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Sun, 23 Oct 2016
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Fire in the Sky

Fireball 5

Amazing meteor fireball seen over Sierra Nevada, California

© Via YouTube/Meteors
This fireball overflew Sierra Nevada on Oct. 4 at 23:46 UT (01:46 local time on Oct. 5). It was generated by a rock (a meteoroid) that hit the atmosphere at around 64000 km/h. The luminous event began at a height of about 74 km and moved eastwards. It ended at an altitude of about 26 km.

Fireball 2

Meteor fireball filmed over Calar Alto Observatory in Spain

This fireball overflew the Calar Alto Observatory on Oct. 3 at 23:01UT (01:01 UT local time on Oct. 4). The event was produced by a cometary meteoroid that hit the atmosphere at around 137000 km/h. The fireball began at a height of about 101 km and ended at an altitude of 71 km.

Comment: Less than a week ago, Spain enjoyed another stunning fireball:

Spectacular meteor fireball lights up the skies over southern Spain

Fireball 2

Massive meteor fireball explodes over North America - Boom heard from Pennsylvania to Canada

© University of Toronto Scarborough Observatory/via Twitter
A time-lapse video caught the fireball streaking across the sky. According to social media, it was seen in the Northeast and in some Mid-Atlantic states, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
An apparent meteor lit up skies in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic on Tuesday night, according to reports on social media.

It was spotted by skywatchers in Philadelphia, the northwest suburbs and in South Jersey, social media posts indicated.

A camera at the University of Toronto Scarborough Observatory captured the fireball on video. It released a time-lapse video on Twitter.

Comment: The American Meteor Society (AMS) received over 700 reports about a fireball seen over MI, PA, NY, OH, MD, Ontario, NJ, DC, WV, DE, MA, VA, Québec, CT, IN and VT on Wednesday, October 5th 2016 around 02:34 UT.

The fireball sightings could be one of the "top 10 events of the year" in terms of the number of received reports, according to Mike Hankey, operations manager for the AMS. "What struck me is that people from Canada to Southern Maryland saw it," Hankey added. "That means it was pretty bright."


Reports here of people hearing the accompanying shockwave.

Fireball 3

Meteor fireball image captured over Ottawa

© Scott Smithson
In this video captured by Scott Smithson, a fireball is seen streaking across the skies over Ottawa on Monday, Oct. 3, 2016.
A university student captured an image of an unusual object in the skies over an Ottawa suburb.

Carleton University student Scott Smithson was walking on a trail in Kanata, Ontario, on Monday evening, when he caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a meteor streaking through the sky.

Smithson managed to take a picture of the flying fireball. While it appeared to have the characteristics of a meteor, it's possible it was something else.

A bright fireball that soared through the skies over Britain Monday night, was at first thought to be a meteor, but a U.K. meteor network said that it was moving too slowly, and might in fact be debris from a satellite.

Fireball 4

Meteor fireball photographed over Hawley, Texas

Hawley, Texas Fireball Meteor 0402 UTC 02OCT2016:

Fireball 5

Large meteor fireball captured over Brazil - 27th September

© YouTube/Gabriel Zaparolli Photography (screen capture)
A large fireball was reported by many people who were in Torres/RS/Brazil and around and captured by my camera of Bramon - Brazilian Meteor Observation Network installed in Torres, RS, Brazil.

Comment: On the same day meteor fireballs were also observed over central Europe and southern Spain.


Meteor fireball seen over Khalifa City, United Arab Emirates

The International Astronomical Centre in Abu Dhabi captured this image of the meteor before it landed close to Khalifa City in the capital on Friday evening
A small meteor fell from space and landed in Abu Dhabi after being spotted streaming through the night sky.

The UAE Astronomical Cameras Network (UACN) said the rock - which measured fewer than 3cm and weighed no more than 20 grams - landed in an area of land to the west of Abu Dhabi Airport near Khalifa City on Friday.

Earlier, the International Astronomical Centre (IAC) in Abu Dhabi tweeted pictures of the fireball at 8.15pm.

"The fireball watched by many people and recorded by our station's cameras," the centre said in a tweet.

"We estimate the fireball between 5 to 20 grams only, just like a small rock. It's a natural orb.

"The fireball was from a meteor. What reached the earth was only a small rock between 1 to 3 cm."

Fireball 2

Slow-moving meteor captured over southern UK

© YouTube/UKMON (screen capture)
Captured by a UK Meteor Observation Network monitoring station at Ash Vale, Surrey.

Comment: The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 46 reports about a fireball seen over England, Normandy and Wales on Sunday, October 2nd 2016 around 18:48 UT. Other reports of meteor fireballs over the UK in the last two weeks include:

Fireball 2

Huge meteor fireball illuminates night skies over Algeria

© YouTube/zakiufo dz (screen capture)
A huge meteor passed over the north east of Algeria,at 21:22 pm yesterday , Saturday 01/10/2016.

Here is a mobile recorded video shows the fireball over Constantine.

Fireball 5

Meteor over Srinagar mistaken for missile attack

© Express Photo by Shuaib Masoodi
The falling meteorite in Srinagar on Thursday.
Panic struck the people of Srinagar as a falling meteorite was confused for a missile, hours after India confirmed conducting surgical strikes along the border in Pakistan. Onlookers in the Jammu and Kashmir capital took the 'missile' as a retaliation in the aftermath of the border tension.

The Indian Army on Thursday organised surgical strikes targeting seven terror launch pads across the LoC overnight in which heliborne and ground forces were used. Addressing a press conference, DGMO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh said India inflicted "significant casualties" on terrorists and those who are trying to support them.

This is latest in the string of offensives India has launched against Pakistan since four attackers killed 19 soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir's Uri when they targetted the rear office of an Indian Army infantry installation on September 18. India has resorted to several diplomatic measures and vowed to internationally isolate Pakistan ever since.