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It's time to shut down the Internet.

It's been fun, at times, but the technological behemoth it gave rise to is killing us. Sometimes literally, but for the most part culturally. As an experiment in social networking that would 'progress humanity', the core belief that fueled its most ardent proponents and techie innovators, it has failed. In aggregate, its net result has been the generation of a new set of oligarchs and a general population that is increasingly bombarded with lies and half-truths about reality, downloading instructions through corrupt intermediaries about how they should think, feel and act.

Certainly, the Internet is integrated with everything in our lives now, but it has to go. Or rather, it ought to go. This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall explore this idea as a philosophical exercise. They are not seriously proposing that people go out and 'burn it all down' - rather, that people maintain as much intellectual and emotional distance from it as possible. In any event, the Internet age will likely naturally come to an end soon enough.

Live audio version of this episode of NewsReal with Joe & Niall aired Sunday 9 September on Sott Radio

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