2 skiers dead in Utah avalanche, another rescued, police say
2 skiers dead in Utah avalanche, another rescued, police say
Two skiers were killed in an avalanche in Utah on Thursday morning, local authorities said.

Rescue crews responded to Lone Peak Canyon after a report that three skiers were "caught, carried, and buried in an avalanche" around 10:30 a.m., the Unified Police Department of Salt Lake said in a statement.

Several other agencies were contacted to assist due to the remote location and rough terrain.

About two hours later, one skier was located and airlifted to an area hospital. He had been able to dig himself out of the snow and was found in fair condition, officials told KUTV.

The two other skiers, both males ages 23 and 32, were later located by rescue teams.

Neither survived the avalanche, officials said. Their names have not been released.

Due to the weather conditions, efforts to retrieve their bodies was suspended around 4 p.m. and will resume on Friday.

"This is a tragedy, and our hearts are with the families and outdoor community that these individuals were actively engaged in," Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera said.

"These were experienced skiers and reports indicate they were well prepared for the journey they set out on today," she added. "This is a reminder that mother nature can be unpredictable, and we encourage everyone to be mindful of the dangers of the late snowpack and spring runoff."

Lone Peak is located about 35 miles southwest of Salt Lake City.