February 2019 was another month of significant extreme weather events, with record-breaking floods and some incredible snowfalls.

While the media focuses on and hyped the few record warm events in February, they were relatively quiet about record-breaking cold events and continue missing the trend of decreasing temperatures around the world, particularly in the Northern hemisphere - thus diverting public attention from what matters: the serious potential possible for some form of 'ice age' as we enter Solar Minimum, the effects of which are already being felt by millions of people.

The most devastating rainfall events last month took place in the Middle East: Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Jordan saw torrents of water wash over desert. Elsewhere, an unprecedented flash-flood soaked the world's driest place: the Atacama desert in Chile. Once again, cold and snow records were broken. Chaos and blackouts ensued in the Czech Republic, dozens of flights were grounded in northern India, and record snow blocked roads in Pakistan.

The US saw the worst of the cold this month. From heavy snowfalls in Seattle to unusual temperatures in New Mexico and Las Vegas, and a 'bomb cyclone' that hit eastern states and left 550,000 people without power. Finally, meteor fireballs again hit the headlines in February, starting with an exploding meteor over Cuba that shattered building windows.

All that, and more, in this month's SOTT Earth Changes Summary...

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