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Tue, 24 Jan 2017
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Fire in the Sky

Fireball 3

Daytime fireball: Meteor spotted over North Carolina

© dcgoalie98 / YouTube
A fireball shooting over northeast North Carolina was witnessed by hundreds of onlookers, according to a nonprofit organization and local news reports.

Just before sunset on Thursday, September 8, a meteor is believed to have blazed through the sky over the towns of Essex and Red Oak in North Carolina before ending its flight around Enfield, according to the American Meteor Society (AMS).

As of 11:30am ET, more than 180 people from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia have reported seeing the meteor, AMS says on its website.

Fireball 3

Meteor fireball whizzes past Cyprus and explodes, lighting up night sky

File photo
A suspected meteorite did a close fly-by over Cyprus early on Friday, sending people into consternation over a blitz of bright lights which appeared in the night sky coupled with large bangs.

"It had a 45 degree tilt and a bang was heard as it passed over Cyprus," said Ioannis Fakas, the honorary chairman of the Cyprus astronomical society.

People living in the mountainous Troodos range reported green-white glows in the sky at around one in the morning, then large blasts, police said. Some reported the ground shook.

Parts of the meteorite were thought to have fallen into the sea north of Cyprus, Fakas told state TV.

Comment: ‌This is the meteor's reported trajectory over Cyprus. In the capital Nicosia, an explosion was heard 2.5 minutes after the fireball was seen:
© sigmalive.com

Fireball 4

Meteor sighting reported across Virginia

Richmond — Numerous viewers reached out to WTVR CBS 6 after reporting seeing something strange in the sky Thursday evening.

David Livingston said he was stopped at an intersection in the West End around 6 p.m. when he saw a bright light in the southwest sky.

"It was very bright and green and possibly made it all the way to the ground," Livingston said.

Rhonda Sams from Cartersville also saw something she believed was a meteor or possibly space debris.

"My husband, son, and I were looking south toward Cumberland County and Route 60. It could have actually fell in Amelia County," Sams wrote. "Don't know what it was but it was bright and burning."

K. Learning said she was driving on I-95 south near the Doswell exit around 6 p.m. when she saw something bright in the sky.

"There was what looked like a ball of fire seen going at a rapid speed," Learning said. "The direction it was seen going was southwest."

Christy Dalton was driving on Route 288 when she reported seeing something "fall out of the sky."

‎Brian Hobbs‎ also reported seeing the bright light.

"There was a long smoke trail left behind that dissipated very slowly," Hobbs‎ wrote. "Really a neat thing to see."

Fireball 2

Man says meteorite hit lone pear on tree in Massachusetts

© Metrowest Daily News
Framingham - First a late hard freeze robbed Steven Lovewell's Asian pear tree of most of its blossoms. Then the summer drought wiped out all but one lonely pear ripening on his tree. The final blow came swiftly and loudly - from a meteorite.

Lovewell, who lives on Grant Street, said he was awakened by a loud whooshing noise about 3 a.m. Tuesday. Later that morning he found his one Asian pear fruit on the ground with what he believes is a meteorite embedded in its flesh. The dark rocky object, about the size of a peach pit, protruded about halfway from the fruit.

Lovewell said he has been interested in astronomy and rocket science since he was a kid. He plans to reach out to the McAuliffe Center at Framingham State University to try and confirm his belief that his last Asian pear was knocked from the tree by an extraterrestrial object. In the meantime, the pear and meteorite are chilling in his freezer for safe keeping.

Fireball 2

Mysterious bangs possibly caused by meteor over South Island, New Zealand

An astronomer says a loud bang heard in Rolleston and a red streak seen in the sky over Whanganui at the same time were possibly from a meteorite entering Earth's atmosphere. Retired astronomer Peter Cottrell said it was possible the red streak and loud explosions late Saturday could be from a meteorite or space junk.

"It's possible to get a sonic boom from something coming through the atmosphere at high speed.

"It's a sonic boom because it is travelling faster than the speed of sound."

The red flash seen in Whanganui could have been the meteorite burning up in the atmosphere.

"As soon as it hits the atmosphere there's a lot of friction and friction creates heat and heat creates light as well."

Security guard Nick O'Leary, who was on duty at Whanganui Hospital, said he saw a red streak for a split second just after 11.30pm.

At the same time several residents in the town of Rolleston, Canterbury, reported loud explosions in the area.

Police were unable to identify the source.

Cottrell said the loud bang, or sonic boom, heard in Rolleston would have followed the sighting in Whanganui, Cottrell said.

If it had not burned up completely, finding the meteorite would be challenging. It could be as small as the size of a pebble, but would be dense and heavy.

Cottrell said it was fairly common for meteorites to enter Earth's atmosphere.


Fireball seen across Pacific Northwest

© Screenshot of AMS map
Map of where the fireball was reported seen.
Portland, Oregon - Many people throughout the Pacific Northwest reported seeing a "fireball" blazing through the sky at around midnight Friday.

According to the American Meteor Society, more than 130 people reported seeing the light shoot across the sky. It was reported seen as far south as Grants Pass and as far north as Port Angeles, Washington. Most of the reports came from the Willamette Valley.

Videos and photos of the fireball were posted on social media.

Fireball 2

Bright meteor fireball recorded over Andalusia, Spain

© SMART project (screen capture)
This bolide was observed over the South of Spain on 30 Aug. 2016, at 01:57 UT (03:57 local time). The meteoroid impacted the atmosphere at about 130.000 km/h and produced a fireball that began at a height of 97 km over the Mediterranean Sea. The event ended at an altitude of about 37 km over Andalusia (Spain).

Fireball 4

Huge green, blue ball of light seen over Ontario, Canada

Archive file
Initial Sighting Reports

August 29th, 10:55pm. While traveling on Hazeldean Road between Bells Corners and Eagleson Road in Kanata, Ontario, Canada. I glanced to the South and was shocked to see a huge lime colored ball of light shooting toward earth, perhaps at a 25 degree angle, traveling from East to West. As it came closer to earth, it quickly vanished. It was over within a few seconds I imagine.

Frankly, I always thought these things were the color of stars. Learn something new every day.
Thank you, Susan

8:27 pm. I am quite sure we may have seen the exact same meteor! I was looking out my window last night from Grimsby, Ontario. I have a wonderful elevated view of the lake from this window and for only a second or so saw a bright bluish light streak across the sky, but only for a second.

I saw lights from a nearby plane in the area (probably going into Toronto), but I was also thinking it could have been flares from another search and rescue on the lake. But there were no other lights and no glowing from a flare. To me it seemed to be traveling south to north, but I could be wrong because it was so brief, but definitely was in my northern sky.
Glad to read I was not seeing things!- Slick Demetrius


Meteor? Unidentified flaming object leaves trail of smoke over Bristol, UK

© Ruth Hasler
A peculiar flaming trail was seen rocketing across the skyline near Temple Meads on Wednesday night
It took just two minutes to blaze across the sky, and now people are questioning the origin of a strange object which was spotted travelling across the Bristol horizon.

After a day of glorious sunshine and soaring temperatures a peculiar flaming trail was seen rocketing across the skyline near Temple Meads on Wednesday night.

Captured on film shortly after 8pm, the mysterious plume has baffled the internet with theories ranging from UFOs to space debris being put forward.

Ruth Hasler from Eastville said: "There had been a rainbow in Totterdown and I was looking around which is when I spotted it.

"At first I thought it was a cloud, but it was going in the opposite direction to all the others. Then I thought it might be a helicopter or a plane crashing because I could see the red glow.

"The smoke then started to go black and it was still alight. I had absolutely no idea what it was but I quickly took some pictures."

Concerned that someone might have been hurt, Ms Hasler mentioned the incident to her partner.

Comment: Meteor fireball activity has increased dramatically in recent years. A few days prior to this sighting, mysterious house-shaking 'explosions' followed a 'flash of bright white light' around Bristol, which could be attributed to an overhead meteor explosion.


Meteor? 'House-shaking explosions', 'flash of white light' and 'smell of cordite' reported near Bristol, UK

The Portishead Marina
People have been left mystified into the cause of a series of late night 'explosions' near Bristol which caused their houses to 'shake.'

People living in the Port Marine area of Portishead reported hearing a number of loud bangs and seeing flashes of bright white light coming from the direction of Phoenix Way Saturday night.

The first explosion was heard around 7pm with others at around 10.30pm and 11.30pm. More were heard into the early hours of Sunday.

Some residents said the explosions were of such force they 'felt their houses shake.'

Others said the flash of white light was so bright it lit up their rear gardens.

Some people reported hearing a 'whoosh' ahead of the bang and smelling cordite - used as a propellant - in the air.

Initially local residents thought the noise may have been caused by someone letting off fireworks.

But this theory was quickly dismissed by many who said the bangs were too loud.

Comment: Meteor fireball activity has increased dramatically in recent years, so it sounds plausible to us that this could have been an overhead meteor explosion, a la Chelyabinsk.