Scotland should be rich! Why isn't it? Why are 50% of Scottish children at risk from poverty? Simple, because Scottish wealth and resources are siphoned off by the English psychopathic elite.


For those who say: 'but I don't like Alex Salmond' or 'I don't like the SNP...

Understand this:

This vote is about Scotland's right to elect its own government... It has nothing whatsoever to do with Alex Salmond or the SNP.

Don't let political ignorance ruin this opportunity for Scottish freedom!

Consider the legacy of our history of supposedly being "better-together":
  • The UK has the 3rd lowest pensions in the 34 OECD countries of the world
  • The UK has the single most expensive childcare in the European Union
  • The UK has the second lowest-paid economy in the entire developed world
  • The UK has the 3rd longest working hours in the EU
  • The UK has the lowest number of holidays in the EU
  • The UK has the 8th highest gender inequality pay gap out of the EU's 28 countries
  • The UK has the highest likelihood of poverty in disablement in the EU
  • The UK has the highest rail prices in Europe
  • The UK has the second highest housing cost in Europe
  • The UK has the highest fuel poverty rates in Europe.
  • The UK is the 4th highest country of wealth inequality in the entire planet!
  • But surely these awful figures cannot be possible when you read the following Scottish statistics...
    • And finally, did you also know that in every single one of the UK's parliamentary elections... not one vote cast in Scotland has ever mattered?!

      Because of the way Westminster numbers are manipulated, whatever government England votes for, ALL of the UK gets lumbered with it. What does that mean? It means we have no real democracy here! No real democracy for Scotland, for Wales or for Northern Ireland! The four decades of Conservative rule that we voted against is proof enough, and our defiance was punished by the closure of all the mines; closure of all the steelworks; closure of all the shipyards, losing hundreds of thousands of jobs. The term used by Thatcher when these industries needed assistance was "let the markets decide". Funny how when the greedy bankers collapsed everywhere they were bailed out to the tune of over a trillion pounds of our money... No mention of "let the markets decide" then! Why? Because the greedy London bankers and the equally greedy English politicians sleep in the same 'bed'!


      Fact: Scotland has an oil boom waiting to happen on the West Coast, but Michael Hesaltine signed a cessation of any form of oil exploration in the entire area in the 80's to make way for nuclear submarines which Scotland doesn't want!

      Fact: Scotland has shown its revulsion time and time again to nuclear weapons but they place them here against our countries wishes. A recent contingency report was carried out about the feasibility of relocating them in Portsmouth. The report stated that it was unfeasible because the detrimental risk to the area in the case of an "incident" was too high. But English politicians are happy to risk the lives and health of Scottish people!


      Is this the kind of political representation the Scottish people want? Because, make no mistake, Cameron et al are no different.
      Fact: The vast majority of Scottish people protested against the illegal and inhuman invasion of Iraq in 2003 that the same Blair government tried to sell to us with lies and half-truths. The supposedly 'anti-war' Blair government completely ignored our wishes (and the wishes of the people of the world) and proceeded to bomb and occupy Iraq, killing 1.5 million Iraqi citizens in the process. Scottish people do not want to be associated with Westminster war criminals and their war crimes. When you vote "YES!", you are voting to disassociate all decent Scottish people from such inhumanity.

      Fact: Scotland, with only 1 Tory MP, was forced to accept the shocking attack on the poor & disabled in the form of the euphemistically-named Bedroom Tax, even though as our nations government, Holyrood voted to utterly reject this awful tax on the poor. Westminster forced us to accept it anyway!

      Fact: We are led to believe that the oil in our waters is finished and its a dying industry. Yet 13.5 billion has been invested by oil companies in the last 2 years alone!

      Fact: The Clair Oil Field is about to open, and on its own has over 650 million barrels which will be extracted over 20+ years with production reaching a hundred thousand barrels a day!

      Fact: Scotland gives far more to Westminster than it receives. Do you really think they'd be so keen to keep the union if we were being subsidised as they would have us believe?

      Fact: Westminster has amassed over £1.3 trillion debt, and it is growing at nearly £6000 a second. That's another £516 million today alone which you will have to pay for. What are they spending it on? Brutal and inhuman wars against innocent people around the world! and in YOUR NAME!

      Fact: Of the 178 countries that have gained their own independence across this planet, not a single one of them has ever asked to reverse this independence, and very few of them have the assets we have.

      Scotland, what are we scared of? We have a chance... Without a single bullet being fired, without a single death... To get our freedom and independence, to have a chance at true democracy, to set an example to the people of the world that we do not have to lie down and accept the rule of psychopaths in power! All you have to do is put a cross in the yes box.

      Scotland, its time to stand up as a nation and vote yes on the 18th of September... And become a free and caring nation once again!!!

      Vote YES! and set our country free from the toxic influence and policies of a group of psychopaths in London!!

      Y e s ! ! ! Y e s ! ! ! Y e s ! ! !