Contrary to what the mainstream media has tried to convince you, it's not at all a mystery how the fire started in Odessa, Ukraine and it's not at all a mystery who started it. We owe it to the victims to expose what really happened.

Transcript, sources, and supplementary material available here.

Comment: Since this video was uploaded, new leaked phone conversations have surfaced suggesting it was indeed Kiev behind the Odessa and Mariupol massacres, namely oligarch and governor of Dnepropetrovsk Igor Kolomoisky. See: Powerplay and cover-up: Kiev protégé allegedly behind Mariupol and Odessa massacres leaked tapes reveal

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On May 2nd 2014 over 40 people were murdered in Odessa Ukraine. Some eyewitnesses claim the real number is over a hundred.

Some of them were burned alive. Others were strangled or beaten to death. A pregnant woman was among those killed.

I'm not going to show the images of the dead bodies directly in this video because doing so would either get the video blocked or age-restricted. In the description you will find a link to a page where you can view those images if you are so inclined. I warn you though that they are truly horrific, and should not be viewed in front of children.

Now the mainstream media and western politicians have glossed over what happened that day. They've attempted to blur the chain of events and have completely avoided condemning those responsible. Instead they've blamed the anti-Kiev protesters and Russia for the violence.

Ah but what about the video that showed the anti-Kiev protesters firing automatic weapons during the clash?

You're probably thinking about this video.
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location. It shows:]
0-51 Odessa Massacre
This is the video that corporate media outlets broadcasted to the public which shows what appears to be anti-Kiev protesters firing on Maidan protesters on May 2nd.
Open and shut case right? These guys brought this on themselves.

If you just saw this clip that would be the obvious conclusion, however this isn't the only clip that we have. We have quite a bit of footage that the mainstream media isn't showing you, and that footage tells a very, very different story.

Here's that same scene with the shooter video taped from another angle.
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]
Now pay close attention to the people he's with. The red arm bands these guys are wearing are supposed to symbolize the anti-Kiev contingent. In particular pay attention to this man in the brown jacket. Also take note of the padding that the man in the brown jacket is holding in his right hand. This guy with the brown jacket is important, and you'll see why when we show you the next clip.
This next clip I'm going to show you first once at normal speed, then we're going to slow it down and freeze frames to point out important details.
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]
Now if we freeze this frame, the man in the back of the ambulance that invites the police officer to get in looks a lot like the shooter, but this is a very brief scene and the image isn't clear enough to hang a case on it. However what we see next is very clear.

Remember the man with the brown suit and the odd padding that was with the contingent that was firing on the other protesters? Here he is again, helping a police officer get into that ambulance carrying that masked man. Notice the men with red arm bands with him.
It turns out that we have lots of images and footage tying the police to this provocation. The officer being escorted into the ambulance was photographed and video taped from multiple angles. Witnesses have identified him as Colonel Fucheji.
Here we see him and other police consulting with masked men who are presenting themselves as anti-Kiev protesters.
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location].
Here we see an unidentified officer giving instructions to a group of these masked men.
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]
Kommentar: The writer says he can not identify the person, on a video in Russian they say it is the same person.
Video-Odessa May 2, 2022
Why would the Ukrainian provisional government work with thugs presenting themselves as the opposition. Why would they stand by and allow those thugs to escalate the situation by firing into the crowd, then flee the scene with them? Doesn't that strike you as a little bit odd?

This is a very old tactic. The technical term, which has been in use since the 1870, is agent provocateur. That's French for provoking agent. Authorities use agent provocateurs when they want to manufacture a justification for a crackdown against their opponents.

And boy did they capitalize on that justification in Odessa.

The Maidan protesters, which eyewitnesses say outnumbered the anti-Kiev protesters 10 to 1, headed straight for the opposition's camp ground. First they burned down their tents. The anti-Kiev protesters tried to put up a defense at the door, but the Maidan crowd began throwing Molotov cocktails. Soon the building was engulfed in flames.
Here's what the scene looked like on the ground.
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]
You can hear the crowd cheering as they set the building ablaze. The Maidan can be seen beating those who try to escape.

Here you can see a Maidan activist shooting at those trying to escape from the windows.
There was a fire station less than a kilometer away, but they didn't intervene for hours. Why? Here's why: [In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]
The Maidan crowd blockaded the fire truck and wouldn't let the firefighters operate.
It's not unclear how the fire started as the mainstream media has been trying to convince you. Nor is it unclear who started the fire. Here we see a group of Maidan girls doing their part by filling up Molotov cocktails behind the scenes while the boys are busy using them to burn people alive.
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]
This wasn't a tragic accident, this was murder. One of the official Youtube channels for the Maidan (EuromaidanPR,) [Link is dead, very little footage from the fire is up now.] uploaded this video right after the blaze where they do a walk through of the building examining the corpses. They entitled it "Russian Terrorists Burnt Alive In Trade Union Building Fire In Odessa Ukraine, May 2 2014".
They were proud of what they did, and they weren't the only ones. WARNING: The video below is extremely disturbing. Do not click if you are not emotionally prepared to see it.
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location. The last two sentences are only in the transcript.]

The following is a screenshot I took from a public post on Facebook made by the Ukrainian Nationalist Iryna Farion who openly commended the murderers.
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location]
Translation: Bravo, Odessa. Pearl of the Ukrainian spirit. Birthplace of the great nationalists Ivan and Yuri Jul. Let the Devils burn in hell. The best of the rebels is the football fans. Bravo.

All over the internet self proclaimed fascists were hailing this as victory.
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]
A victory over who? There were no Russian citizens among the dead. They were all Ukrainians.

As horrific as the video is, it's a bit deceptive, because it doesn't show the pregnant woman who was killed upstairs. Her body wasn't burned at all. She appeared to have been strangled to death.
Click here [Dead link] if you want to see the picture I'm referring to here. You can also click here to view other images taken from the scene. These are extremely graphic and I do not even want to host them on my server.

What's even more disturbing is that there was video taken from the ground which captured the audio of her screaming in her final moments.

Here the screams can be heard clearly:
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]

After the screaming stopped Maidan activists presented themselves at the window gleefully waving a Ukrainian flag.
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]
During all of this the police did nothing. There was no investigation. In fact the provisional government in Kiev has blamed the anti-Kiev protesters for the fire and arrested the survivors. Apparently these people burned themselves to death and strangled their own people. Right.

Does this all seem out of place with the narrative you've been handed for months by the media and the politicians?

You believed them when they told you that the accusations that the Maidan was run by Neo-Nazis were just baseless conspiracy theories. Even though the BBC was reporting on their rise back in 2012. In that first report they specifically placed attention on a group called Svoboda led by a man named Oleh Tyahnybok. In that article they referred to Svoboda as a proto fascist organization and they covered Tyahnybok's long history of targeting Jews and
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]
Ethnic Russians. They pointed out that in 2004 he was kicked out of Viktor Yushenko's government for making a speech calling for Ukrainians to fight against a "Muscovite-Jewish mafia", and in 2005 he signed his name to an open letter to the leadership of Ukraine entitled "Stop the Criminal Activities of Organised Jewry".

Here's that same Oleh Tyahnybok rubbing shoulders with John McCain:
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]
And here with U.S. State Department Diplomat Victoria Nuland:
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]
(That's the same Victoria Nuland that was caught in the leaked phone call talking about installing Arseniy Yatsenuk to run the provisional government):

And Tyahnybok is just one of several known Neo-Nazis currently holding high office in Kiev. For example Dmitry Yarosh, a prominent Right Sektor leader who was installed as Ukraine's deputy Secretary of National Security.

[The video above has this link, at the time of posting.]
Don't take my word for it. Go read what the BBC said about these people back in 2012.
Go look at this article from Reuters [Link dead] which acknowledges that these guys are well positioned in the current government.
Then go look at the photos from the crime scene in Odessa. If you do, you'll understand that what we're dealing with here isn't just a few politicians with offensive opinions. These guys are the real deal. These are Neo Nazi fascists, who are willing to murder anyone who gets in their way. The U.S. and the E.U. are backing them, and the corporate media is covering up their crimes.

But why would these guys resort to the kind of brutality we saw in Odessa? It wasn't very smart. The images and the video of the crime scene have gone viral. That's a public relations disaster that will have lasting consequences.

Why would they do something like this, because they're running out of options. There's a rebellion spreading all across Ukraine and in spite of what the corporate media has been trying to sell you these aren't pro-Russian protesters. The people don't trust the coup appointed government and they don't want to live under its rule. What they're asking for is a federal system comprised of states with a certain degree of autonomy, kind of like what the United States used to be.
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]
Kiev has ordered the military to put down the rebellion 3 times already, but only a fraction of the Ukrainian military has been willing to fire on their own people. Not only have the troops refused to fight, but many have switched sides and are now fighting for the resistance. Others are on the fence contemplating turning their guns on Kiev, and are saying so publicly.
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]
Translation: "Minister Yatsenyuk and company a big thank you for my payment of 1300 hryvnia for two months. Believe me I'm ashamed do you hear me? Think about it because we can turn our tank column on you!"
That's a serious problem for the provisional government, especially since the IMF made it very clear that the 17 billion dollar loan package they are offering will be cancelled if Kiev fails to regain control of the east.

It's worth noting that Kiev began the third military offensive right after the IMF made that threat, and right after the massacre in Odessa, the IMF made the first 3.2 billion dollar payment towards that 17 billion. I guess they earned it.
The grand irony here, is that these so called nationalists are apparently too stupid to realize that their leadership just sold them out. You say you want a Ukraine for Ukrainians, but Kiev just brought in the IMF vultures. The IMF! This is the worlds most notorious predatory lender. The western globalists own you guys now.
[In the mirror article, there is here space for a picture or video location.]
Debt is a far more insidious method of subjugation than military occupation. At least with an army you can recognize the enemy, and you can fight them, but when that enemy hides behind banks, they destroy a nation from the inside out. They use your own strength against you. Rather than fighting back, you'll end up groveling at their feet for table scraps.

The West doesn't care about Ukraine. They're certainly not concerned for the welfare of their people. Ukraine is just a pawn. It's just a pivot point on the board. The real target is Russia. At this point they aren't even hiding it.
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