A recent demonstration in a northern Alberta city was a clear message rejecting Trudeau's anti-pipeline, pro-carbon tax, open borders, globalist agenda

GP Convoy
© unknownA convoy of over 600 vehicles in Grande Prairie, showed support for oil pipelines.
The people are fed up. They have had enough, and they are making their voices heard.

The gilets jaunes ('yellow vest') protests against excessive taxation without representation that have erupted across France over the last month are now spreading to different parts of the world. Recently, there have been similar demonstrations in other European countries, including Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, the UK and Sweden.

Partially inspired by the mass uprising of the people in France, residents of Grande Prairie, Alberta, held a large public demonstration in a downtown park last Sunday. The event was billed as a "pro-pipeline rally", and was coordinated in response to the Canadian government's inept handling of, and interference with, four different oil pipelines that were slated to bring Alberta oil to the world market.

The failure of the government to oversee the successful implementation of even one of the proposed pipelines have lead to record low prices for Canadian oil, with devastating results to the local industry and economy.

The RCMP estimated that "at least 1,500 people showed up" at the rally, but some organizers at the event pegged the numbers of attendees at around 4 - 6 thousand, a historic record for this small city. The gathering was followed by a 600-700 long rig truck convoy that paraded its way through the city, snarling local traffic for over 90 minutes.

GO Truck convoy
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In addition to showing support for Alberta's oil and gas industry, the protestors made known their grievances against many of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's globalist progressive policies, including his punitive carbon tax in support of the myth that is 'man-made global warming'; his pro-immigration, UN-sponsored open borders policy; and an endless litany of overwrought public apologies to any supposedly marginalized group that Canada as a country has offended or mistreated at some point in history.

GP Demo
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The province of Alberta, with abundant wealth generated by its 3 major industries (agriculture, forestry, and oil & gas) arguably serves as the primary economic engine of the entire country, and is responsible for billions of dollars of equalization transfer payments to other less wealthy provinces annually.

It's no wonder that the hard-working people of Canada's formerly richest province took to the streets in protest as they watch their once-wealthy and powerful oil and gas industry become decimated by the illogical, misguided, shortsighted pandering of a virtue-signalling buffoon in fancy socks appeasing his globalist handlers. One would be hard-pressed to find a group of Canadians more justifiably angry, upset and disgusted with their so-called leader than the residents of this small northern community.

Since the demonstration in Grande Prairie, other similar demonstrations have taken place in other parts of the province, including Calgary, Nisku and Edmonton - with more being planned.

And residents of Alberta aren't alone in voicing their opposition to Trudeau's heavy-handed policies: Yellow Vest protests are now occurring in cities across Canada. Over the weekend, protesters in several Canadian cities - including Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax, and Saskatoon - organized through Facebook and other social media sites then go out on the streets and donned yellow vests.

A Facebook event page titled 'Yellow Vest Canada' already has more than 73,000 members. Other local pages, such as 'Yellow Vest Toronto', have also been created.

The national page's description reads:
"This group is to protest the CARBON TAX and the Treason of our country's politicians who have the audacity to sell out OUR country's sovereignty over to the Globalist UN and their Tyrannical policies."
Needless to say, the spread of this patriotic movement among the working and middle classes into countries of the anglosphere has sent the globalist-liberal media into panic mode:

Guardian yellow vests
With extra dollops of 'right-wing populism', no less!
On the one hand, this expression of mass dissent against the elitist ruling class - not only in Europe, but now also in north America - is a positive sign for common people everywhere, for they are beginning to realize how much power they have to effect change when their voices are united against useless and corrupt governments who put their own selfish interests ahead of those they were elected to represent.

On the other hand, as we saw in the reaction of the 'democratic' French state, other governments will also likely turn the protests against them violent in order to justify further violence through crackdowns and vilification of the protesters in the media. And how much abuse will people take before the government-caused violence 'breaks out' and becomes fully-fledged revolution? I'm not certain that this is how things will go down, but that is the way the wind has blown in similar historical circumstances...