As everyone must be aware by now, this 'pandemic' we've been watching in slow motion has been vastly exaggerated and met with exaggerated responses that are, however, all too real and cannot be undone. What's spreading uncontrollably around the world is secondarily a virus and primarily a lack of common sense, and actions that will leave the world as we know it in ruins unless we somehow manage to stop them. Much is happening every day, and it's all rather chaotic and confusing, especially anything that comes out of the mouths of government officials, echoed by the brain-dead androids in the media. So I want to do a short recapitulation of where we stand at this point.

SARS-CoV-2 is a virus the effects of which are not much different from many other coronaviruses, which are quite common, or from seasonal flu. While overreacting to its initial spread is somewhat understandable due to the many unknowns associated with it, it is perfectly clear now that it poses no more danger than the other viruses just mentioned. Most people don't get infected when exposed to it. Of those who get infected, most show mild or no symptoms. Of those who show symptoms, only a very small percentage dies. And the ones who die are almost exclusively people who are old and have underlying health problems, or, in other words, people who die from any infection. We've lived with such viruses forever. There is no reason to panic or to introduce destructive measures. The only significant difference between this virus and the others is its PR campaign.

From the evidence we've gathered in the last two months, SARS-CoV-2 on its own doesn't and can't cause all that much harm. It is only in combination with other factors that it becomes deadly. Most of the time, it does not translate into the 'disease' named COVID-19. One of its observed effects is decreased oxygenation of blood. This will not cause much trouble to a healthy person, but it will amplify any existing health problems. It will also have a stronger effect in combination with other factors like air pollution, which is why Wuhan and Northern Italy have been hit so hard. Much of the damage we see is due to the already poor health of many people, pollution, and stress. And stress is, of course, what the governments and the media have been creating 24/7 for months, clearly with no sense of real responsibility. Much of the suffering we've seen has been directly caused by this incompetent (or malicious?) response.

It has also been made clear by many experts that this virus came from a laboratory and not from Chinese people eating bad (or bat) things, as Western propaganda, completely devoid of any scientific basis or even just common sense, would have us believe. Among other reasons, if you find sequences from HIV in a coronavirus, you know they didn't get there by random mutations (unless you're as misinformed about microbiology as most people seem to be about SARS-CoV-2). Which one of the two labs that have been working on exactly this kind of stuff for years and are thus the most likely, if not only possible, culprits, i.e. Fort Detrick in Maryland or the lab in Wuhan is responsible for this 'leak', I leave for you to decide. But it should be remembered that they worked on this together, to a large extent, with Fauci pouring millions of dollars into it in both labs. And we know the security measures in Fort Detrick were so bad that it was closed in Summer 2019 for that reason. I will let you ponder what light it casts on our situation that it almost certainly came from one of those and most definitely not from a Chinese market.

Many countries are also finding that they had cases of COVID-19 all the way back to at least November last year, long before the pandemic 'officially' started 'in China'. Doctors all over the world remember 'strange cases of the flu' or pneumonia from November-December. Testing for antibodies in people who were sick in that period of time are coming up positive for SARS-CoV-2. Some samples from autopsies from that time test positive too. So this virus appears to have been everywhere from China to Iran to Europe to the US at the end of 2019. Many of us who were sick back then and thought our symptoms were really strange for a regular flu are making the connection and realising what it probably was that we had back then. And guess what? There was no lockdown, we recovered, and things went on as usual. Many of us, like me, didn't even go to see a doctor. The panic that came later was not started by the virus (which had already been around for months) but by the WHO, the governments they instructed, and the media that slavishly amplifies and repeats every government utterance on the topic.

Lockdown, physical distancing, and masks were introduced to 'flatten the curve' to avoid overwhelming hospitals. As most hospitals everywhere have been empty for the last 6 weeks, this goal has been achieved, and there is no more reason for any of these measures to continue. The measures do not and can not stop the spread of a virus. They can, and do, however, destroy people's lives, both directly and indirectly, and will continue to do so for years. They are also violations of basic human rights and freedoms. We've been told that 9/11 happened because the terrorists 'envied our freedoms'. Well, they don't have to envy anymore. Our freedoms are gone. And if you believe it's only 'temporary', you haven't learned anything from history.

Countries without 'quarantine' (Sweden, Belarus, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan) have shown clearly that their results are no different from those of countries with 'quarantine'. (Note that 'quarantine' is a word for restricting the movement and rights of infected people. Restricting the movement and rights of healthy people is usually called fascism.) Of these five countries, Sweden can be said to be doing worse than the other four. Yet Sweden is doing better than Italy, France, the UK, Spain, Netherlands or Belgium. At the same time, it's not willfully destroying its economy, harassing its population, and taking away people's basic rights. Belarus is riding this out with ease without any restrictions whatsoever. The claims that we'd have been worse off without 'quarantine' are thus completely unsubstantiated.

Virologists and doctors all over the world have been warning us that wearing masks, aside from having little to no effect on stopping this virus, does a lot of damage. It deprives us of oxygen, which leads to all kinds of health problems, and this, ironically, actually produces some symptoms similar to those of SARS-CoV-2. The waste we exhale, including viruses, is inhaled back with a mask on. Thus our viral load increases, and our latent viruses (of which we all have plenty) get amplified and awoken. You can actually get sick from the viruses in your body that were latent but were awoken by wearing a mask. Wearing a mask also isolates you from the normal environment and thus weakens your immune system, making you more susceptible to viruses of all kinds, as well as to other threats to your health. These problems also amplify one another. Low oxygen weakens your immune system. A weakened immune system gives a better chance to the latent viruses to spread and multiply, and so on. And of course, the people whom this affects the most are old people with already weakened immune systems, and especially those with respiratory problems. In other words, exactly the people we should be trying to protect the most.

The counting of COVID-19 cases and deaths has been one of the most fraudulent things ever witnessed, and all the numbers are almost completely meaningless. Tests are wildly inaccurate. Deaths are inflated by counting anyone who can even remotely be counted, including people with heart attacks who are merely suspected of having coronavirus. No test needed. Just an assumption. And since hospitals in many places get more money for covid patients than for any other patients, and since government institutions encourage doctors to write 'COVID-19' wherever possible, it is no surprise that the numbers are nowhere near accurate or meaningful. And this is all by design, as has been proved countless times and confirmed by government officials and agencies. Yet even with all the manipulation in the direction of increasing the apparent threat of SARS-CoV-2, the virus fails to appear significantly worse than the flu. It seems very likely that if reported correctly, the number of deaths 'from' covid-19 would be significantly less than those 'from' the flu.

The measures taken under the guise of 'fighting a virus' (false because they don't achieve that - they only slow down the spread) and 'saving lives' (no evidence of that happening) are in many cases so bizarre, illogical, and destructive that people really should think about how much of this can be ascribed to just incompetence before it starts strongly suggesting malicious intent. The economy is being destroyed, which means higher food prices and many other necessities, millions of lost jobs, destruction and decreased production of food, starvation, poverty, disrupted education, closure of small businesses and thus many people's livelihoods, domestic violence, increased alcoholism, suicides, and much more. The psychological damage to countless people is only beginning and will continue for years to come. This whole generation of children will be damaged by something so incredibly stupid and at the same time completely unnecessary that it's hard to fathom how this could ever have happened.

At the same time, of course, the rich are getting richer, as always, and the usual parasites are capitalizing on this crisis. Nobody's being 'saved', we're all getting harmed in many ways while politicians, bankers, and CEOs are robbing us like they always do, and yet many people, in an amazing display of loss of cognitive function, apparently, are cheering for their own demise. Everything that's wrong with our system, everything people have been protesting against for years, has been magnified many times, but many people go along with this utter madness and support it. It turns out that all you have to do to make the whole world participate in collective suicide is to repeat the same lies every day and tell people all this is to 'save lives'. It doesn't have to make any sense. No lives need to actually be saved for it to work. It seems that just saying 'saving lives' is a magical mantra that makes anything not only acceptable but highly desirable, no matter how many lives it actually destroys. People's critical thinking has been obliterated by decades of programming and conditioning, and they will happily be digging their own graves, for free.

The proposed solutions are just as fake as the reasons for a global lockdown. A vaccine for coronavirus is pretty much impossible, for many reasons. The virus mutates much faster than anybody can make a vaccine. We don't have vaccines for any other coronaviruses either, as they have been so difficult to make that success has eluded us so far. Nor do we have one for the common cold, for that matter. And this new virus is of course less known and less studied than all the 'old' ones. Any vaccine that will be announced for SARS-CoV-2 is pretty certain to do more harm than good (if you believe it can do any 'good' in the first place), and any serious testing is very unlikely to ever occur. But it will make a lot of money for people who are already rich, and you'll be paying for it. With your money, with your health, and with your freedom if vaccination becomes necessary in order to travel, buy things, and engage in other common activities.

There certainly is some resistance to all this inanity, and it's growing every day. So are attempts to stifle it. The powers that be are in a desperate overdrive with censorship of vital information and persecution of anyone who dares speak the truth about what's happening. Google (including YouTube) is on one of the largest censorship sprees in the history of mankind, and so is Fakebook. The extent of their endeavour to tell you what you're allowed to see, read, or believe, is indeed frightening. The truth, or even some people's opinions, are clearly more dangerous to them than an angry hippo.

Maybe the largest obstacle for effective resistance to this madness is that too many people have been so brainwashed that they actively support their own destruction, even if it's so clearly visible to the rest of us. As we have seen, even many alternative media have taken an illogical stance against basic human rights, dignity, freedom, and any sense of normal life, under the completely misguided idea that they're helping someone (who exactly?), so these times are indeed a spectacle to behold.

The coming months will bring remarkable changes to our society and to our lives, one way or another. The direction of these changes will greatly depend on people's ability to realize that what's happening right now is not in their interest at all, and to see just how much they've been betrayed by their governments, and that it really might be time 'to get mad'.

We'll see whether covid-19 will be followed by livid-20. If not, stupid-21 will probably kill us all.