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Wed, 19 Feb 2020
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Study finds staggering 94% of Palestinians reject Trump's peace plan

palestinians protest
© REUTERS / Muhammad Hamed
Nearly all respondents to a recent survey on US President Donald Trump's so-called "deal of the century" for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reject the proposal, and a majority of those polled believe the plan has absolutely no chance of putting an end to Israeli occupation in the area.

A public opinion poll released Tuesday by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research reported that 94% of the 1,270 Palestinians surveyed oppose Trump's Middle East peace plan.

"I don't think we've ever seen such a level of consensus among the Palestinian public," Khalil Shikaki, director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, said, as reported by the Associated Press on February 11.


Feminists claiming 'tradwives' are radicalized 'like ISIS brides' have become the woman-shaming patriarchy they hated

© Getty Images / Lumina Images
Women denouncing their sisters who publicly tout the virtues of traditional marriage and motherhood as victims of extremist brainwashing have substituted a creeping paternalism for feminism's true aims.

Concern about the rise of the so-called 'tradwife' movement - young women embracing a return to pre-feminist gender roles in which the wife is expected to take care of her husband and children full-time rather than work outside the home - has exploded in recent months, bringing with it all the pearl-clutching think pieces and overwrought, undereducated opinionating that implies.

As the media establishment discovers the once-obscure community, self-described feminists have publicly registered their horror at the thought that women anywhere are embracing subservience to men, forgetting that giving women a choice about what kind of life to lead was once the point of feminism.

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Shoving politics down gamers' throats doesn't sell games - industry professionals know that, but the media is in denial

The Division 2
© YouTube / Ubisoft
Tom Clancy's The Division 2
Videogames have remained one of the last media largely untouched by the toxicity of politics. Game press wants that to change - but developers know it will kill their profits. The latest pushback came from the man behind Fortnite.

During his keynote speech at the annual D.I.C.E Summit (an annual summit hosted by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences that focuses on videogames), Founder and CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney took the time to discuss his opinions on blatant politicking within the video game industry. The founder of the studio that gave the world Unreal, Gears of War, and Fortnite stated that game companies should take a "separation of Church and State" approach.

"I think we're seeing a lot of controversy around political censorship of social media, pressure from foreign countries on domestic companies about discourse, and to get through that, we as companies need to divorce ourselves from politics and say that is for individuals to engage in." He went on to say, "and we as platforms should be neutral." After his speech, he went on to Twitter to expand on the subject, stating that "If a game tackles politics, as 'To Kill a Mockingbird' did as a novel, it should come from the heart of creatives and not from marketing departments seeking to capitalize on division."

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Sanity wins: Police probe into 'transphobic' tweets deemed unlawful

harry miller transphobic tweets
The police response to an ex-officer's allegedly transphobic tweets was unlawful, the High Court has ruled.

Harry Miller was visited by Humberside Police at work in January last year after a complaint about his tweets.

He was told he had not committed a crime, but it would be recorded as a non-crime "hate incident".

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Seeing Red: Ex-NYPD cop punched at his Nashville birthday party after red cap mistaken for MAGA hat

Daniel Sprague
© Facebook
Daniel Sprague
A retired NYPD detective says a woman punched him in the face in Nashville over the weekend because his hat looked like a MAGA cap.

Staten Island resident Daniel Sprague told the Post he was celebrating his 50th birthday with his wife and friends at The Stage on Broadway on Friday when he was assaulted by a woman he didn't know.

"I was outside with my friends when some grabbed me from behind, spun me around and punched me in the face," said Sprague, who retired from the NYPD in 2009.

"At first I thought it was a friend until I got hit. I couldn't believe someone could get that upset."

In reality, his cap was emblazoned with the words "Make Fifty Great Again" — while his shirt was decorated with an American flag that read "Making America Great Since 1970."

The bar's bouncers booted them both from the property before he had a chance to call cops, but he filed a report the following day, he said.

"All night people were giving me thumbs up, smiles or some showing rage, until they walked up close and saw what hat said," he recalled. "Then they would wish me a happy birthday."

Comment: If you wear a red hat, you are 'literally Hitler' as far as the left are concerned. See also:


Takedown notices and internet filters coming to New Zealand

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
The Government is planning legislation that will give it increased powers to tackle the spread of terrorist content online, proactively released documents from the Department of Internal Affairs show

A new suite of reforms will make it illegal to livestream objectionable content and give the Government the ability to issue takedown notices to online content hosts, among other powers.

The proposed legislation was authorised by Cabinet in December and will be introduced by March, according to a proactively released Cabinet paper from the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).


'Dangerous' PragerU conservatives clap back at Samantha Bee

samantha bee full frontal
Conservatives are firing back after Full Frontal comedian Samantha Bee said their ideas were "dangerous."

The liberal TBS show host sparked controversy when she took aim at Prager University on Wednesday, a nonprofit organization that creates online conservative content.

"Prager U's website says 'Prager University is not an accredited academic institution...but it is a place where you are free to learn.' That describes every single place! The last place Sam learned something for free was in a bra store. She learned she's been wrong for 35 years," Bee tweeted.

Comment: It just goes to show how out-of-touch the leftist media is. They simply don't 'get' conservative thought, branding anything outside of their accepted norms as 'dangerous'. And while PragerU is ideologically conservative, and inevitably gets some things wrong, at least it offers a counter-narrative to the NPC indoctrination facing everyone who turns on a TV.

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Hey, China-bashers! Maybe China deserves PRAISE for the way it's handling the Coronavirus outbreak?

Comment: What a wild idea.

But if we entertain it, does this mean we'll have to find a new source of schadenfreude?...

polly boiko china coronavirus
Beijing is getting major stick for its handling of the coronavirus outbreak - for example, ungrateful US officials are "disappointed" at China's alleged secrecy.

Meanwhile the mainstream media focuses on press censorship, forced quarantines and an alleged lack of transparency from the Chinese authorities.

Hold on a second! Surely some of the measures that China's put in place are worth a bit of praise?! This week, Polly makes the case for cutting China some slack!

Comment: Not only 'how about cutting them some slack'... how about considering - as Boiko herself suggests - that China's massive response to the outbreak - at huge cost to its economy - is her 'taking one for the team'?

We realize this is somewhere most Westerners can't go because they have no living experience of decent, ethics-based governance, but it is theoretically possible!


Tennessee lawmakers introduce joint resolution to recognize CNN and Washington Post as "fake news"

Tennessee capitol

Tennessee capitol
An amendment to a house joint resolution was announced Tuesday at the Tennessee State Capitol, announcing that the state of Tennessee recognizes CNN and The Washington Post "as fake news and part of the media wing of the Democratic party."

According to the resolution, lawmakers say that an editor of The Washington Post wrote on October 3, 2019 that President Trump "cast a spell on the Republican Party and suggested that Trumpism is cult-like." The resolution also says that a CNN host suggested that Trump supporters "belong to a cult and that our president is using mind control" on November 24, 2019.

"We recognize that fake news outlets suggest ideas without directly making accusations so that they can claim innocence from their ivory towers," the resolution reads.

The joint resolution introduced in the state House with the Senate reportedly concurring says that CNN and The Washington Post are condemned "for denigrating our citizens and implying that they are weak-minded followers instead of people exercising their rights that our veterans paid for with their blood."


Russian authorities investigate after photos emerge of Boris Nemtsov murderer allegedly enjoying prison 'feast'

zaur dadaev
© vk.com
Zaur Dadaev and a group of other men in prison
The 2015 killing of Boris Nemtsov shocked Russians, and now photographs posted online of the man who assassinated him apparently posing in front of a slap-up meal are generating considerable anger.

The images, taken in an Irkutsk penal colony, show Zaur Dadaev and a group of other men surrounded by kebabs, soups, fruits, and juices. In response, Russian prison authorities have launched an investigation to determine the conditions in which he is being held.

They will also look into whether Dadaev, a former security official, used a mobile phone at the facility, where he was kept before being transferred to prison. The last sign-in to his account on social network Odnoklassniki was on July 8, 2018.