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Sun, 25 Mar 2018
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Fire in the Sky

Fireball 2

Meteor fireball shoots across Mediterranean sky

The fireball was spotted travelling over the Mediterranean Sea

The fireball was spotted travelling over the Mediterranean Sea
A fireball has been spotted streaking across the Mediterranean sky.

The phenomenon was created after a rock abruptly came away from an asteroid and entered the Earth's atmosphere in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The fireball appeared at 5.22am and could be seen from the coast of Valencia to the Balearic Islands.

It was captured by sensors installed at the University of Huelva in the Astronomical Complex of La Hita, in La Puebla de Almoradiel, Toledo in Spain.

Professor José María Madievo at the university said in a press release that the fireball had been caused any a rock breaking away from an asteroid.

Fireball 2

Bright meteor fireball explodes over Pennsylvania, sonic boom reported (VIDEOS)

Pennsylvania meteor fireball
© M. Hankey, AMS
Pennsylvania meteor fireball on December 2, 2017.
If you were looking up at the sky at 3 a.m. Saturday, you may have seen a bright flash of light.

It turns out the flash was the result of a fireball meteor.

WGAL reports the fireball meteor was seen over most of the northeastern part of the country. Fireball meteors are brighter than normal meteors, and usually end with a flash as they disintegrate in the atmosphere.

Numerous photos and videos have made their rounds on social media.

Comment: The American Meteor Society (AMS) has received over 100 reports (#4827-2017) of this meteor fireball seen over NY, MD, PA, VA, OH, DE, CT, NJ, RI, WV, NH, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, MA, DC, Connecticut and Maryland on Saturday, December 2nd 2017 around 08:09 UT. Included in these reports, 11 people mention hearing an associated sound, such as a "boom" or "crackle".

As well as visible celestial bodies, it is probable that space rock fragments are also exploding in the atmosphere. See also: BOOM! Mysterious blasts rattling the skies are on the increase around the world - UPDATE at least 64 documented events (VIDEO)

These related articles are from just last week: Even NASA's own space data supports citizens' recent observations, namely the inconvenient fact that meteor fireballs are increasing dramatically.


Mysterious 'skyquakes' continue around the world with few answers to their origins

Across the world, the sky is quaking with mysterious, explosive booms leaving residents rattled and baffling experts trying to determine their origins.

More than 64 different incidents involving loud, unexplained booms worldwide have been reported in 2017, according to a recent NY Post report.

The most recently reported skyquake in the U.S. occurred near Daytona Beach, Florida, on Dec. 3, prompting nearby residents to search for answers on social media.

Birmingham, Alabama, residents experienced a similar event last month, which local media dubbed the "Bama Boom."

The "Bama Boom" occurred on Tuesday, Nov. 14, around 1:30 p.m. local time, according to Fox News.

Fireball 2

NASA confirms more than 60 reports of meteor fireball across Florida skies

Fireball in the sky
© Heather Fox
Fireball in the sky
NASA confirms at least 60 reports of a fireball seen across Florida skies on Tuesday evening, just after the sun set.

Video captured on dash cam video shows the fireball falling near Little Road and 54 around 6:30 Tuesday.

A Riverview family also caught video of the fireball on their security camera outside their house.

The American Meteor Society, a non-profit scientific organization had at least 55 reports across Florida too.

To can see their interactive map here: click here.

Comment: Just 4 days prior to this event came the following report from the same state: Another mysterious boom shakes buildings, this time in Daytona Beach, Florida


Mysterious boom rattles windows in Caledonia, Mississippi

Mystery boom in Mississippi
Many WCBI viewers wrote in asking about a mysterious boom Wednesday in Caledonia.

After reaching out to different organizations trying to determine what it could have been, the Columbus Air Force Base says the noise possibly came from a T-38 Talon as it took off for practice take offs and landings.

Master Sgt. Amanda Savannah says, there could have been a sonic boom from a functional check flight. However, it's unlikely due to the altitude of the flight and it was 40 miles away from Caledonia.

So still no definite answer as to what caused the boom. We're still looking into it.

A loud mysterious boom was reported by residents in Caledonia on Tuesday morning. The noise occurred just before 11:00 AM. Residents said it shook windows and it caught many by surprise. WCBI News followed up with local officials and more for answers.

Comment: Another space rock exploding in our atmosphere?


Another unexplained boom heard in Alabama (Update)

Ben Flanagan
© Ben Flanagan/al.com
Another unexplained loud boom was heard over the Birmingham area Sunday morning, the latest in a series that has defied explanation.

Meteorologist James Spann retweeted a number of reports from people in the Birmingham area who reported hearing one or two booms around 7:30 a.m. Sunday. Reports came from Mountain Brook, Forest Park and other areas.

The Jefferson County EMA said it had gotten a report of a double boom at about 7:29, though it raised the possibility that the second boom was an echo. The agency said it had "no information on the cause at this time."

Comment: See also: Mysterious loud 'boom' heard across North Alabama - NASA unsure of origin

Update: On November 24th, a YouTuber in Alabama uploaded a home surveillance video that recorded a boom that shook their house:
People around the world are reporting mysterious booms coming from the sky. This one was caught on camera in Alabama.

Birmingham National Weather Service tweeted: 'Loud boom heard: we do not see anything indicating large fire/smoke on radar or satellite; nothing on USGS indicating an earthquake.'

Bill Cooke, head of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, said, 'No one can figure out the cause.'


Unexplained loud 'booms' rattling houses bewilder southern Arizonians

Tucson, Arizona
© Wikipedia
Tucson, Arizona
Residents of southern Arizona are baffled by mysterious booms being felt and heard across the southern part of the state, which have caused the ground to shake and pets to tremble. No one seems to have an explanation for the weird occurrences.

The spooky events happened two nights in a row - on Tuesday between 8pm and 8:30pm, and on Wednesday just after 3pm, according to Tucson News Now. It's not just one or two people who have reported the strange booms, as the media outlet says it has been "inundated" with calls, emails and Facebook messages from witnesses.

Describing one of the booms, a resident by the name of Jim Hughson said it "sounded like someone throwing boulders in a huge dumpster. Crazy." He said he heard the boom on the northeastern side of Tucson.

Another resident named Pamela Sutherland said one of the booms "was loud and it shook the house, rattled windows, and everything hanging on the walls. It was enough to make the ground shake and frighten our dog."

Comment: See also: 64 mysterious booms heard all over the world this year. Why?

Fireball 2

Two large meteor fireballs blaze over southern England, dozens of people report hearing a deafening boom (UPDATE)

Bolide over Wilcot, UK
© UK Meteor Observation Network
The fireball filmed in Wilcot, Wiltshire was classified as a bolide which is the term used when a meteor causes a flash as bright as the moon.

Two huge fireballs were widely seen across the country as they blazed across the skies this weekend.

Dozens of skywatchers reported spotting the first meteor which flew over England, Wales and northern France shortly after midnight on Saturday.

Several even said they heard rumbling and 'multiple booms lasting 2-3 seconds' as the object passed overhead although others said it was silent.

Experts classified it as a bolide, which is the term used when a meteor causes a flash as bright as the moon.

Footage of the fireball, filmed in Wilcot, Wiltshire, shows a bright dot rapidly getting bigger as it travels across the sky.

It culminates in a huge flash of light before quickly reducing in size until it disappears.

Another meteor was seen flying across the same region six hours later with some witnesses reporting that it appeared to break up in the sky.

UK Meteor Observation Network member Richard Fleet said the first fireball was the second brightest the country had seen in three years.

Comment: The American Meteor Society have received over 90 and 160 reports of the two events (4590-2017 and 4588-2017). More 'mysterious booms' are being reported worldwide, see also:

BOOM! Mysterious blasts rattling the skies are on the increase around the world - UPDATE at least 64 documented events (VIDEO)

Updated on 28th November: Video footage has now emerged of the second fireball seen across the southern UK on the 25th of November at 07:13 GMT:

The following is from South Wales:

Another video, this time taken in Birmingham:

Fireball 2

Glowing celestial object lands near Yekaterinburg in Siberia, Russia

fireball Russia
Residents of the city of Yekaterinburg in Russia's Ural mountains continue their guesswork on what some have described as a fallen meteorite.

Some Yekaterinburg citizens have tweeted that in the early hours of Monday, an unidentified glowing object fell near the southern outskirts of the city near the local EXPO exhibition center and Koltsovo airport.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry's branch in the country's Sverdlovsk region told RIA Novosti that there had been no reports of any such incidents in Yekaterinburg.

Fireball 4

A large fluorescent green trail above France

meteorite, fireball
© Jon Burnett
Question asked on 26-11-2017 by FONTENEAU Bernard, from 85500 les HERBIERS and answered by Thibaut Alexandre

- Yesterday morning at the Herbiers in the Vendée, at around 8:45 a. m., I saw a great green fluorescent train located North-West, going from the North and going down to the West, it only lasted a fraction of a second... It looked like a fireworks trail, but very high in the sky and almost parallel to the horizon line...

- Hello Bernard, and thank you very much for your testimony. According to the description, you had the chance to observe a daytime fireball. It so happens that there was one of them observed in the North-West of France this Saturday morning, around 8:15 am. I think it's about this one.

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