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Sat, 16 Oct 2021
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New Jersey union pushes teachers to log student vaccine info through progressive app

2 school kids
© Christopher Sadowski
American Federation of Teachers' pro-vaccine campaign
The largest teachers union in the country has instructed New Jersey educators to log student and parent vaccination information in a progressive campaign app, according to a report.

Teachers are enticed with gift cards in return for logging details from conversations with students and parents in Reach, a campaign data app first developed for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, according to Fox News.

Teachers log conversations about vaccines with parents and students in the app, allowing organizers to follow up later to book vaccination appointments or present pro-vaccine arguments to the hesitant.

The training materials, obtained by Fox News, said:
"Look up the people you've talked to and mark down how your conversations went! Then add them to your Reach network and add their contact info so that you or Made To Save can follow up with them later and help them get vaccinated."
The American Federation of Teachers and a pro-vaccine non-profit campaign, Made to Save, created the training along with the NEA [National Education Association], according to Fox News.

Comment: InAPPropriate!!! Buying teachers to sell out their students and families for profit...another facet of Biden's holocaust on the American public.


China's winter warriors rout US Marines, UK's MI6

Trailer Changjin
© YouTube
Beijing's macho nationalism bears fruit as epic Korean War movie sets course to be top global film of 2021

Chinese President Xi Jinping, besieged by crises from China Evergrande to power outages, may take some comfort in recent news: A human wave of enthusiastic citizens is storming his nation's cinemas.

The historical blockbuster Chinese are watching in record numbers is state-funded Korean War epic Battle at Lake Changjin. Its popularity suggests that Beijing's drive to inculcate patriotism and machismo is bearing fruit.

Making the story even sweeter for Beijing mandarins, it is based on the true story of a torrid Chinese victory over America's premier troops.

The December 1950 struggle around the high-altitude Lake Changjin - known in the West as Chosin Reservoir - was fought in one of the harshest battlescapes imaginable. Amid rugged mountain terrain, in sub-zero temperatures, an under-equipped Chinese Army Group forced a division of top-tier US Marines to retreat from North Korea.

Yellow Vest

The Great Southwest Airlines rebellion?

Southwest Airlines
© unknown
The incredible cruelty and folly of forced vaccines finally came home to roost. The vaccine mandate backlash has been bubbling just under the surface, but now it has spilled out into the open, threatening to completely derail an already crumbling economy and to obliterate a deeply unpopular US President and Administration.

Seemingly out of nowhere what appears to be a Southwest Airlines rebellion has taken flight this weekend. According to media reports, scores of pilots and other Southwest employees have coordinated the taking of "sick days" to use them up in advance of a Southwest Airlines mandate to get the jab or lose the job. Over Saturday and Sunday more than 2,000 flights have been cancelled, with airports experiencing full-on mayhem.

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association is suing the airline over the imposed vaccine mandate, bolstering the claim that there is a "sick out" underway among angry Southwest pilots.

Comment: ZeroHedge provided running commentary on the proceedings:
Update (1800ET): Southwest Airlines has had another terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day - as a shortage of workers combined with an air traffic control interruption to bring the total number of canceled flights to nearly 3,100 in four days.

"Crews were struggling to move and you end up in short order with aircraft and crews in the wrong spot," said EVP Bob Jordan, adding "It's really difficult to repair and put those things back together."

Speculation over the actual cause of the cancellations has been rampant on social media - with some pilots refuting claims that they were staging a sickout over vaccination mandates, while COPO Mike Van de Ven told employees on Sunday night that it needs to build more of a "staffing cushion" to deal with unexpected disruptions.

According to Bloomberg, Southwest has hired just half of the 5,500 workers it plans to before year-end, according to CEO-designate Jordan.

The airline has set a Dec. 8 deadline for vaccinations, which the Pilots Union claim "imposes new conditions of employment" and threatens termination.

"What was a minor temporary event for other carriers devastated Southwest Airlines because our operation has become brittle and subject to massive failures under the slightest pressure," said Casey Murray, president of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association. "Our pilots are tired and frustrated because our operation is running on empty due to a lack of support from the company."

Murray denied that the cancellations were due to any sort of pilot protest.

"I can say with certainty that there are no work slowdowns or sickouts either related to the recent mandatory vaccine mandate or otherwise," he said, adding that under federal law "our union is forbidden from taking job action to resolve labor disputes under these circumstances. SWAPA has not authorized, and will not condone, any job action."

* * *

Update (1220ET):





* * *

As we noted on Sunday, Southwest airlines canceled nearly 2,000 flights over the weekend - blaming the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and inclement weather.

Oddly, no other major airlines had the same issues, while rumors swirled that airline employees had staged coordinated walk-outs (which their unions deny).

southwest flight cancellations
© FlightAware
On Monday, Southwest was once again at the top of the cancellation list, according to FlightAware - which lists 356 cancellations as of this writing (23% of the day's 1,539 total cancellations), prompting Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) to tweet: "As a loyal Southwest customer who has been flying safely throughout the pandemic and is utterly opposed to vaccine mandates, I'm asking, stop the madness before more damage is done."

Needless to say, shares in Southwest weren't happy Monday morning - hopeful candle aside.
Southwest Airlines stock prices tumble
© Luv-stock
Southwest Airlines stock prices tumble
RedState comments on customer fury over Southwest's attempts to use 'weather' as an excuse:
Further, while the details here are still murky about who is specifically to blame (aside from vaccine mandates in general), what is clear is that people are furious with Southwest Airlines. By blaming non-existent weather problems, they were able to avoid giving refunds or paying for layover expenses for those left stranded, many sitting on planes for hours.

That decision to not just be honest with its customers about the cause of the cancellations has hampered the reputation of what was once seen as the "different" airline. Yet, they aren't operating any differently than their typically more loathed counterparts in the industry. This was all completely avoidable by using some common sense.


Media blackout: It's not just Southwest Airlines - air traffic controllers in Jacksonville reportedly walked out protesting mandatory vaccinations too

air traffic control
Big Media blacked out the news on Friday night that hundreds of flights out of Jacksonville were cancelled due to walkouts in response to vaccine mandates.

We've reported already on the Southwest Airlines flights canceled this weekend.

In addition, according to one source air traffic controllers staged a walkout in Jacksonville in response to the vaccine mandate being forced on them.

Comment: See also:


Virginia schools accused of covering up sexual assault of girl in 'gender neutral' bathroom

protest school sexual assault
The parent of a Loudon County, Virginia student accused the school district of covering up the sexual assault of their teen daughter that occurred in a gender neutral bathroom back in May.

Scott Smith, the parent of the student that was sexually assaulted, protested the Loudoun County school board on June 22 with hundreds of other community members. Smith was arrested that evening when the school board pushed for law enforcement to deem the meeting an "unlawful assembly" after individuals vocally opposed the school's transgender policies.

Comment: See also:


Netflix fires three employees who tried to force their way into an executive meeting over Dave Chappelle's alleged 'transphobia'

Terra Field Dave Chappelle
Netflix fired three employees on Monday that forced their way into an executive meeting where the company discussed how they should handle comedian Dave Chappelle's stand-up special that has since garnered outrage among the LGBTQ community over "transphobic" remarks.

The exclusive meeting featured Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos and the company's top 500 employees.

During the two-day business review, Sarandos briefed the company on how they should be equipped to handle backlash from Chappelle's controversial special The Closer.

Comment: What seems clear is that the majority of those complaining about Chappelle's comedy special haven't actually watched it. He dedicates a lot of time to this 'transphobia' question and lays out his arguments rather cogently (and even tells a long story about his long friendship with a fellow-comedian trans woman). It's a universe away from 'they want us dead'.

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Alarm Clock

Feds to deploy 'non-toxic gas in NYC subways to test biological attack readiness'

Times Square

Times Square subway station
New York City's response plans for a chemical or biological attack will be put to the test in the coming weeks as part of a study of the city's subway system.

The MTA says the Department of Homeland Security working alongside a team of researchers and city agencies will deploy a non-toxic gas this month at about 120 locations operated by transit agencies.

The tests will be conducted on five separate days between Oct. 18 and 29.

Comment: These kinds of simulations can be considered ominous, and with good reason: Also check out SOTT radio's: The Truth Perspective: Interview with Dilyana Gaytandzhieva: Pentagon Biological Warfare And Arms Trafficking to Terrorists

Magic Wand

Media now claims that "double jabbed" Brits who have bad colds are actually suffering from COVID

blowing nose
Need to bump those numbers up.

Causing yet more confusion, the media is now claiming that "double jabbed" Brits suffering from bad colds are actually infected with COVID-19.

Wait, what?

One of the biggest newspapers in Britain, the Daily Mirror, is now reporting, "Brits suffering from miserable colds could actually be enduring breakthrough cases of Covid-19 without realising, potentially allowing the virus to continue to spread."

Comment: One possibility, not brought up in the above article, is that the vaccines themselves are making people more vulnerable to cold and flu viruses by increasing the burden on the immune system. Or, it's also possible that keeping everyone locked in their homes for over a year prevented their immune systems from coming into contact with the usual seasonal cold and flu viruses meaning that this year they're more easily overwhelmed. This was predicted earlier this year: British Covid modellers predict 'severe flu next winter because lockdowns prevented usual herd immunity'.

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Federal judge grants preliminary injunction, blocking Iowa ban on school mask mandates

cotton masks
© istock
A federal judge granted a preliminary injunction Friday to continue to block Iowa's ban against school mask mandates until a court has officially ruled on the law signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) in May, NBC News reported.

District Judge Robert Pratt granted the preliminary injunction Friday, just before a temporary restraining order against the law was set to expire next week, according to the Des Moines Register.

Pratt noted in his ruling "the important public interests at stake," as he mentioned the "the current trajectory of pediatric Covid cases in Iowa since the start of the school year," according to NBC News.

Comment: It seems like a tricky issue, until you realize that 1) masks don't do anything to protect against infection (literally nothing) and 2) to force children to wear masks that may hinder their own health to appease the deluded parents of disabled children is criminal.

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Bizarro Earth

School boards, bastions of local democracy, persecute dissident parents

Loudoun County School Board meeting
© REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein
Shelley Slebrch and other angry parents and community members protest after a Loudoun County School Board meeting was halted by the school board because the crowd refused to quiet down, in Ashburn, Virginia, June 22, 2021.
American parents are organizing to fight racist critical race theories being taught in their kids' schools. Attorney General Merrick Garland, once touted as a moderate, has responded by asking the FBI to treat them as domestic terrorists.

As befits the Biden administration, this over-the-top authoritarianism is accompanied by the stench of corruption, as it turns out that Garland's son-in-law is in the business of selling educational materials on CRT.

Garland's self-dealing and thuggery are grounds for resignation. But that isn't the worst thing that's happened. Bad as it is, the Biden administration's poisonous combination of graft and authoritarianism can be remedied by getting rid of the administration — something that, if polls are any indication, is eminently doable.

The bigger problem is that school boards all over America seem to be growing ever more authoritarian themselves. Instead of serving as bastions of small-scale representative democracy, boards seem to regard themselves as above accountability to the voters and parents.

Comment: Labelling people as "domestic terrorists" because they disagree with government policy opens a huge new door to totalitarian rule.

Supporting CRT, means that you can't or you don't want to see the reality as it is. It doesn't mean that you are fighting the racism as they are telling you, it means you are supporting it, whether conscious or not.

People must wake up from this evil psychopathic spell, fear nothing and fight for their children and their own rights and lives.

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