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Wed, 23 Jan 2019
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Fire in the Sky

Fireball 5

Bright and slow meteor fireball filmed over Spain on Dec. 2

Fireball - stock image

Fireball (stock image)
This bright and slow meteor event was recorded over Spain on 2018 December 2, at 4:46 local time (3:46 universal time).

It was produced by a fragment from an asteroid that hit the atmosphere at about 50.000 km/h.

The fireball began at an altitude of around 81 km, and ended at a height of about 36 km.

It was recorded by the meteor observing stations operating in the framework of the SMART Project from the astronomical observatories of Sevilla, La Hita (Toledo), and La Sagra (Granada).


Meteorite that fell in Madagascar came from early solar system

Meteorite found in Benenitra, Madagascar
© Wits University
A fragment of the Benenitra meteorite showing the black fusion crust and thumbprint-like depressions (called regmaglypts) that offered early evidence that this rock came from space. These features formed by melting during its entry into the atmosphere.
Four months ago, people in a small Madagascar town caught sight of a fireball shooting across the early-evening sky. Its boom was so loud, the ground shook.

A search for pieces of this celestial visitor soon followed. Researchers stitched together eyewitness accounts to help them understand what came down from the heavens on July 27.

What people saw crashing down, according to this detective work, was an ancient, 4.5 billion-year-old meteor from the early solar system.

This space rock is now called Benenitra, named after the small town in southwestern Madagascar where it landed. Fortunately, Benenitra rock fragments appear to have missed any people or buildings, according to a Nov. 26 statement about the findings.

Fireball 2

Watch as brilliant blue fireball streaks through sky in Hungary - Seen by stargazers in EIGHT other countries

hungary fireball
Stargazers were able to witness the breathtaking meteoritic debris firing up the skies in Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovakia and Germany.

The fireball shooting through the Hungarian sky on Thursday morning is scientifically known as a bolide, a meteorite fragment which bursts into especially bright flames once it enters the atmosphere.

Footage collected from several webcams located on the slopes of Veszprém county captured the moment the astonishing meteor passed by Earth.

While the phenomenon only lasted a matter of seconds the cameras were able to record the moment the sky turned bright blue as the fireball made its appearance.

The bolide was also spotted in Vienna, where cameras filmed a cobalt blue streak cut through the early morning sky at around 4 am GMT.

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Fireball 2

Meteor fireball streaks over Toronto

Toronto meteor
© CNTower/Earthcam (screen capture)
Meteor can be seen at the top of the photo, as captured by the CN Tower
If you looked up and saw what appeared to be a fireball in Toronto's skies last night wasn't Santa making his way to the city, it was a meteor.

Many Torontonians saw the meteor in above Toronto around 9:15 pm on Thursday night, and there are up to 33 reports so far listed through the American Meteor Society.

Scott Sutherland of the Weather Network also tweeted about the meteor, sharing a video captured from the CN Tower's camera, encouraging those who saw it to report it to the AMS. And Sutherland wasn't the only one who tweeted about the fireball in the sky.

Fireball 4

Glowing green fireball caught on dashcams streaking across Siberia's skies

fireball siberia 27th nov
Stunned locals have captured a glowing green fireball flying over the Russian city of Novosibirsk in Western Siberia. The phenomenon has created a buzz on social media and baffled scientists.

The flyby was spotted by locals in several areas of the city on Tuesday morning when the sky was still dark and luckily clear. Videos showing the green glowing meteor quickly started circulating on Russian social network Vkontakte and on YouTube.

The local planetarium stepped in, asking those who witnessed and filmed the event to send them all the visuals they had. Scientists say it was likely a bolide - an extremely bright meteor that explodes in the Earth's atmosphere and has an iconic dazzling tail.

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Meteor fireball seen in sky from San Diego to Los Angeles

Flash of light in California sky
© Robb Webb
A mysterious flash of light, described by some as an explosion, was spotted in the skies over Southern California Tuesday morning, KTLA reported.

There was no immediate word from officials on what may have caused the flash, but it was seen by many people who took to social media to search for answers.

"Did anyone else see an explosion in the sky?? The best way I can describe it," Mallory Guillen from Victor Valley posted on Facebook about 4:20 a.m.

Robb Webb posted a photo of what he saw over the Los Angeles area on Twitter.

"Definitely saw 2 streaks of light in the sky this morning on Vern's dog walk. Managed to snap a pic of the 2nd one, right next to a plane," @ROBBWEBB3 posted.

Comment: YouTuber 'nannigoog' captured video footage of the fireball:


People in southern Alabama report loud booming noise

Boom over Alabama
News 5 is getting reports of a loud boom over Mobile County. Mobile Fire even responded to a call of a possible explosion, but found nothing. From reports to our newsroom the boom was heard in Mobile and Grand Bay, Semmes, Daphne and other areas.

The most plausible explanation is a sonic boom from a military jet since there are many along the Gulf Coast.

NASA also said on Twitter it was conducting supersonic tests near Galveston Texas

There was however a Space-X rocket launch about the same time. It's not clear that's what everyone was hearing. Some of the reports into our newsroom would coincide with that time, but others were much earlier. The rocket launch was about 2:46 Central time according to Space-X's YouTube channel.


'Mysterious' objects hit two cars in Scottsdale, Arizona

Objects hit cars in AZ
© 3TV/CBS 5
A Scottsdale couple is scratching their heads after two mysterious objects fell from the sky and hit their cars early Friday morning.

Randy and Mary Long were driving in separate vehicles south along Scottsdale Road near the Loop 101 around 6:15 a.m. Friday when both of their cars were hit by some sort of object.

"There was like, an explosion," said Randy Long.

The glass roof of his Mercedes shattered when the object hit it.

The two say they were traveling about 100 yards apart, without any vehicles or pedestrians nearby. Scottsdale PD says they didn't receive any calls for potential rock-throwers either.

Fireball 2

Blue meteor fireball streaks over Texas, sonic boom reported

Texas meteor fireball
© K. Palivec, AMS
Texas is fully living up to shining "big and bright" after it appears a meteor streaked across the sky Thursday night.

In the Killeen area, video from Christopher Cato shows the burst of light caught on his dash camera as it traveled through the atmosphere.

Others in central Texas said they heard a loud boom.

One woman in Hempstead told ABC13 meteorologist Travis Herzog she spotted the blue flash, which bloomed into a turquoise jewel tone as it raced across the night sky.

Viewer Mary Ann Miron reported that she saw something unusual explode in the sky around 9:30 p.m. west of Highway 6 on FM 1736.

"A giant ball like a meteorite changed the rainbow spectrum of colors until it turned into a beautiful turquoise," Miron said. "I've seen shooting stars, but this was HUGE and colorful!"


Kaboom! Residents report loud boom in Natchez, Mississippi

Mystery boom in Natchez, MS
© fairviewinn.com
Several residents of downtown Natchez said they heard a loud boom noise in the area at approximately 11 p.m. Tuesday.

"Did anyone else hear that super loud noise downtown Natchez?!" Sarah Lindsey Laukhuff posted on social media Tuesday night not long after she said she heard the noise.

Laukhuff's social media post generated several responses with a few people commenting saying they also had heard the noise.

"People said it could have been a transformer," Laukhuff said Wednesday afternoon. "I heard it. It was one big kaboom!"

Laukhuff, who lives on South Commerce Street, said some of her neighbors called her last night saying they had heard the noise, too.