baltimore city health department vaccine advert
© Baltimore City Health Department
The City of Baltimore was mocked over a public information campaign encouraging people to get vaccinated before they could socialize, with some comparing the promo to a domestic abuse PSA.

The ad shows a disgruntled looking woman being told by her controlling boyfriend, "Mimosa with the girls? You still aren't vaxxed, Debra!"

"Mimosas with the girls this weekend? It's a bad idea if you haven't been vaxxed," states the tweet accompanying the image from the Baltimore City Health Department.

Twitter users pointed out that the ad resembles a poster for a woman's refuge, portraying Debra's domestic situation with her boyfriend as if she is a victim of domestic abuse.

Others questioned why the city was targeting the sparse demographic of "the three rich white women who live in that city."

Others simply labeled the campaign "idiotic" or "weird."