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Fri, 02 Dec 2016
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Fire in the Sky

Fireball 4

Bright meteor fireball illuminates sky over Buryatia, Russia (VIDEO)

© Youtube/Lev Abashkin (screen capture)
According to baikal-daily.ru there have been numerous reports of a bright meteor fireball exploding over the Buryatia region of Russia on 25th October. Some reports on social media sites (translated by google) include:
"For the Barguzin ridge, close to Lake Baikal, just fallen meteorite !!! It was as bright as day five or six seconds! Sensation!"

"Around 19:00 .. it fell from the sky shone brightly Kameta green (for the size is quite large)"

"Somewhere at 19:30 in the sky flew whether comet whether a meteor. There was a powerful flash. Who else saw? Kurumkan!"

"Have you seen this ??? I went at 19:40 on a grandmother and suddenly glow in the sky at the likeness of a meteorite or green satellite"

"Today, about 19: 50, was a strange flash in the sky. Flew what looked like a comet with a green tail."

"Has anyone seen about 19:40 dropped something like a meteorite seen in gurulbe fell apart Sotnikovo bright green color is very beautiful, no sound, nothing."
The Republic of Buryatia is located in the south-central region of Siberia along the eastern shore of Lake Baikal.


Bright meteor fireball recorded over Espirito Santo, Brazil (VIDEO)

The meteor fireball was recorded by a monitoring station
A bright meteor fireball was recorded on Thursday 20th October 2016 by a monitoring station over northern Espirito Santo, Brazil, at 03:56AM.

Fireball 2

'Meteor-like objects' fall in Peerumade, India

Meteor-like objects that fell in Peerumade on Tuesday night created moments of tension.

District Collector G.R. Gokul told The Hindu that the image he received was similar to meteoroids and the Peerumade police were directed to cordon off the area.

However, the image was not of a rock, he said adding that people were advised against coming in contact with the objects.

A team of officials led by a senior scientist from the Geological Survey of India would examine the objects on Wednesday, he said. Meteoroid is a rocky or metallic body in the outer space. When coming into contact with the atmospheric pressure, it burns. A police officer said that they had alerted the people about the fallen objects and they would not be allowed to go near the objects.

Fireball 5

Wisconsin university rooftop camera picks up meteor fireball flying over Madison

© UW Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
The UW Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences caught a meteor streaking through the sky south of Madison around 9:20 p.m. on Monday on their rooftop camera.

Comment: Another fireball was reported the same day at 6:00am across the Great Lakes in Ottawa, Canada.

Meteor fireball seen shooting over Ottawa, Canada

Fireball 5

Meteor fireball seen shooting over Ottawa, Canada

© Eugene Deery/CBC
This still, taken from a dashcam video submitted by Eugene Deery, shows what could be a meteor streaking across the sky early Monday morning.
A bright streak of light crossing the sky over Ottawa-Gatineau early Monday morning has been reported by several residents.

Mary Dallimore was driving north along the Airport Parkway just before 6 a.m. after dropping her husband off at the airport when she saw it.

"There were no cars in front of me, no cars coming at me, no cars behind me and I had a clear view of the sky. It wasn't there and then it was there. It happened so fast. I saw this bright, bright, bright light go in an arc over the city, and then it just disappeared as fast as it came," Dallimore said by phone later Monday morning.

"I've never seen anything like it. It was brilliant and I hope to see something like that again."


Ethereal images capture meteor speeding over Hawaii molten lava

© @mikemezphoto / Reuters
An incredible once-in-a-lifetime shot by a photographer in Hawaii saw him brave a volcanic eruption to find the perfect setting for his dramatic night sky image.

American photographer Mike Menzeul, 32, is no stranger to snapping stunning photos of nature at it's awesome best.

He captured the incredible images juxtaposing Earth's volcanic activity against the dark vastness of space while visiting Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii when he spotted a meteor soaring overhead.

Fireball 4

Bright green meteor fireball observed streaking across South Central US

© Amy Retcher Dyess
WGNO News is investigating the possibility of a meteor streaking across the sky in Metairie.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Department got a call of a possible plane crash on the Lake Pontchartrain Levee near Severn Avenue shortly before 7 a.m.

Our news crew responded and talked to a woman who says she saw a green light streaking across the sky and thought that it could have been a plane that was crashing.

Numerous agencies responded to the call, including the Jefferson Parish Fire Department, The Sheriff's Department, Lake Pontchartrain Levee Police and The Louisiana State Police.

Now it appears that it could have been a meteor.

Comment: The American Meteor Society (AMS) received over 600 reports about a fireball seen over MS, GA, TN, LA, FL, AL, KY and TX on Wednesday, October 12th 2016 around 11:48 UT.

According to Mike Hankey of the AMS "This was rarer than most as it was seen early in the morning. Also several reports of big smoke cloud left behind."

The object was was first seen 65 miles above Sawyersville, Alabama and moved west at about 89,000 mile per hour. NASA said "It appears to have fragmented 41 miles above Louisville, Mississippi."

© Google/AMS (screen capture)


Meteor fireball sighted over Cyprus

© Cyprus Mail
Eyewitnesses said on Monday they saw a meteorite early in the morning, which did not appear to have crashed on the island.

An eyewitness from Nicosia said he had seen a "very bright meteorite" at 6.30am, which was travelling from east to west.

Ioannis Fakas, the honorary chairman of the Cyprus astronomical society, told the Cyprus Mail later that he had accounts from two eyewitnesses who also saw the phenomenon while driving on the highway - near Stavrovouni, in the Larnaca district, and Petra tou Romiou, near Paphos.

According to the description provided by the witnesses, the meteorite was smaller than a football and it travelled at an altitude of around one kilometre.

There were no reports of it crashing on the island.

Early last month, residents of the mountain villages of Fasoula, Avdimou and Ayios Theodoros Agros called the police reporting a bright light and loud bangs believed to have been caused by a meteorite.

Police said they received reports of explosions from the higher regions but could not find anything despite their investigations.

Parts of the meteorite were thought to have fallen into the sea north of Cyprus.

Comet 2

Look up! Mother Nature's Draconid meteor shower show starts tonight

If you enjoy watching meteor showers, you are in for a treat: the Draconids, Orionids, and Leonids are coming.

All three meteor showers are visible through October and November.

First up is the Draconids, which begin tonight and should be visible through October 10.

The website Slooh is posting a special broadcast of the event this evening at 8 pm EST:
Most meteor showers peak well after midnight, but the Draconids are best seen between sunset and midnight when the radiant Draco is at its highest point in the sky. The meteors can appear anywhere, so just look up and wait for one to streak by. Then make your way inside and tune into the live Slooh show on October 7 to learn more about this reliable and occasionally spectacular meteor shower.

Fireball 2

Meteor fireball caught on film across Ontario sky

Who saw this one?! Dashcam footage and all-sky cameras caught an amazing long-lived fireball meteor early Friday morning! It must have been seen by hundreds, if not thousands of people, though! Were you one of the lucky ones?

At around 6:45 a.m. EDT, Friday, October 7, a particularly resilient piece of space rock entered Earth's atmosphere over Georgian Bay, and blazed a bright trail across the predawn sky.

Reports submitted to the American Meteor Society - 165 at last update - have come in from locations throughout southern Ontario, and as far away as Kalamazoo, MI, Columbus, OH, and around Syracuse, NY.

Peter Brown, a meteor scientist at the University of Western Ontario, found that the university's network of all-sky cameras had captured a spectacular view of this meteor as it passed overhead.

Long-lived (10 sec), bright fireball over Georgian Bay last night - captured on many of @westernu meteor cameras. @westernuScience #fireball pic.twitter.com/voCTeUO0ao

— Peter Brown (@pgbrown) October 7, 2016
Youtube user DrClockSmasher also caught this one, as he was riding his motorcycle through northeast Metro Detroit.