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Thu, 27 Apr 2017
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Fire in the Sky

Fireball 2

Meteor fireball streaks across Turrialba volcanic eruption in Costa Rica

© Costa Rica Hoy / YouTube
Witnessing a volcanic eruption is a spectacular sight on its own, but one such event in Costa Rica was made even more stunning earlier this week. A meteor danced across the night sky at precisely the same time.

The shooting star traveled across the top of the Turrialba Volcano at 10:22pm local time on Tuesday night, just as the volcano was erupting, according to the Costa Rica Star.

The fireball made its appearance while gliding across the sky at an estimated height of 5,000km (3,106 miles), according to Repretel TV station.


Meteor fireball disintegrates over Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua

Immagine della meteora mentre si disintegra, vista martedì sera in vari paesi del l'America Centrale.
Reports on Elnuevodiario (translated by google) confirm sightings of a meteor fireball disintegrating on December 27th over Guatemala, El Salvador and parts of Nicaragua. In some areas of Guatemala people indicated that they saw up to seven flashes in the sky.

Videos of the event, which caused astonishment among the people, were widely shared on social media.

Fireball 4

Green meteor fireball streaks across West Michigan sky

© YouTube/WOOD TV8 (screen capture)
It's is not something you expect to see on your drive home from work.

As Andrew Gunneson drove south on U.S. 131 from M-57, his dash cam caught a quick flash in the night sky. It was a meteor falling on the horizon.

What fell is technically a fireball, based on how bright it is, but it's not clear where exactly it fell or if it even reached the ground.

Fireballs form anytime space debris collides with the atmosphere. They often burn up after a few seconds, so it's not easy to track the type of debris that fell.

Gunneson described the bright light as green in person. According to the American Meteor Society, green means the material flying through the air is made up of nickel.

Comment: The American Meteor Society (AMS) received over 110 reports about a fireball seen over IL, MI, IN, Ontario and KY on Monday, December 26th 2016 around 22:52 UT.

© AMS/Google (screen capture)

Fireball 2

Three meteor fireballs recorded over France in three days

© YouTube/OGVT - Observatoire géophysique, Val Terbi (screen capture)
On 17th December 2016 a sporadic meteor was recorded over France by the private geophysical observatory at Montsevelier, Val Terbi in Switzerland.

Sporadic meteors are usually considered as random occurrences not associated with any particular meteor shower, such as the Geminids which have been observed this month.

Fireball 2

Large meteor fireball illuminates the sky over Colombia

This bright green fireball exploded several times in the sky of Colombia and Venezuela on December 16, 2016.
A large exploding fireball illuminated the night sky of Colombia on December 16, 2016.

The Geminid bolide struck the skies over the municipalities of Bucaramanga, Girón and Zapatoca of the department of Santander and the municipality of Yopal of the department of Casanare. A similar sighting was reported from the Venezuelan state of Apure.

Numerous users of social networks have reported how a ball of fire ran through the skies of Colombia on Friday night.

Fireball 3

Fireball spotted over Swiss skies

A meteor was filmed above Montsevelier from Val Terbi in Switzerland. Specialists can take a look at the spectrum of the meteor that was captured by the dedicated camera. A spectrum can be used to determine the composition of a material.

The meteor above Montsevelier.


Fireball spotted over Belgium

Photo taken at 08:42 am in Aarschot by Lionel D.
Several messages have been received from Brussels, Namur and Charleroi. All reports of a similar observation: "There was a fireball in the sky this morning".

"Frankly, it was immense" comments Ferhat, a resident of Goutroux, after joining us via our orange button Alert us. Around 6:10 am on Wednesday, the young man leaves his house and heads for his car. At that moment, a luminous phenomenon would have attracted his attention in the sky: "It lasted for a second, it explains, justifying the fact that it does not have photos of the phenomenon, but the light was very dense It was like a ball of fire going down with a long white trail in the back, there was blue at the level of the ball. "

Fireball 2

SOTT Exclusive: Four Fireballs Streak Across Irish Sky

On Tuesday, December 13th 2016, Sharon Owens, a resident of Bodyke, Co.Clare, Ireland, reported seeing not one but four fireballs streak across the morning sky.

Not long after sunrise, Ms. Owens spotted the first of four very bright meteors from a window of her home. Speaking to Sott.net, Mrs. Owens stated:
"I was actually pulling the curtains in the morning at the windows at the back of my sitting room and saw [the first fireball] between the trees. I then got my phone camera and ran outside with my daughter and stood at the side of the garden taking photos. I was able to get a clearer picture from there so was sure what I was seeing.

I've watched enough videos about meteors/fireballs, so I knew what these were. I was excited to see one, but then to see 3 more straight after was amazing. They came in one after the other. They were white and had a brighter front. The end of the tails were sort of wiggly and breaking up. They were going really fast and I heard a bang, but only from one of them."
Below are two images of the fireballs photographed by Ms. Owens.
© Sharon Owens
One of 4 fireballs seen over Bodyke, Ireland this morning

Fireball 4

Huge meteor fireball illuminates night sky over Spain (VIDEOS)

© videoslavoz / YouTube
A huge fireball hurled across the night sky in Spain at an approximate speed of 72,000 kilometers per hour. It was visible in all parts of the country and is believed to be a piece of an asteroid.

The fireball was first spotted by Spanish scientists at 22:25 local time on Sunday as it passed over the southern regions of Andalucia, Granada and Jaen.

The object was described as a part of an asteroid to El Pais by Jose Maria Madiedo, an astrophysicist of the University of Huelva.

It was "considerable in size" so that "it could survive its passage through the Earth's atmosphere," Madiedo told Europa Press.

Comment: NASA space data supports citizens' observations that - meteor fireball activity is increasing dramatically!

For more about fireballs over Spain see Jose Maria Madiedos' Twitter profile, or Youtube, or page about fireballs and meteors.

Fireball 5

Meteor fireball photographed hurtling towards ground in Wraysbury, UK

© Windsor Observer
Two young eagle-eyed sisters from Wraysbury were on hand to catch an astronomically rare photograph of a meteor hurtling towards the ground last weekend.

Phoebe, 12, and Jasmine Hale, 13, from Douglas Lane, spotted the burning space rock from a bedroom window in their house before running outside to the Wraysbury carp fishing lake behind their house to capture it on camera.

The girls' mother, Jamie Hale, said the sisters thought it might have been something else at first. She said: "Phoebe was looking out of her bedroom window at the back of the house and she could see something with flames falling from the sky.

"At first she thought it was a plane going down! "She ran down to the bank of the lake with Jasmine and Jasmine took her phone and took the photo.

"They said it was falling really fast and they watched it until it went out of sight. "They realised, when watching it, that it was a small meteor."