dog attack
In a sad incident, a group of stray dogs in the Muradnagar locality of Ghaziabad attacked and murdered a 4-year-old child. Her family is inconsolable, and the violent attack has shocked the area.

Family's Heartbreaking Loss

Zarif, together with his wife Rukhsana and their two kids, lives in Bhikhanpur, Muradnagar, where he worked at a brick kiln. Farheen, Zarif's 4-year-old daughter, was playing outside the kiln on that tragic Saturday when she was unexpectedly attacked by some stray dogs.

A Mother's Desperate Attempt to Save Her Child

Rukhsana, Farheen's mother, raced to her help as her screams resounded, managing to drive the dogs away and retrieve her wounded daughter. Farheen was bleeding profusely in serious condition. As Zarif and other villagers heard Rukhsana's pleas, they also came to the site.

Urgent Medical Response

After being taken quickly to Sanjay Nagar Combined Hospital, Farheen received an anti-rabies vaccination and was admitted to the emergency ward by Dr. Ranjeet Singh. But because of how serious her wounds were, she had to be sent to GTB Hospital in Delhi to receive further care.

Tragic End at GTB Hospital

According to reports, Farheen was given oxygen assistance by the medical staff at GTB Hospital because of her serious injuries. Even with the efforts of the medical staff, Farheen's health didn't get better. According to ACP Naresh Kumar, Farheen passed away on Saturday night at about nine o'clock due to her injuries.