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What is the only way to demonstrate one's faith in the God's complete power over the fate and destiny of humans? Under what conditions is it permitted to let a non-Jew die, or to kill unarmed civilians in warfare? These are the kinds of questions asked and answered by the theologians and ideologues of the more radical forms of Islam and Judaism. But the reasoning by which the answers are found, and the assumptions about human nature that determine the answers, say more about the individuals doing the reasoning than they do about the ideologies themselves.

Today on the Truth Perspective we continue our look at the work of Shiraz Maher on Salafi-Jihadism, the ideology behind groups like ISIS and al-Nusra, and introduce the work of Israel Shahak, author of Jewish History, Jewish Religion, on how the modern state of Israel has been shaped by the ideology of classical Judaism. While diametrically opposed in some ways, the two religious ideologies share much in common, specifically a peculiar view of human nature and a doctrinaire, legalistic mode of reasoning and enforcement of religious rules.

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