is it ok to be white?
I'm white and that's OK with me. I'm not proud to be white because I did nothing to achieve it. I just happen to be white because both my parents were. I had no say in their decision. It was nothing to do with me.

In December 2019 posters appeared in Perth saying "It's okay to be white." According to the BBC, hardly reliable, this caused some people to say, "It's sickening and disgusting to know that people think like this." The Scottish government seemingly agreed, with John Swinney MSP stating, "We must stand together to resist this unacceptable material."

Why is it unacceptable? Would it be unacceptable to say it's OK to be black, brown, yellow or red? Perhaps it would but, if so, why? What's wrong with being OK with the skin you live in? Must we all be uncomfortable with our own ethnicity? What does skin colour matter anyway? The knee jerk reaction itself assumes the posters were inherently racist. Maybe this says more about those reacting than those posting.

I think it's OK to be black, fine to be brown, great to be yellow and neat to be red. In modern developed nations, I consider anyone who imagines themselves superior by virtue of their skin colour to be either brainwashed or an idiot. It is the brainwashed and the idiots who deny people equal opportunities because of their skin colour. They are the cause of remaining systemic racism. Regardless of their own individual skin colour. Thankfully, there are less of them, but they still exist.

Laws have been passed to stop the idiots discriminating. Unfortunately, many of the idiots who still discriminate are immensely wealthy and therefore powerful. They can afford other, very expensive idiots who will win court cases for them. So the law generally doesn't apply to the idiots who can afford not to care about the legalities. We are about to find out who they are.

It's All About White Privilege

There has recently been a lot of talk about white privilege. Certainly, if you are white in a society that supposedly favours whites, theoretically an advantage should be measurable. Yet, in the UK at least, that doesn't seem to be the case.

The evidence does show, unsurprisingly, that language is a barrier to educational attainment but the next biggest hurdle appears to be socio-economic group, not skin colour. Evidence for white privilege isn't apparent.

UK Government Statistics 2019

UK Government Statistics 2019
As a very rough rule of thumb poverty, not race, determines your life chances in the UK. For powerless white people, living in majority white society, this has always been the case. They sent poor white children to crawl through the looms, not the offspring of the aristocracy. The same is true for powerless black, brown, yellow and red people living in the UK.

This doesn't mean that some employers aren't bigots, nor that the system hasn't been slow to weed them out. However, for the low and semi skilled, in a predominantly white society, skin colour doesn't appear to make much difference. Certainly, in terms of unemployment, by percentage, white privilege is impossible to identify. Unless being unemployed is a privilege.

UK Government Statistics 2019 2

UK Government Statistics 2019
Some differences start to emerge as you rise up through the economic strata. For example, UK government statistics show that, as a percentage of ethnic population, 21% of black and mixed race people become professionals compared to 20% of white people. By nationality the figures are more notable. With 31% of Indian people and only 16% of Pakistani and Bangladeshi people becoming professionals.

It is not possible to identify the alleged white privilege from the these statistics either. Of course, that assumes the statistics are accurate. They were provided by the government after all.

One statistic does stand out. Crudely put, whereas 11% of brown, white and yellow people reach the top of the corporate pyramid only 6% of black and 8% of mixed race people achieve the same. While again there is no evidence of white privilege, there does appear to be some discrimination against black people, in particular. If discrimination is to be found anywhere it is in the corporate world. Which, I suggest, comes as no surprise.

The Lens of Racism

I recognise both that racism is real and the history of empire and slavery can be viewed as racist. It broadly records the subjugation of one people by another. It is reasonable, though inadequate, to see these processes of mass murder and enslavement through the lens of racism. However, as we are about to discuss, it is an interpretation which lacks insight. As we have just seen, white privilege for powerless people doesn't currently exist in the UK.

In the case of slavery, from a racial perspective, this was predominantly orchestrated by powerful white people exploiting powerless black people. It undoubtedly had a viscious influence on society and extreme racism wasn't uncommon in western and other cultures, at the time. However, while racism at all levels of society was endemic, powerful white people had no qualms about exploiting powerless white people.

Powerful brown people also sold powerless black people and some powerful black people also traded powerless black people. Powerful yellow people generally enslaved powerless yellow people, as powerful white people bought cheap yellow labour, exploiting the majority of powerless yellow people, generally for the enrichment of powerful white people and a tiny minority of powerful yellow people.

Many black and brown people also became powerful by exploiting other black and brown people, often for the economic benefit of powerful white people. Rather than make a lot of money out of red people, powerful white people sent powerless white people to kill them. In fact, powerful white people sent powerless white people to kill lots of powerless black, brown, yellow and red people (who they nearly wiped out completely.)

However, in the age of empire, powerful white people slaughtered millions of powerless white, black, brown, red and yellow people. So too powerful black and brown people, who frequently killed powerless black, brown, yellow and white people. In the last few centuries, powerful yellow people have mainly killed powerless yellow people, although about 80 years ago they also killed a lot of powerless white, black and brown people. Going back a bit further, powerful yellow people killed millions of powerless yellow, white and brown people.

In modern times the picture has changed, or so we are told. In many developed countries, white, black, brown and yellow people live together. It is even illegal to kill red people, which is a big step forward. Of course powerless white, black, brown and yellow people have always lived together, in various places around the world, the change is that now this age-old reality is celebrated.

This celebration seems misplaced to me. Had powerful people stopped killing powerless people en masse we might have something to shout about. But they haven't and we don't.

Today, in the new age of empire, the powerful white, black, and brown people are seemingly largely focused upon sending mainly powerless white, black, brown and yellow people to kill mostly powerless brown people. They also fund train and equip a lunatic fringe of powerless brown, white and black people to kill mostly powerless brown people and a sizable minority of powerless white people.

Further south a similar approach has been taken by the powerful brown, yellow, white and black people to encourage powerless black people to kill, on the whole, other powerless black people. Elsewhere, nations, led by powerful brown people are funding other mainly powerless crazed brown and black people to kill mostly powerless brown and black people.

Similarly, from a race-based economic perspective, while many powerless black, brown, yellow and surviving red people have broadly improved their living conditions, economic and social opportunities, a lot of them remain in the lower economic percentiles. From an economic and social mobility standpoint, the modern era hasn't been much use to powerless white people either.

Throughout history, very powerful people have always poisoned, starved, displaced, killed and exploited the majority of powerless people. This remains the same today.

In the past the powerless people sent to kill powerless brown, black, yellow, red and white people didn't have a choice. When they themselves were killed by the other powerless people, trying to defend themselves, the powerful people who sent them, who didn't care who died, just sent more. Whether they wanted to go or not.

Today most killers aren't forced into it, though a fairly large minority are. Many of this forced group of powerless people are children, so it's definitely not their fault. However, the economic, social, ideological and political drivers compelling adults to kill each other, and lots of poor children, remain influential.

Happy to perpetuate all this, the powerful people still send the powerless people to kill other powerless people. This is done so the powerful people can become even more powerful. Which is why they maintain and promote the economic, social, ideological and political drivers.

For modern-day powerless people to feel guilt about any of this, because of the colour of their skin, is one of the most absurd emotional derangements ever to befall humanity. The notion of collective guilt, especially for generations past, is very silly indeed. Though perhaps some guilt for continuing to allow powerful people to get away with it is warranted.

On the plus side, nearly everyone in the world has a better standard of living, longer life expectancy, improved sanitation, food and water security. Yet this is relative. Inequality has also ceaselessly increased.

The powerful people have also improved their own living standards and life expectancy. To a far greater extent than anyone else. In fact, they are now so distant from the economy, society and political paradigm the powerless people inhabit, all of which they control, they are practically living on another planet.

Comment: And see the rest of us (all races) as practically another species.

Through The Lens of Bits of Paper

All this has been achieved by the powerful people who printed lots of bits of paper, gave them to powerless black, red, brown, yellow and white people, so that they could buy more stuff from the powerful people to build a better world for themselves. Thus making the powerful people exponentially more powerful. To the point where buying whole nations is easily within their grasp.

From the powerful people's perspective this roughly 250-year-old idea, of printing and distributing bits of paper to a lot of people, then convincing them it's worth something, had some big advantages. Firstly it cost them nothing and secondly it created the myth that working hard for powerful people would be good for powerless yellow, red, white, black and brown people. As the powerless accrued more bits of paper, they no longer needed to be forced to work for powerful people. They did it willingly.

Nor did the powerful people need to press-gang the powerless people into killing. All they needed to do was to convince the powerless people they could get out of their (relative) slums if they agreed to do some killing. Some powerless people, seeing zero life chances elsewhere, took the opportunity and agreed to kill at the behest of the powerful people.

Occasionally the powerful people see the need to really step up the killing. They start major wars, forcing the powerless people to fight just to survive. Winning or losing doesn't come into it. They pay for all sides and, when its over, take all the profits. It's how corporations, especially banks, really "make a killing."

Today, if the powerless killers survive intact, they rarely benefit from the arrangement. If they don't die they may well lose limbs and if they are physically okay, chances are the trauma will ruin their lives. When they need help the only people who will help them are other powerless people. The powerful people who sent them to kill, die, suffer maiming and go mad don't care.

Some powerless people have accrued so many bits of paper they have been invited to become powerful too. As soon as they have enough bits of paper they trade them in for really valuable things like land, infrastructure, buildings, businesses, art, gold and silver. With real wealth secured, seeing as all the powerless people still believe the bits of paper are worth something, the ultimate power is the power to print more bits of paper.

Only the most powerful have this power. It's free to those who can afford it. Through it, because everyone else has faith in the bits of paper, they control the whole planet.

There are a few countries where they don't allow the powerful people to just print paper and take all the power. These countries are consistently under attack. When any country decides it is going to print it's own bits of paper, without asking the powerful people if they can, they are ruthlessly torn apart.

The problem the powerless now face is that the whole ponsi scheme is inherently flawed. It is essentially a spiraling debt system that exists only as a product of debt creation. It will collapse, so another, new system of control is being devised by powerful people for powerless people. One based upon the financialisation of nature rather than bits of paper.

For the powerful people this has the added advantage of controlling something the powerless people genuinely need to survive. As opposed to bits of paper, which they don't.

Through The Lens of Distraction

The most powerful people do not want any powerless people to realise they have enslaved everyone using a confidence trick. A few powerless people have figured this out. So the powerful people order some pet powerless people to tell all the other powerless people that the powerless people who have worked out what the powerful people are up to are all quite mad. This appears to work.

The powerful people need to make sure as few powerless people as possible cotton on to their flim-flam operation. So they need a way to distract the vast majority of powerless people from realising the truth.

They own all the media, the political parties, fund nearly all the science, run the non-governmental organisations, own all the corporations, nearly all the land and, of course, have the sole power to print the bits of paper. So this task is relatively easy.

All they need to do is convince all the powerless people that they must attack each other. They do this by using their power to convince them they are divided. Usually thanks to the belief systems instilled in the powerless people by the powerful people who own the so called education system and many alleged academics.

Examples of the useful tools, tactically deployed, include extreme nationalism, political dogma, religious intolerance, social indoctrination, scientific exceptionalism and any belief that encourages one group of powerless people to imagine they are better than another.

Convincing powerless people to see everything through the lens of racism is particularly effective. Precisely because evidence exists which demonstrates just how racist people can be. The question is, why are people racist? Children aren't born racist so how do adults become so? The answer is the same as it has always been. They are taught. Perhaps by their parents, through their education or via their peers. This system is fantastic for powerful people.

Meanwhile, the powerful people may or may not be racist themselves. It doesn't matter. History teaches us they kill everyone equally. Race doesn't appear to matter when it comes to their decisions regarding who dies and who lives. It's all part of their grand chessboard strategy game.

One thing is certain. Unless we, the powerless people, stop blaming each other for all the world's ills; unless we realise that we are all subject to immeasurably pernicious globalist forces that care nothing for our age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or disability, we will continue to be exploited. Just as it has always been.

While we mindlessly fall for the age-old divide-and-rule trick we are lost. Only when we realise that we are all being farmed, and start looking towards the power of the farmers, rather than squabbling with the other sheep, will we able to move towards a better world.

Whatever colour our skin may be, we really are all in this together.
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