The accepting and good-nature of the people who populate north of the 49th parallel crosses the political spectrum. It's a characteristic that the Canadian people are proud of no matter their political allegiances. When interacting with my fellow Canadians, I'm often reminded of the sage wisdom of Plato; doing harm to others is doing harm to yourself; all humanity has creative potential for genius no matter the skin color or economic class. What is most striking today in the Canadian landscape, however, is the deafness to actual suffering imported from the New Left in the United States. And this is a new phenomenon, relatively speaking.

When first elected, I gave Trudeau a cautious pass for his pro-China comments and for saying that debt is not a terrible thing if it's spent wisely. I also gave him a passing grade for having a cabinet that ticked all the progressive boxes. What has become increasingly evident with every passing day that he occupies the maple-stained throne in Ottawa however, is that the Canadian people were duped in the most grotesque way. And we were duped, not only by Trudeau, but by our own good intentions.

The strongest voices in Canada on 'the left' today come from crowded-out city dwellers who dictate policy for rural and suburban areas across Canada. And the strongest of those voices come from British Columbia, the home of the original Canadian Corporate tax cut, erm, Carbon Tax. These eco-activists are well-meaning, right? I mean, really, what good person in their right mind wouldn't want to save the environment, animals, and migrants from war zones who just want to be part of our peaceful society? It's a nice idea, in theory, but the solutions to these problems offered by the neo-liberal wet suits in Ottawa fail to address the causes. In short, as is almost always the case, big-hearted Canadians with good intentions is not enough.

Canadians' forbearance has been abused by Justin Trudeau, the former drama teacher now PM, who acts out on the global stage, misrepresenting and betraying the Canadian people on almost a daily basis. Casually dropping $50Million dollars to an African education fund for young girls in a tweet to Trevor Noah just reeks of good intentions, right? Carbon taxes (cap and trade) to save the environment [because trickle-down economics works so well] 'forcing' Corporations to save billions of dollars in tax offsets for polluting the environment, just yells out loud and clear that we are just trying to do the right thing here, right?

Canadians are known to say "I'm sorry" a LOT. It's a cultural instinct, not just because we are a polite and accepting people - to a fault - it's also due to an inborne sense of responsibility for one another and being the subordinate northern neighbor to the most powerful military and economy on the planet. We're not considered to be very relevant on the world stage, and Canadians like it that way because generally the Canadian people respectfully mind their own business. Never has there been a packed house at the UN for a Canadian Prime Minister's speech and we don't really care. Canadians are also not in the practice of boasting about their good deeds. In other words, as a people, we haven't been known to virtue-signal. Until now.

Most of Canada lies in a blanket of snow for 6 - 8 months of the year, except for the west coast where the bulk of environmentalist's dwell. Canadians understand that our survival depends on each other and have rightly expected responsible government policy to that end (this HAS been an accepted trade-off for higher taxes). When it is -50 degrees and you see someone staggering drunk without a tuque or gloves, a Canadian doesn't hesitate to stop and pretend to ask for a light. If that doesn't work, we won't think twice about calling emergency services to get involved. If you are stranded on the side of the road between Brandon and Winnipeg in February, you are guaranteed that someone will stop and ask what they can do to help. But, despite (the shallowest) appearances, Trudeau does not represent this spirit. He has betrayed Canadians' good intentions.

Due to our geographical location and diverse weather from coast to coast (among other things), Canadians have an extremely unique cultural mix of socialist and libertarian values. This translates into social responsibility and respect for the individual simultaneously. In other words, we are a very tolerant people - until we are not. Trudeau has hijacked our social values on the world stage - furthering the destruction Harper deployed against the Canadian spirit - by portraying Canada to the world as a neophyte virtue-signaling subservient globalist swashbuckler. He has mistaken our internal sense of community for trust in our Federal government. He has mistaken our accepting nature for tolerance of abuse. He has confused our sense of responsibility for guilt. The Canadian people have nothing to feel guilty about, but our federal government would like for the world to think we do. Canadians are fighting back, with 88% (CTV online poll) rejecting the UN Global Compact for Migration, which Trudeau signed on to anyway.

A new form of neo-liberal miasma took root in Canada which betrays our roots as an accepting people. This process began in earnest during Occupy when the then ruling US democrats under Obama started heavily infiltrating the youth in British Columbia through the Sierra Club and other environmental NGO's. This crowd, having been groomed and funded openly for the last 10 years, was recently exposed in a report broadcast on Global News by Vivian Krause. She details how the environmental groups opposing the Trans-Mountain pipeline, which is supposed to bring Alberta oil to port in British Columbia, has been funded from California big-tech companies and Soros' Tides Foundation.

Alberta's oil industry is now hitting rock bottom, with Premier Notley announcing they will be cutting oil production until there is an equitable market for their over-produced and under-priced oil. The organizations and their activists opposing the Trans-Mountain pipeline have been well funded and organized, even getting into the Provincial government of British Columbia. It is these same American deep-state interests which are behind Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland, his handler, through an organization called Canada 2020.

The goal of these groups over the last ten years was to form government, and they succeeded. Today the Green Party of BC, joined in a coalition with the BC New Democratic Party, (traditionally a labour-oriented party) are in power in the province of British Columbia. Again, these groups, and their supporters scattered across Canada, are the only people that Trudeau's message resonates with. And the rest of the Old Left in Canada, best characterized as Corbyn-esque, is seething with shock, disbelief and brewing anger at what Canada has become. What follows is a prime example of the collective insanity of this imported New Left ideology.

Bella Coola, Canada

Environmental controls on policy in Canada have been supported by a naïve belief that environmental policies promote oneness with nature, and that they will result in a) cultural harmony through forced tolerance, and b) stop the financial bleeding Canada has experienced since our economy was overtaken by US multinationals through NAFTA. This has translated into consent for policies by urbanites which have forced the tiny west coast town of Bella Coola to embrace bear viewing as an industry and halted the killing of grizzly bears in its totality over the course of 20 years. The results have been shocking, devastating and dangerous for Bella Coola residents. Grizzly bears, once constrained by their non-habituation to humans, are now free to roam the town so that the bear-viewing industry can thrive. Adventure and bear-viewing tour groups boast of being able to sit on the front porch of a chalet while watching bears and their cubs chow down on grass a few hundred feet away. Sounds ideal and serene? It's not.

Today, wealthy people from around the world get to steal away in a private and tranquil setting tailor-made for their leisure, while the towns residents must patrol the streets every night to ward off 300 - 500 lb man-eating 'visitors'. Children can no longer safely play in backyards at night or school grounds during the day. Homeowners, once able to keep gardens and fruit trees, are mandated to clear the food as soon as possible, often before the food is ripe, so they are not fined for wildlife attractant bylaw offences. Electric fences and vigilance be damned, those territorial apex predators are not deterred by the resident's efforts - because they are territorial and predators. To bear, one human tastes just like any other, including environmentalists. Grizzly bears are ice-age survivors and have figured out that they can circumvent the electric fences by digging tunnels underneath them.

This issue has garnered so much attention that a New York reporter was sent to check it out. Local and national news agencies filed their reports, most of them shocked at what the locals are enduring on a daily basis. The situation in Bella Coola caught international attention when a local homeowner, filmed by his wife, shot a grizzly bear on his property about 3 seconds before he ran into his house to safety. The bear had been stalking the homeowner's neighborhood and despite repeated attempts to shoo the bear away using the restrictive (oppressive) legal means at residents' disposal, the homeowner was forced to use birdshot on the grizzly. The homeowner's aim was true, but the grizzly was only incapacitated long enough for him to get into his house. Grizzly bears have very large adrenal glands that allow them to ravage any perceived threat, especially if they have only been injured but not incapacitated. The only way to incapacitate an adrenalin-charged determined grizzly bear is a well-placed bullet. The man was lucky to be alive, and so are his two young children who used to play in that backyard.
Grizzly shot bella coola
Although trophy-hunting was finally banned in 2017 in BC, Limited Entry Hunting (LEH) permits, used as a management tool for population control of bears by conservationists, have been slowly scaled back for the last 20 years because of the ill-informed 'good intentions' of city dwellers. LEH, confused with trophy hunting thanks to environmentalists, had been used for population control of bears in close proximity to human populations. Instead, environmentalists use the 'trophy hunt' banner on purpose to manipulate city-dwellers into supporting their cause. Before the hunts were completely shut down, the Provincial government of BC calculated that revenue from bear-viewing would be greater than from hunting. The revenue today is in the millions, but the local residents aren't benefitting. Tourism for the uber-wealthy benefits tour-guides who mostly live away from the townsite during the off-season while jobs in the tourism industry pay minimum wage to most of the employees. Year-round residents, having already suffered from decades of de-industrialization under the banner of environmental anti-logging campaigns, accept the minimum wage jobs offered by the now hegemonic bear-viewing tourism industry with very little choice.

The Grizzly bears are becoming so habituated to human contact, they are breaking into people's homes, overturning their fridges and freezers while the residents barricade themselves in bedrooms for safety. The problem has spread to the Yukon culminating in the completely avoidable mauling to death of a young mother and her 10 month-old daughter (they were eaten). As if the threat from Grizzly bears weren't enough, environmentalists and their supporters regularly wish death upon those defending themselves and their families from the apex predators, for the crime of living in rural areas. As Jim Shockey rightly points out at the link above, rural political agendas pandering to what city dwellers perceive as socially acceptable, are killing human beings senselessly and needlessly. People who are starting to realize this fraud are rightly angry.

Incidentally, some of the naturalists who lobbied to end the trophy-hunt are now highly paid employees of these bear-viewing outlets. Throughout this whole process, true conservationists have been drowned out by dual-purpose environmentalists advocating for animal rights, turning conservation into the preservation of apex predators by personifying the creatures whose instincts are to kill. Submission to the bear equals submission to the cause.

Yellow Vests Canada

Canadians are a self-deprecating lot. What can I say. We have a very small population spread across a diverse and grand landscape, sitting right on top of the political freak show that is the United States of America. But Canadians' self-deprecation, should not be confused with self-flagellation despite what these neophyte 2nd generation hippie-turned environmentalists force on the rest of us. Canadians' good intentions and naivete has been used against us in the most grotesque and irresponsible way.

Trudeau has been apologizing on behalf of Canadians to First Nations, to LGBT, to Japanese, and to past refugees. His apologies have hit the less seasoned new left political observers right in the 'feels'. But it's overdone, so much so that the apologies, besides being rather shallow, are creating pushback from the Old Left and across the Canadian political spectrum. While Trudeau has been trying to 'right' the past, the present and the future is left to gender politics. Like an 'elephant without a trunk', Trudeau actually suggested at the G20 in Argentina that infrastructure projects need to be curtailed because of the gender impacts of construction workers in rural areas. This version of reality does not resonate with Albertans or Canadians in general, except for the very select and very loud group of people of the type who have perpetuated the situation in Bella Coola. This group of people, largely city-dwelling environmental animal-rights activists in Vancouver and Toronto, also think the planet should be depopulated, that we're in a capitalist death-run with only 12 years left to live on the planet. All the while giving corporations tax cuts (Carbon Tax) leveraged only by the false guilt of the middle class for driving to and from work.
Edmonton yellow vests
Yellow vest protesters rallied in Edmonton to protest the U.N. migration pact and the carbon tax
What has happened to Canada is reminiscent of the mental processes of a narcissist's victims. "Self-flagellation is a characteristic of those who choose to live with a narcissist (and a choice it is). Constant guilt feelings, self-reproach, self-recrimination and, thus - self-punishment typify the relationships formed between the sadist-narcissist and the masochistic-dependent mate or partner." What a narcissist does is take legitimate, even if unrealistic, guilt and self-deference and exploit it for control - turning the victim into an emotionally subservient and docile slave. With 40,000 plus people joining the Yellow Vest movement in Canada, we are showing the petulant narcissist-in-chief of Canada that we are not subservient or docile. We are choosing not to be victims any longer.

There is a disparate quality between what the Old Left in Canada stood for and what the New Left has become, thanks to US infiltration over the last 10 years. While the New Left blindly supports and trusts Trudeau's agenda, the Old Left in Canada remembers what it was like to stand up against the Corporate takeover that was NAFTA, and to stand up to the US' war against Iraq, even as far back as Vietnam.

However, what Canadians are been asked to tolerate today makes previous burdens pale in comparison. Reports are surfacing of migrant children, unaccustomed to western culture and discouraged from integrating, defecating in school yards at recess, and of young boys slapping other young girls for not wearing a head covering with nary a word from fearful and intimidated teachers. The death of a young girl in Burnaby this year by a Syrian refugee is just a sample of what Canadians can expect without proper vetting. The New Left, Trudeau's strongest supporters, have heaped false guilt on Canadians for our standard of living, for our culture of toughness, for our traditional values, and for our sense of community. And Canadians are seeing through this fakery. Canadians have had enough.

Yellow Vests France

France's demonstrations against Macron are not just about a fuel tax hike or about migration. The French people, just like Canadians, are tired of putting their faith in leaders who represent a system that serves the Corporatist model of servitude, putting the lives of the people they were elected to represent last. This process started two years ago in the United States with the election of Trump, who, despite his failings, speaks of sovereignty of nations, not globalists. Canadians also want Canadians First and for good reason.

The most grievous error of the New Left is that, in not recognizing the falseness of their policies, they have subscribed to the Zero-Sum mentality that neo-liberalism has wrought on the West. This zero-sum game is where our false guilt comes from, and what keeps us subservient to leaders who support the same false game. Canadians across the political spectrum, for decades, embraced the abundant prosperity that came from our generous social programs, paid into by all Canadians. After decades of this prosperity, we have allowed this New Left to guilt us into cowed mentality that chains us to the dictates of globalist and corporatist agendas. Unions who fought for better wages raised the standards for not just their own members, but for all workers. The West's living standards at one time gave Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, the Middle East and Africa a better living standard as well. Neo-liberal and Zero-Sum economics sought to erase this era of abundance and prosperity in our minds, which dominated the world for a brief period under JFK, until the US and Europe's war economies brought mass death and destruction to the Middle East and Africa. (The refugees Trudeau is bringing to Canada are from the same countries which the west has been busy destroying for the past 20 years). It is this zero-sum economics worldwide brought about by political and cultural neo-liberalism at the behest of the corporate and bankers' dictatorships that must be stopped.
Yellow vests france
The Yellow Vest movements in France and now Canada have the potential to bring us into a new era of prosperity. If you study the list of demands by the Gillet Jaunes, the most important of these is bank separation. In the United States, bank separation is known as Glass Steagall. The new anti-EU government in Italy is successfully pushing for Bank Separation as well. In Canada, it is known as the Four Pillars, and is one of the key steps to freeing us from the fraud of Zero-Sum economics.

In Canada, like in France, there is a sweeping cultural shift taking place that is bringing the left and the right together. We are not buying the Conservative models that continue the fraud of 'Trickle Down Economics'. Corporate profits don't trickle down - they exit the country into offshore tax havens and then come back to our economy in the form of a housing bubble. We also do not buy into the gender-based economics of the New Left, represented by Trudeau and Macron, which also seeks to further the Corporatist agenda by heaping false guilt onto the middle class through carbon taxes, none of which go to environmentalist causes. All roads from all Canadian parties lead back to the same financial system which governs the EU, and which has ultimately forced this revolt in France.

If British Columbia is any indication to the rest of Canada, the direction of Ottawa under ALL parties have begun a process by which the Canadian identity is being erased. The price tag to be paid for these policies are our means of living, our sovereignty, and our independence with all profits going to Corporate Globalists - AGAIN. My fellow Canadians, our trust in the good intentions of this New Left has been grossly misplaced. The Global Compact on Migration is just the beginning of the end unless Canadians stand in solidarity with the demands of the Yellow Vests in France and take up their banner back at home.