Flood has once caused devastation in Afghanistan. At least 50 people have died due to flash floods at many places due to heavy rains in Afghanistan's Gor province. A Taliban official gave this information on Saturday. The official said the death toll was based on preliminary information and could rise. Abdul Wahid Hamas, a spokesman for the governor of Gor province, said dozens of people were missing.

People suffered harm

Abdul Wahid Hamas said thousands of houses and properties were reported damaged in various areas, including the capital Firoz Koh, following Friday's floods. Hamas also reported that the province had suffered significant financial losses due to the destruction of hundreds of hectares of agricultural land due to the floods.

Flood outbreak in Baghlan

Earlier, a severe form of flood was seen in Baghlan, the northern province of Afghanistan. Then the United Nations Food Agency had said that more than 300 Afghan people have died in the sudden floods in Afghanistan. More than 1,000 houses were also destroyed by the floods.

Heavy rain in Afghanistan

The United Nations World Food Program is providing all possible help to the flood affected people. Food and drinking items are being distributed to the people affected by the flood. In recent times, there has been unusually heavy rainfall in Afghanistan, due to which floods are being seen. (AP)