Kalama Harris
Vice President Kamala Harris is the star of a viral video after being spotted jogging the stairs at the Lincoln Memorial as a Secret Service agent was seen trying to catch up with her.

The video clip was posted to Twitter over the weekend and has since garnered more than 4.1 million views.

In the short clip, Harris jogs down and then up the steps at the national memorial. And during her jog, a man in a suit identified by local media as a Secret Service agent could be seen apparently trying to keep up with the vice president, who was noticeably moving faster than him.

The man who captured the video, identified by Insider as Bobby Tran, told the outlet that he and his girlfriend came upon Harris at the national memorial while they were also on a run.

At the time, the couple said they had been in the area to check out a new glass portrait of the vice president that was installed near the reflecting pool at the Lincoln Memorial last week.

"We turned around and there she was running the steps and being one with the community," Tran told Insider. "As we were getting closer, I also noticed somebody that appeared to be Doug Emhoff, too."

Emhoff is married to Harris.

"It wasn't until later when I looked over the video that I noticed the second gentleman at the top, who paused to give her a high-five as she finished her run," Tran added, referring to the man Harris was seen high-fiving at the top of the stairs at the end of the clip.

"I thought that was the coolest thing to be so supportive of each other out there," he added.

Tran also uploaded a picture to Instagram that he and his girlfriend took with the vice president during the encounter three days ago.

"She was kind enough to oblige," Tran told Insider. "It was pretty cool. ... It's still something I can't really believe happened, seeing her doing the same thing we do."