Among the many things being argued by the 9/11 "Truthers" is the question of whether or not advanced, secret, "Space Based Weapons" could have been utilized to disintegrate the World Trade Center Towers. This discussion is, of course, going on in spite of the silly propaganda nonsense recently put out by the tabloid BBC which reported on the "findings" of Cambridge Don, Keith Seffen.

All I can say to Keith is: Thinking that a steel framed building could collapse at freefall speed from the impact of even a jetliner loaded with fuel is absurd. In order to collapse at free fall speed, the underlying floors need to be removed before the floors above. It's something called Conservation of Momentum, and anyone not familiar with this should get educated before making a fool of themselves as Seffen has done.

The footage of the collapse of the 1,300ft WTC towers has been played and replayed ad nauseum and is etched in all of our minds. If by some miracle you have not seen the footage, it is freely available on the various memorial DVDs of the 9/11 attacks. It is also available for download from our web site. I strongly suggest that you avail yourself of a copy and study the collapse of both towers.

What you will see is that from the start point of the collapse until there is nothing but air where the towers used to be, about 10 seconds elapse. An object in 'free fall´ i.e. falling through thin air, will take a specific amount of time to reach the ground. The laws of gravity dictate that a 5 ton SUV, for example, and a 1lb rock, given that their relative densities are so much higher than the resistance presented by the surrounding air, will take approximately the same time to reach the ground when dropped from the same height.

The time it required for an object to fall from a height h (in a vacuum) is given by the formula t = sqrt(2h/g), where g is the acceleration due to gravity. Thus an object falling from the top of one of the towers (taking h = 1306 feet and g = 32.174 ft/sec2) would take 9.01 seconds to hit the ground.

Of course, this is in a vacuum, with no air present. It's basic physics. I guess Seffen skipped that lecture.

Allowing for the resistance of the air we would have to add on a few seconds, yet according to the government´s 9/11 Commission report , the south tower collapsed in 10 seconds flat. But, as we all saw, the collapse of the south tower 'pancaked´ through the 75 lower floors of the tower.

Those undamaged floors below the impact zone would have offered resistance that is thousands of times greater than air. What time might we allow for the section above the impact point that collapsed to pass through each floor? 1 second each floor? If so, then the collapse should have taken 75 + 10 seconds, or over 1 minute and 20 seconds.

For the sake of discussion, let´s allow just a half second delay in the collapse provided by each 'pancaked´ floor. In this case it should have taken 37.5 + 10 seconds. But let´s be really charitable and suggest that each floor below the impact point offered just 1/10th of a second resistance to the section that first began to 'pancake´ on the lower floors. In this case the collapse should have taken 7.5 + 10 seconds for a total of 17.5 seconds. Yet this is not what happened. As the official 9/11 report states and as we all saw, the towers collapsed in just 10 seconds!

How can this be possible? (Seffen's silliness notwithstanding). The only explanation is that the floors below the impact point offered no resistance whatsoever allowing the building to fall in 'free fall´ with only air as resistance. The only way that this could have occurred is if the support offered by the steel core beams was in some way undermined. The most obvious way to undermine the steel core beams of the WTC tower would seem to be via the techniques employed by demolition experts to take down buildings and have them fall into their own 'footprint´ - which is exactly what happened to the WTC towers. However, in the case of the WTC towers there are several factors that point to something other than standard technology being used to demolish towers.

This is what is being hotly contested among 9/11 researchers. In an email I received this morning, a 9/11 researcher wrote:
If Tarpley is embracing the "space beam theory", he's hurting the Truth Movement. The ptb [Powers That Be] are trying desperately to keep the Peace Movement and Truth Movement from joining forces. So far, they've been successful, but i don't think they'll be able to keep these natural allies apart much longer.
To which another researcher replied:
Surely all it would take is a qualified physicist to explain to Tarpley the physical impossibility of such weaponry?
My husband IS a physicist and he spent some time working for a DOD contractor in the U.S. before 9/11 subsequent to which we decided to leave the U.S. He has looked long and carefully at all the evidence and has some thoughts about it. Let me tell you what he proposed as an appropriate way to approach this subject in our book 9/11: The Ultimate Truth.
"Most investigators point to evidence of "explosives" and "squibs" in video footage of the collapse of the two towers, yet to effect the complete destruction of so much concrete and office material, a massive quantity of explosives would surely have been required, and such a quantity is simply not evident in the available footage. As has been suggested by Professor Jones, an advanced and publicly unknown form of "superthermite" was probably used to cut the steel core beams of the WTC towers, which leaves open the possibility that other similarly advanced and publicly unknown technology was used to disintegrate the concrete that constituted the body of the towers. In this case, it would not be responsible or wise for me to theorize about what specific device or technique was used to turn the towers to dust, however, I will say that 'sound' and 'light' weapons have been developed in the past 20 years by the U.S. and Israeli military that are capable of 'invisibly' destroying hardened targets. To that I will add that part of the prepping of the WTC towers could have included the planting of 'conductors' to effect the propagation of such an induced wave throughout the buildings and thereby causing the vaporization of concrete and human bodies alike."
That's the short version. Now, let's look at that paragraph in a broader context.

Controlled demolitions at the WTC has been scientifically proven as far as I am concerned, since the government's version defies basic laws of physics (not to mention an amazing series of coincidences all over the place on that day). At this point it's just a matter of figuring out what method was used for the demolition. Now, in quoting the following, I'm not establishing myself in the corner advocating a "Space Based" weapon, necessarily. But what does seem to be clear is the fact that some publicly unknown technology was used. For all we know, it was land or sea based, but we can't exclude Space Based. After all, that shuttle has been going up and down for a number of years now and nobody really knows what is up there.

1. Seismic readings too low to account for two 500,000 ton towers

(On Dec 14, 2006, a NIST scientist said "...the collapse of the towers were not of any magnitude that was seismically significant...")

2. Concrete pulverized to powder in a way that cannot be accounted in a standard controlled demolition. (i.e. more than 50% of samples under 100 microns)

3. Steel spire turns to dust and trickles down in news videos.

4. Photographs of Ground Zero lacking enough concrete and steel to account for two 110 story towers.

5. Toasted cars over half a mile from Ground Zero.

6. Large sections of buildings "vanish"

Round holes in WTC 5 roof

Large vertical chunks "missing" from WTC 3

and WTC 6

7. Downtown Manhattan not flooded. If one million tons of towers collapsed on the slurry wall / bathtub at freefall speed, it would have broken through and flooded New York.

8. All airplanes ordered to land about fifteen minutes before the South Tower is destroyed. Right after the North Tower goes, government allows military aircraft back up.

9. Evidence for existence of Space-based weapons. (Let's remember, the government is always at least 15-20 years ahead in technology from where they publicly admit.)

Introducing the Particle-Beam Weapon by Dr. Richard M. Roberds; published in Air University Review, July-August 1984

Millimeter-wave energy to be used in a weapon by Peter Clarke; published in EE Times June 6, 2001

US hails airborne laser as weapons milestone, ABC News, October 29, 2006

So, ask yourself... what can explain ALL the anomalies listed above?
First of all, my husband, as a physicist, knows for a fact that there are weapons and technology that are already being used that are not known to the public. He developed certain technology himself that has never yet seen the light of day because it was buried in black projects. Sure, word eventually gets out after some years; but often that "word" is disinfo to distract away from what is really being done. Sometimes, it is announced as a "new discovery" because people are noticing strange things going on and the PTB have to do damage control.

This brings me to the topic of the day: Ultra-terrestrials and 9/11.

The whole "alien abduction" thing is a case study of what is being done within the 9/11 Truth Movement. Let me explain a bit:

Based on my experience as a hypnotherapist working with several alleged "alien abductees", I think it is highly probable that there is a "secret government" program that "fakes" alien abductions. However, the question must be asked "why?"

To get a complete picture of the problem, let´s look at what Richard Dolan has reported in his book "UFOs and the National Security State". He writes:
The UFO problem has involved military personnel around the world for more than fifty years, and is wrapped in secrecy. [...] Because this subject is so widely ridiculed, it is important to stress why it is worthy of serious attention.[...]

Stories of strange objects in the sky go far back into time, but the problem received little attention until the Second World War. [...]

During the UFO wave of 1947, American military and intelligence organizations conducted multiple, simultaneous investigations of these sightings. [...]

By the end of 1947, a contingent of analysts at the Air Technical Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base believed that UFOs were extraterrestrial.

By the summer of 1948, this team prepared an "Estimate of the Situation." [...] As the story goes, Air Force Commander Hoyt Vandenberg rejected [this conclusion.] [...]

In the summer of 1952... UFO sightings were so frequent and often of such high quality that some in the air force actually wondered whether an invasion was under way. With some help from the secret CIA sponsored Robertson Panel of January 1953, the air force improved censorship over the problem. Still, it never quite went away. Civilian organizations began to collect and analyze interesting UFO reports. [...]

Then came the great UFO wave of 1965 and 1966, when the air force could no longer hide behind weather balloons and swamp gas, nor withstand public scrutiny. [...]

Let us pause to assess the situation. By the mid-1940s, America´s intelligence apparatus had reason to believe that there were artifacts in the skies that did not originate from America, Russia, Germany, or any other country. These objects violated some highly sensitive military airspace, and did not appear to be natural phenomena. One may presume that the affected national security authorities made it an immediate obsession to determine the nature and purpose of these objects, and we may infer that the issue probably became a deep secret by 1946, or 1947 at the latest. (Dolan, Richard, UFOs and the National Security State, (Charlottesville: Hampton Roads 2002) Introduction p. xix.)
It was at this precise moment in time that the Human Potential movement was "born." Do we think that this was a coincidence? By the mid-50s, it was becoming obvious that things were getting out of control and coincidentally, in August of 1956, the FBI began its COINTELPRO operation.

When traditional modes of repression (exposure, blatant harassment, and prosecution for political crimes) failed to counter the growing insurgency, and even helped to fuel it, the Bureau took the law into its own hands. Its methods ranged far beyond surveillance, and amounted to a domestic version of the covert action for which the CIA has become infamous throughout the world.

Usually, when we think of COINTELPRO, we think of the most well known and typical activities which include sending anonymous or fictitious letters designed to start rumors, among other things, publishing false defamatory or threatening information, forging signatures on fake documents, introducing disruptive and subversive members into organizations to destroy them from within, and so on. Blackmailing insiders in any group to force them to spread false rumors, or to foment factionalism was also common.

What a lot of people don´t keep in mind is the fact that COINTELPRO also concentrated on creating bogus organizations. These bogus groups (or alleged "experts") could serve many functions which might include attacking and/or disrupting bona fide groups, or even just simply creating a diversion with clever propaganda in order to attract members away so as to involve them with time-wasting activity designed to prevent them from doing anything useful. COINTELPRO was also famous for instigation of hostile actions through "independent" third parties.

According to investigators, these FBI programs were noteworthy because all documents relating to them were stamped "do not file." This meant that they were never filed in the system, and for all intents and purposes, did not exist. This cover was blown after activists broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania in 1971. The possibility of finding evidence for any of it, after that event, is about zero. To spell it out in Dolan´s words:
Regarding matters connected with "national security," there appears to be a wealth of information that does not exist officially. Thus, a request to find such documents through a Freedom of Information Act request would be in vain. Add to this the likelihood that perhaps the most sensitive information regarding UFOs may not even exist in document form ("the first rule in keeping secrets is nothing on paper," Richard Helms), and one can appreciate the difficulty that an honest UFO researcher or 9/11 researcher has in ferreting out the truth.
Now, let us take a few logical steps. The UFO problem emerged into the national consciousness in 1947, or thereabouts. Not long afterward, a lot of people began asking a lot of questions. The government wasn't answering, and so the people began to band together to find out the answers for themselves.

Sounds a lot like 9/11, yes?

They started forming groups. And this is where things get just a bit curious. The thing that was most threatened by the UFO/alien issue seems to have been the Standard Monotheistic Religions. Religion seems to be a necessary component of political control. Social control - that is the mainstay of religion - was most definitely under threat. In fact, what seems to be true is that it is not even clear that religions - as we know them - would have survived a full disclosure. So the logical conclusion is that part of the main reason for the cover-up was to "protect the religious status quo."

As things stood at the time, protecting the religious status quo - mainly the social controls that stem from religion - was iffy at best. After a century of scholarly investigation into many religious texts, and the raising of many questions about the "old time religion," there were a lot of people in society who were most definitely turning away from religious dogma. It´s fairly simple to take the next logical step and see that a combining of the questions of those who were disenchanted with religion, politics, government, with the questions of those who wanted to know just what the heck was going on in terms of possible "extraterrestrials," was seen as a dangerous and explosive mixture. Something had to be done.

The activities of COINTELPRO in attempting to neutralize political opposition have been pretty well exposed. But we are now considering the fact that, in addition to political activists, it seems that COINTELPRO has particularly targeted groups that are seeking the truth about the interactions between the US government and Ultra Terrestrials, or so-called "aliens." That a long-time cover-up of these matters has been in effect is certainly evident to any careful researcher.

The COINTELPRO files show the U.S. Government targeted a very broad range of religious, labor and community groups opposed to any of its agendas, and it is only logical to assume that the same type of operation would be created to cover up the "alien agenda." Such a theoretical COINTELPRO operation also goes far in explaining why, when the sincere researcher of UFO phenomena enters this field, he or she discovers only lies, lies, and more lies; confusion and disinformation. That is most definitely the signature of COINTELPRO.

[It is definitely what one finds when trying to discover the truth about 9/11, or the JFK and RFK assassinations, and a whole host of other clandestine activities.]

Considering all of this, would anybody care to suggest that it did not also occur to the Powers that Be that the chief means of diverting attention and covering up the truth would be to literally fund and create the "New Age" and "Human Potential movement" so that it would follow their agenda of keeping secrets?

The same is probably true regarding the 9/11 Truth Movement. If nobody has really thought of this, better think again! Probably most of it IS COINTELPRO!

In other words, it is extremely likely that the most successful and popular of Metaphysical Mavens and New Age Impresarios are COINTELPRO agents - either conscious or dupes of those who are. And the same is true of the 9/11 Truth Movement and even the Alternative Media.

The main objective seems to be to attack and "neutralize" those who are seeking the answers. Those who are sincere, who do bona fide research and seek to explicate the truth, are infiltrated, attacked, and marginalized according to standard COINTELPRO procedures.

What all of this seems to suggest is that the Powers That Be (PTB) have developed COINTELPRO to an all new level of Social Shaping, Cultural Brainwashing, and the main targets of this activity would include virtually anyone who is seeking the truth about the shifting realities of our world.

The cases of COINTELPRO activities against political groups must be no more than the tip of the iceberg, given that the great bulk of COINTELPRO-type operations remain secret until long after their damage has been done. By all indications, domestic covert operations have become a permanent feature of U.S. politics and Social Programming, and it is hardly likely, considering the evidence, that the New Age and Human Potential fields are exempt.

Or the 9/11 Truth Movement or the Alternative Media.

The implications of this are truly alarming. Those who manage to get close to the truth of these matters, despite the many obstacles in their path, face National covert campaigns to discredit and disrupt their research and reputations. Clearly, COINTELPRO and similar operations under other names also work to distort academic and popular perceptions of the problems facing our world.

This is glaringly obvious in the 9/11 Truth Movement.

They have done enormous damage to the search for the Truth.

"Terrorism is changing. New adversaries, new motivations and new rationales have surfaced in recent years to challenge much of the conventional wisdom..." wrote Dr. Bruce Hoffman, Director of RAND. And he was right. The only problem is, the reader is largely unaware of the definition of "new adversaries" that might be implied in his remarks. A careful reading of Richard Dolan´s book will immediately reveal what Dr. Hoffman really meant in his remarks about "terrorism." He was talking about citizens wanting to know the Truth about their world and what happens within it. Based on the documents assembled by Dolan, it is obvious that the governments of the world do indeed see the UFO problem as a very, very serious matter. In the course of assembling the documents and reporting the events, Dolan came to the inescapable conclusion that there exists an "Above Top Secret" group with access to all available UFO data, and that this group "straddled" the worlds of government, military, and industry. The evidence proves that the military created a complete fiction for public consumption designed to convince the masses that the UFO problem was "nonexistent." They were assisted in pulling the wool over the eyes of the public by "heavy handed official media and culture," and they were obviously under orders to consistently and repeatedly "debunk" the idea that aliens were ensconced in our world. What seems to be true is that most of our elected officials are as much victims of the debunking as anybody else. And the same is true about mainstream science.

Dolan writes:
Next to the bureau, the military intelligence services became the most important component of the domestic intelligence scene. Army intelligence had nearly unlimited funds, extensive manpower, specialized personnel, deep planning and training resources, and the most sophisticated communications and data processing capability. [...]

The army´s intelligence surveillance did not focus on tactical and reconnaissance data, but on political and ideological intelligence within the United States. (This was wholly illegal.) [...]

Then there was the CIA. By the late 1960s, there were more spies than diplomats in the State Department, or employees in the Department of Labor. [...]

When the Weather Underground, a radical splinter of the SDS, had an "acid test" to detect agent´s provocateurs, they had no idea that the CIA had been tripping on LSD throughout the 1950s, creating a special caste of "enlightened agents" for precisely these occasions.
Based on this, we wonder about "agents provocateur" in the New Age and UFO community who are "specially trained" as "UFO experts"? And what about the "experts" in the 9/11 Truth Movement?
The agency continued its work on mind control. Following the work of Dr. Jose Delgado [experiments in] Electrical Stimulation of the Brain [were conducted.] This involves implanting electrodes into the brain and body, with the result that the subject´s memory, impulses, and feelings could all be controlled. Moreover, ESB could evoke hallucinations, as well as fear and pleasure. "It could literally manipulate the human will at will," [said Dr. Robert Keefe, a neurosurgeon at Tulane University.]

In 1968, George Estabrooks, another spook scientist, spoke indiscreetly to a reporter for the Providence Evening Bulletin. "The key to creating an effective spy or assassin, rests in creating a multiple personality with the aid of hypnosis," a procedure which he described as "child´s play."

By early 1969, teams within the CIA were running a number of bizarre experiments in mind control under the name Operation Often. In addition to the normal assortment of chemists, biologists, and conventional scientists, the operation employed psychics and experts in demonology. (!!!)

Over at the NSA, all one can say with certainty is that its budget dwarfed all others within the intelligence community.
Dolan documents how the intelligence organizations of the United States - and very likely other countries who are working in concert with them, though outwardly they may pretend to be oppositional - have conducted terminal mind- control experiments, biological spraying of American cities, human plutonium and syphilis injections, illegal communications interception, and nationwide domestic surveillance of private citizens, political assassinations and coups, ongoing media manipulation and outright public lying on a continual basis, most especially in regards to UFOs. The above organizations, via any and all means available, made sure that, to the public at large, UFOs and aliens were a "dead issue."

Scientist and UFO disclosure advocate James McDonald said in 1969: "I am enough of a realist to sense that, unless this AAAS symposium succeeds in making the scientific community aware of the seriousness of the UFO problem, little response to any call for new investigations is likely to appear."

McDonald presented a brilliant paper entitled "Science in Default: Twenty- two Years of Inadequate UFO Investigations." Dolan comments that it was "perhaps the most damning statement about UFO research ever made." Speaking before the convention at Boston´s Sheraton Plaza Hotel, McDonald came down hard on everyone: Condon, Menzel, Hynek, and finally the scientific establishment itself. He said:
No scientifically adequate investigation of the UFO problem has been carried out during the entire twenty-two years that have now passed since the first extensive wave of sightings of unidentified aerial objects in the summer of 1947.

...In my opinion, the UFO problem, far from being the nonsense problem that many scientists have often labeled it, constitutes a problem of extraordinary scientific interest.

The grave difficulty with essentially all past UFO studies had been that they were either devoid of any substantial scientific content, or else have lost their way amidst the relatively large noise content that tends to obscure the real signal in the UFO reports.
This high noise to signal ratio is, based on the evidence, the direct product of the frenzied activities of the "National Security State" in their promulgation of the New Age/Human Potential smoke and mirrors magic show.

What is also clearly evident is that this noise is the fundament of the prevailing scientific doctrine. What we see is that the Scientific Community - though they claim to be seekers of advanced scientific truth - have been as easily duped as Joe Sixpack and Shirley Seeker of Truth. The former is interested in little more than his truck, his dog, and his weekend football game, while the latter is generally looking for a lifestyle of higher "experiences." What I also suspect is that even the lower echelons of the intelligence and military organizations must be included in this rather large grouping of the duped and deceived sheep.

An example of this duping of those investigating the matter from the "bottom up," is Andrew Tully who wrote The Super Spies, supposedly an early report on the NSA. He, and many who have followed him, suggest that the UFO is an "intelligence" device and that it evolved out of Nazi Secrets brought to the US under Project Paperclip.

Dolan lays out the evidence and disabuses us of the notion that the UFO activity could be human, technological breakthroughs as such naive conspiracy theorists propose. As he says, "all of the indicators point to a definitive NO." He then points out that, every single person who actually studies the UFO problem [yours truly included - who began as a flaming skeptic] - becomes convinced that it IS a problem of Alien invasion of our planet. Every official study of UFOs persuaded the researchers that aliens were the explanation for the data. But that data has been denied, and when denial no longer worked, it was obscured by the noise, the smoke and mirrors that prevail today in UFO research and the New Age and Human Potential movements. Do we think that this is coincidence?

Another evident production of "noise" is the nonsense that passes today as "channeling" or "alien contacts". Indeed, my own work involves what can certainly be called inspirational material, but as we have noted repeatedly, it is not your usual "channeled" info, nor do we treat it as such. For us, a controlled channeling experiment is the 10% inspiration that must be matched by the 90% perspiration of real research.

With a broad historical awareness of the facts, a firm grounding in the realization that most of what is out there is deliberate disinformation, the individual who surveys the plethora of "alternative information" in books and on the internet, can easily recognize the "noise" factor produced by the Secret State. Dolan tells us:
By the early 1970s, there were already means available to alter the moods of unsuspecting persons. A pocket-sized transmitter generating electromagnetic energy at less than 100 milliwatts could do the job. This is no pie-in-the- sky theory. In 1972, Dr. Gordon J.F. McDonald testified before the House Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment on the issue of electromagnetic weapons used for mind control and mental disruption. He stated:
"[T]he basic notion was to create, between the electrically charged ionosphere in the higher part of the atmosphere and conducting layers of the surface of the Earth, this neutral cavity, to create waves, electrical waves that would be tuned to the brain waves. ...About ten cycles per second.

"...You can produce changes in behavioral patterns or in responses."
The following year, Dr. Joseph C. Sharp, at Walter Reed Hospital, while in a soundproof room, was able to hear spoken words broadcast by 'pulsed microwave audiogram.´ These words were broadcast to him without any implanted electronic translation device. Rather, they reached him by direct transmission to the brain.
Consider the above "neutral cavity in the ionosphere" in terms of so-called "chemtrails." Consider the bizarre fact that the entire American populace appears to be brainwashed so that they cannot even see that they are being herded to their own destruction. Obviously, a lot more is being done with this technology than creating faux "alien abductions."

Notice the dates in the above quote from Dolan´s book telling us that in the early 70s certain technologies were being developed that could "broadcast" "mind control" signals over the entire nation. We certainly suspect that this technology was developed further in the subsequent years. The question is: what did they do with it? Better yet, what ARE they doing with it?

And this is where we come to the COINTELPRO function of creating bogus organizations to attack or disrupt bona fide groups seeking truth.

We have already noted the fact that research in Electrical Stimulation of the brain could produce hallucinations. If you put hallucinations together with words, you can produce just about anything that you want in the way of "noise" to obscure the truth - including the "shape-shifting reptoids-as-humans," or a "gray dude in the bathroom," or a "Guardian Alliance," or a "Nibiruan Council," or an "Ashtar Command," or talking whales and dolphins... or belief in the Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11. You name it - they can produce it via voices in the head and hallucinations and transmissions of frequencies that produce ecstatic states, healings, or whatever.

And so it is that the human element of the Cosmic COINTELPRO operation manages their many "agents" of disinformation - pied pipers leading the masses of Truth seekers - so that whatever the real truth is remains their secret. And that´s exactly the way they want it.

What strikes me as an essential turning point in this COINTELPRO operation was the beginning of the "expose" of two particular items that hold sway in certain "conspiracy" circles to this very day: Alien Abduction and Satanic Ritual Abuse.

The Gray alien scenario was "leaked" by Budd Hopkins. Whitley Strieber´s alien abduction books, including Communion, followed a few years after. Prior to the publication of these books, the ubiquitous "Gray aliens" had never been seen before. In fact, a review of the history of "contact" cases show that the type and variety and behavior of "aliens" around the world are quite different across the board. But, along came Budd, followed by Whitley and his glaring alien on the cover, and suddenly the Grays were everywhere.

In respect of Whitley and his Grays, allow me to emphasize one of Dolan´s comments quoted above: "By early 1969, teams within the CIA were running a number of bizarre experiments in mind control under the name Operation Often. In addition to the normal assortment of chemists, biologists, and conventional scientists, the operation employed psychics and experts in demonology." This, of course, brings us to the parallel event of that period of time: Satanic ritual abuse. SRA is the name given to the allegedly systematic abuse of children (and others) by Satanists.

As it happens, keeping our timeline in mind, it was in the mid-to-late 1970s that the allegations of the existence of a "well-organized intergenerational satanic cult whose members sexually molest, torture and murder children across the United States" began to emerge in America. There was a panic regarding SRA triggered by a fictional book called Michelle Remembers. The book was published as fact but has subsequently been shown by at least three independent investigators to be a hoax. No hard evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse in North America has ever been found, just as no hard evidence of abductions by Gray aliens has ever been found. Nevertheless, the allegations were widely publicized on radio and television talk shows, including Geraldo Rivera´s show.

And note that Geraldo is deep in the 9/11 Coverup!

Religious fundamentalists promoted the hysteria and, just as during the Inquisitions, endless self-proclaimed "moral entrepreneurs" both fed the fires of prosecution and earned a good living from it. Most of the early accusations of satanic ritual abuse were aimed at working-class people with limited resources, and with a few exceptions, the media and other groups that are ordinarily skeptical either remained silent or joined in the feeding frenzy of accusations. The few professionals who spoke out against the hysteria were systematically attacked and discredited by government agencies and private organizations.

The same system of mass manipulation is evident in the 9/11 Truth Movement.

The question has to be asked: If there are thousands of baseless accusations of SRA and thousands upon thousands of cases of unverifiable alien abductions, how do they originate?

Most of the SRA cases are said to originate with children. Since there is a widespread belief that children wouldn't make up stories of eating other children or being forced to have sex with giraffes after flying in an airplane while they were supposed to be in day care, the stories are often taken at face value by naive prosecutors, therapists, police officers and parents. Researchers have found that children are unlikely to invent stories of satanic ritual abuse on their own. So, where do the stories come from? Accusing the therapists, district attorneys, police and parents of inducing such stories from children doesn't seem to be a very productive answer. Yes, it may happen in some cases, but certainly doesn't seem likely in the vast number of cases.

Now, let´s go back and think about our timeline. As it happens, Michelle Remembers was published in 1980, co-written by Michelle Smith and Lawrence Pazder, M.D. Budd Hopkins finished Missing Time in December of 1980, with an "afterward" by Aphrodite Clamar, Ph.D.

Set this side by side with the potential for broadcasting mass mind-control signals over the entire country, and it´s looking pretty "coincidental" from where I sit.

Consider this capability in terms of the 9/11 Cover-up also.

What occurs to me - putting the pieces of the puzzle together - is that there is some general kind of imagery being widely broadcast in the "neutral cavity" described above, and that it depends a lot on the individual and their cultural programming how it "takes." When we consider the fact that "Operation Often" employed "the normal assortment of chemists, biologists, and conventional scientists" and "psychics and experts in demonology," we begin to think that electronic COINTELPRO includes a whole supermarket of new "beliefs" - Gray aliens and "alien contacts" for the New Age crowd and a whole range of "sexual/ritual abuse scenarios" for those who are not open to the alien shtick; and we can't forget political persuasions and belief in Islamic terrorists.

Just think of the potential such technology possesses for convincing the public that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by 19 Arab terrorists who took down the defenses of the planet's "superpower" not to mention all the other patently absurd official explanations about that day, not to mention everything that has happened since.

Is the whole thing beamed out as some sort of "free-formal imaging," and, based on the conscious acceptance of one or another version, it takes on its individual characteristics in the minds of the millions of recipients? In other words, is it picked up by the subconscious in alpha states or in sleep, perceived as traumatic in a general scenario that can then be interpreted by the individual belief systems in terms of either being examined and or sexually manipulated by aliens on a table or "raped on an altar" by Satanists, or threatened by terrorists? Are the public productions - books by Hopkins, Strieber, and the SRA scandals, the Right Wing pundits, just variations on the "closing of the circuit" by the conscious mind accepting or creating some scenario as the explanation for the constant bombardment of such signals as described in Dolan´s book? Is it the job of COINTELPRO to create "bogus organizations" that produce various "explanations" to close the circuit and "make it real" in the person´s mind?

One has to wonder about the name of the program: Operation Often in terms of the claims of abductees - victims of repeated and "often" abductions - as well as the claims of those who suggest the SRA explanation. In either case, the believer is being "herded" into a "response camp" of either faith in alien saviors, or faith in Jesus to save them from the demonic/satanic Illuminati, Jews, Pagans; or George Bush, Israel, or War that will save them from Islamic terrorism - take your pick.

Let me make it clear that I am in no way suggesting that "abductions" or some whacked out satanic rituals do not ever take place somewhere, under some circumstances. What I am suggesting is that the Gray Alien and SRA phenomenon most certainly was not restricted in any way by COINTELPRO, and may indeed be the smoke and mirrors that hides a far more insidious state of affairs.

And the 9/11 Truth Movement itself along with much of the Alternative Media, may also be a complete Smoke and Mirrors show.

In essence, Dolan´s book shows us the history of how the many levels of society have been duped and deceived - or directly controlled - from the average citizen, to the seeker of higher truths, to the scions of science and industry, to the hallowed halls of government. Each "type" has been targeted in the way most likely to "manage" them best. Those who cannot be "managed" generally die, as scientist James McDonald - and others - did. But all the while, the UFOs kept coming, and people kept seeing them, and they kept asking questions.
In April 1971, an engineering research magazine, Industrial Research, published the results of a poll in which 80 percent of its members rejected the Condon Report; 76 percent believed that the government was concealing UFO facts; 32 percent believed that UFOs were extraterrestrial. Poll or no poll, the CIA continued to lie about its UFO interests. [...]

The worst story of 1971 was the demise of James McDonald. [Atmospheric physicist from the University of Arizona.] As far as anyone could tell, McDonald was fine all through 1970 and into 1971. On March 2, 1971, he testified as an expert in atmospheric physics at the House committee on Appropriations regarding the supersonic transport (SST) and its potentially harmful atmospheric effects. McDonald´s opponents questioned his credentials and ridiculed him as someone who believed in "little men flying around the sky." Laughter broke out several times.

Shortly after this incident, McDonald shot himself in the head and became blind. He was committed to the psychiatric ward of the VA medical Center in Tucson. In June, he signed himself out. On Sunday morning, June 13, a woman in south Tucson, identifying herself as a doctor, said a deranged blind man had taken a cab to the area. She wanted to know where the driver had dropped him off, and she made several calls. Meanwhile, a married couple and their children, walking along a shallow creek, found McDonald´s body under a bridge at 11:40 a.m. A .38 caliber revolver was in the sand, near his head. A brief note attributed his suicide to marriage and family problems. [...]

We know that many intelligence agencies were skilled in "creating" suicides. But, one might ask, wasn't McDonald´s mental condition already deteriorating? Jerome Clark stated that McDonald was ready to "crack" in the aftermath of the SST hearings. But what caused this? Embarrassment at the SST hearings? His marriage? Perhaps, one supposes, but both of these explanations feel flimsy. Without exception, those who knew McDonald described him as possessing great integrity and courage. Was he really the type of person to commit suicide?
McDonald had been described as a man who was "afraid of nothing." What seems to be so is that this was why he was destroyed. Hynek had written that McDonald was considered by the Air Force to be an "outstanding nuisance." With the mind control arsenal that has been described at their disposal, we have a good idea of what "they" can do to the mind. Even the strongest. Courage and integrity, it seems, are no protection. We would like to note another curious death - that of Edward Ruppelt. After years as an advocate of disclosure, he suddenly did an about face - re-wrote his book recanting his belief that UFOs were extraterrestrial craft, and was dead within a year at a very young age.

It looks to me as though, if you are important enough to make a difference in the way people think and they can´t corrupt you, they kill you, and if they can corrupt you, they still kill you so you won´t have a chance to change your mind and recant your recantation like Jacques de Molay did when the Templars were destroyed. Those who get close to the belly of the beast are generally subjected to a variety of treatments it seems.

Many important and influential people have attested to the reality of the UFO phenomenon as an "alien reality." Within the military organizations, those who affirm the "alien hypothesis" are widespread and numerous. But, as Dolan shows us, they cannot discuss those views without risking the penalties of imprisonment and stiff fines.

In the present day, we have Steven Greer´s "Disclosure Project." Based on the mail I get, it seems that many in the New Age/UFO community think that this is a great and novel idea. However, history shows that it has been tried before. The one thing about Greer´s effort that suggests it is just more and better COINTELPRO is his attachment to the "aliens are here to help us" idea which is directly contradicted by history, though widely promoted by most "contactees." Even Linda Howe, for a long time the most reputable of careful researchers - and no stranger to the machinations of the Secret State - seems to have fallen for this one - or COINTELPRO. It is also now being promoted in Fate Magazine by Rosemary Guiley, who has the odor of COINTELPRO about her with her notable connections to military "agents." Jerome Clark is also a regular contributor to Fate.

Let me make it clear at this point that I am convinced that a lot of honest, sincere, hard-working individuals are being duped and/or controlled without being fully aware of it. But, not being aware of how your own mind is being used against you doesn't lessen the problem; in fact, it makes it all that much more tragic.

Dolan documents the failure of civilian groups in their efforts to really "end UFO secrecy." NICAP had prominent and active members, connections to Congress and the military, and their effort continued for over ten years. NICAP fought diligently for congressional hearings, and yet every time they got "close" to bringing it to the table for public consideration, the congressional sponsorship "backed off" and reversed their support.

What kind of group is it that can control our government officials in this way? An even deeper question might be: What kind of group is it that can control the media, the military, the CIA, the FBI, NSA, and even the President? What do they do to intimidate and dominate ethical and substantial persons in positions of authority? (Assuming there are any ethical persons left in any positions of authority!)

Whatever it is, we would certainly like to know because it suggests that they are hiding something so significant that even hints of it behind closed doors can send the most powerful congressmen running with their tails tucked between their legs.

This brings us back to the problem of the Secret State and its agenda. Some people believe that this secrecy is absolutely essential. They say that the public simply could not handle the truth about aliens. They say that there is no reason to spoil people´s lives with the truth because there is nothing that the average person could do about it anyway.

Is that really true? Would there be so much effort to conceal the alien agenda if disclosure of the truth wasn't harmful to that agenda?

Dolan's chronological history of the actual interaction between UFOs and the public and the corresponding behavior of the military, the intelligence community, the media, the scientific community in its interaction with the public, make this abundantly clear. Dolan writes:
Some believe this is, as it ought to be. Can the public really handle the truth about aliens? If the presence of others constitutes a threat to humanity, for example, what could the average person even do about it? There are those who believe that secrecy about UFOs is in the public´s best interest.
What is clearly evident, and most especially so in the past year or two, is that the "public interest" is not the concern of those making these decisions. As Dolan rightly says, secrecy is being utilized not to protect the public, but to protect those keeping the secrets - the "Above Top Secret" group - and very likely even the aliens themselves - who are not really aliens, but rather denizens of hyperdimensional realities. See:

Laura Knight-Jadczyk Interview on BBC Radio

When we consider the modus operandi of the intelligence community, in its historical perspective, what we see is that, at every level, right up to the very top, there is control and manipulation. This leads me to suggest that even those at the top level of the human Consortium are being duped and deceived and are as unable and/or unwilling to consider that possibility as those at the lower levels.

It seems obvious from the documentary evidence as well as the behavior of the military in response to UFOs and the "alien matter," that the aliens do have an agenda, and that - at some level in the layers of secrecy - there are those who know - at least on a "need to know" basis - what that agenda is. It seems abundantly evident that the secrecy has been enjoined on this group by the aliens themselves. What is more, a careful assessment of the evidence does not suggest a benevolent agenda.

As a result of the manipulations of this "Consortium," the majority of Americans are inculcated into the fiction of a representative government - a democracy - and that our scientists and representatives are "taking care of business" for us, and even if they are sometimes corrupt, they aren´t as bad as a totalitarian regime.

It has become most definitely obvious in the past couple of years that this is not the case - and probably never was. We don´t even really elect our representatives. It´s all a sham. But the fiction propagated by the media has clouded the ability of the American people to see their society and government for what it really is: an oligarchy that pretends to be a democracy to placate and deceive the public.

And one must not ever forget those "mass mind control signals" that are probably flooding the air-waves, even carried on cell phone signals.

To those who suggest that it doesn´t really matter since it is an efficient way to organize and manage millions of people, let us suggest that it is suicidal to think that an oligarchy is not primarily interested in maintaining its own position to the exclusion of all other considerations.

When we consider the evidence, we see that the groups in question have never acted in the best interests of the public. If you doubt this, spend some time reading about non-consensual human experimentation. And so, logically speaking, there is no reason to even suggest that the secrecy surrounding the "alien reality" is any different.

Dolan notes that, as a result of the concerted "debunking" of UFOs perpetrated on a populace that has been mind manipulated and dumbed down by public "education" for a very long time, our society has become extraordinarily schizophrenic about UFOs. At the level of "officialdom," as in academia, mainstream media, government and so forth, UFOs are either ignored or treated as a joke. You won´t find UFOs or Aliens - or their repeated invasion of sensitive airspace - discussed on the nightly news. You won´t find Ted Koppel analyzing them as a threat to National Security. And this state of affairs is totally bizarre because it is abundantly - overwhelmingly - clear and evident that our military and intelligence organizations consider them to be so important that information about them is classified "Above Top Secret."

However, being classified "Above Top Secret" does not seem to matter to the aliens. They arrogantly do as they please and leave the "clean up" to their human lackeys the same way some media personalities have been reported to destroy hotel rooms, and then have their accountants write checks to cover the damages, while their agents give press releases that deny any such thing ever happened.

This brings us back to the efforts of COINTELPRO. Since the military is in the position of dealing with beings of such arrogance that their checks don´t cover the damage they do, the "press releases" are issued in the form of diversion and division. UFOs and the "alien reality" are promoted in ways that simply do not relate to the documentary evidence or the factual data.

UFOs and aliens are given cachet in the New Age and metaphysical communities, and groups studying them or "channeling" them are "managed" so that the possibility of exposure of the Truth is completely minimized in the plethora of conflicting, generated "beliefs." At the same time, there are organizations that are set up to operate as "professional debunkers" and disinformation artists. Smoke and mirrors and endless confusion.

What is evident from the documents and statements of those "in on the secret," is that the current "popularity" of aliens and New Age presentations of the subject are the direct result of deliberate infiltration by intelligence personnel who are continually "spinning the wheel" of lies and distortion.

UFOs have national security implications for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that they have involved military and industrial personnel of many nations around the globe. This situation has existed for over fifty years. In fact, a careful study of history shows an intersection between UFOs and the military for hundreds, if not thousands of years! Unauthorized airspace violations continue to occur; attempted interceptions repeatedly take place; and the secrecy orders are more severe now than ever.

We have to ask ourselves why this is so?

If the military organizations are as interested in UFOs and Aliens as we know them to be based on the evidence, and if they are in the dark about them, as the evidence also suggests, would they not be utilizing the many claimed "alien contacts" among the New Age community as resources if there was the possibility that such sources really were in contact with the "real aliens" in and about the planet as they claim? There are certainly many of these contactees that claim "extreme military interest" in their work.

However, based on the facts of the operations of the National Security State, we can pretty well objectively assess that if this were true, such contactees would not be out there promulgating their information. That they often operate unmolested, and even achieve great popularity is compelling evidence that their "information" is useless to the military, if not created by it. What seems to be true is that most contactees and channelers are dupes of the military cover-up - victims of COINTELPRO - created to generate the noise that hides the signal of the true Alien Reality. In short, the majority of claims of channelers, contactees, new age gurus, UFO researchers, and the like, both in books and on the internet, about the "alien reality," is COINTELPRO at its finest.

Take that to the bank.

And the same is true of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

One thing is clear: the UFOs themselves are not under the control of the military - or anybody else. But that the Consortium continues to debunk and cover it up - in the face of its violations of their own airspace - suggests to us again the analogy of arrogant and powerful Masters of Reality, aided and abetted by their military and intelligence organization servants who, all the while they are obeying the powerful overlords, which very well may include the 9/11 Attacks and war with Iraq, Iran, and God knows who else, seek to keep everything quiet while they try desperately to discover the secrets of power so as to arrogate it to themselves. And it seems evident that, in the present time, the game is afoot in the citadels of Power and Secrets.

We don't know - and cannot know at present - whether some super secret beam weapon was used to take down the Twin Towers on 9/11; but it is possible. And frankly, it is the one explanation that seems to cover all the anomalies. Bottom line is: Something is happening, there is a schedule, and the servants of the alien masters are pushing an agenda that few of us understand. They are trying to cement controls, to solidify their power base, because Something Wicked This Way Comes.