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It seems like nothing of import can dominate the headlines these days. With North Korea and President Trump in a proverbial pissing contest over who has the "biggest missiles," Google's internal politics going more than just viral, and Dave Chapelle being panned in the leftist media for making "transphobic jokes", there's very little room for anything else.

That said, there is always a little room for parading the Russian boogeyman around; a recent story told us that Paul Manafort's home was raided by the FBI as they sought bank records to confirm his involvement with the evil Russkies. He was Trump's campaign manager during the election, and of course, he's repeatedly denied any collusion between Putin's government and President Trump.

This is the latest in the continuing saga of RussiaGate dead horse that the democratic establishment can't stop themselves from beating. It's the tip of the spear against President Trump in their quest to oust him, and while most of us have moved on, it appears that the media gets their marching orders from the Deep State and so they continue to hack away at their favorite lifeless corpse.

Shockingly, people still believe the outrageous lie that the President was installed by Putin, who personally hacked the election. This shows that most folks are still very easily manipulated, especially when the lies give them psychological comfort and make them feel their indignation is of the righteous variety. How very sad.

I won't dig any further into this canard, beyond labelling them gross distractions and diversions. But by having the media focus on these stories, the Deep State shows us that there are stories they'd rather we don't know anything about. Given all the insanity, I thought it might be useful, informative, and just a little fun therefore to share some stories that you may have missed.

Freedom to Record Cops in Public Denied

In a stunning reversal from years of precedent in the matter, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a decision to dismiss a lawsuit against the Colombia, Missouri, Police Department by activist Matt Akins. Matt has one of those annoying tendencies to question authority, recording police stops, checkpoints and the like, and that earned him repeated arrests and harassment from the local authorities. Now, a judge with questionable connections to the defendants has violated years of precedent which unequivocally guaranteed citizens' rights to film public officials, in public, as long as they do not interfere.
Judge Nanette Laughrey ruled that officers had probable cause each time to arrest Akins, and that "he has no constitutional right to videotape any public proceeding he wishes to."

Wyse took issue with Laughrey's decision to stay on the case, despite his request she recuse herself. Laughrey's husband, Chris Kelly, was the head of a city task force on infrastructure, which could have skewed her decisions in a case against the city, Wyse claimed. While federal law does call for a judge's recusal, the appeals court said nothing in Akins' case rose to the level of bias or prejudice against his case.
Fishy. Thankfully, Akins' attorney will be appealing the matter and hopefully we'll see a reversal of this decision in the not-too-distant future. It is scary to think that one judge with connection to the authorities has the potential to overthrow years of precedent when it comes to our freedom of speech and the right to record police in public. It's something all of us should definitely keep an eye on.

Damning Study Reveals Trillions of Dollars in Public Money Wasted on Fossil Fuel Industry

A study published in the World Development Journal claims that subsidizing the fossil fuel industry is costing taxpayers trillions of dollars a year. They included in their calculations the hidden costs associated with health and environmental damage, which is naturally something the Powers That Be do not want us to think about. Renewable energy is providing more jobs and technological advances have allowed the demand for energy to go down as we become more efficient at using what we have. Naturally the robber-barons at the top are getting nervous that their pet industry is being threatened by cheaper alternatives.

Police and Judicial Corruption Higher than Ever

I've written about this before, and it's one of those topics the media only mentions when protesters get a little unruly. Naturally they want to avoid any and all criticism of the police because they are the ground-troop enforcers that maintain our oligarchical system. Just a few examples from recent weeks: I'll stop at six, but believe me, there are so many more stories like these. Cops repeatedly abuse people in their custody, allow children to get injured or injure them themselves, commit crimes including murder, torture, sexual assault, theft, and selling drugs - but they don't get prison time. Heck, in the story above about the woman whose child was burned at the police station, they held her for two weeks on traffic charges - but cops who commit horrific abuses like torture are rarely locked up for a single day.

Big Brother Google Censors Free Speech, with Help from the ADL

The drama surrounding Google over their firing of James Damore for his viral memo condemning their corporate culture and unwillingness to listen to reason is rather appropriately-timed. Just as Damore was critical of Google's corporate culture for manifesting an "ideological echo chamber", the tech giant that owns YouTube seemingly wants to create a similar echo chamber online by censoring speakers.

They're using organizations like the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League - notorious for labeling any critic of Israeli policy of apartheid and genocide against the native Palestinians a racist anti-semite - along with algorithms in order to flag content as potentially naughty.
"We'll soon be applying tougher treatment to videos that aren't illegal but have been flagged by users as potential violations of our policies on hate speech and violent extremism. If we find that these videos don't violate our policies but contain controversial religious or supremacist content, they will be placed in a limited state. The videos will remain on YouTube behind an interstitial, won't be recommended, won't be monetized, and won't have key features including comments, suggested videos, and likes."
Of course it's great that they're claiming to tackle real terrorism videos and other smut, but a shame that they're using that as cover to march on with a political agenda to demonize "controversial" ideas as if we're not allowed to have opinions other than the liberal-social-justice-approved-politically-correct variety.

Professor Jordan Peterson was even locked out of his account for a day or so, with no explanation given. In case you're unaware of who he is, he gained notoriety (or infamy, depending on your perspective) for speaking out against mandated use of transgender and 'agender' pronouns, and becoming a classic champion of free speech.

Youtube (Google) is also planning on implementing a strategy so that if folks search their platform for controversial topics, they'll be directed toward a politically correct, ideologically-approved set of videos which will gently guide their viewers to the proper information - the information that YouTube's managers want you to see. Can we say '1984' yet?

Searching for the famous Pentagon Strike Video? Big Brother YouTube may land you on a video debunking all conspiracy theories about 9-11. Can't have any naive young folks 'getting woke' on their platform now, can they?

Perhaps we're seeing the death throes of the online media platform as it becomes beholden to the corporate machinations of the Deep State. We'll have to wait and see. The great thing about the internet however, is that if YouTube does go all Big Brother, there's always another website waiting in the wings to take its place.

Robert Mueller is a Dirty, Dirty Cop

Basically this is a story behind the RussiaGate story; Robert Mueller, the man in charge of the newest round of dead horse-beating, is a corrupt Clinton disciple with a laundry list of scandals and a closet full of skeletons.

I won't recount everything in the above link, but take a look for yourself and it's clear that this man has no place being involved in politics at all, let alone major investigations - but perhaps that's the reason he was picked for the job. RussiaGate isn't about finding the truth, it's about manufacturing a narrative that allows the Deep State to remain in control of America.

It's a little odd, therefore, that all coverage of Mueller in the mainstream media amounts to an attempt to oversell his credibility.

US Slaughtering Innocents in Syria, Boots on the Ground in Yemen

Syrian representatives have come forward to the UN and demanded the international organization take action after the US repeatedly violated its airspace and attacked its territories. The US has also been responsible for slaughtering innocent civilians in Syria, but that's nothing new for the Deep State.

US jets dropped bombs in the Syrian city of Raqqah, killing dozens of civilians, mostly women and children. One woman lost all seven of her children to US warplanes. Yay Freedom and Democracy.

Why are we even in Syria? The major media institutions haven't bothered to ask this question at all, because was is so 'good for the economy' i.e. good for funneling taxpayers $$s to defense contractors and their political buddies. Yay humanitarianism.

We are also sending troops into Yemen; not sure why, I suppose the military has to do something with all those young, as-yet-untraumatized soldiers and expensive hardware. The administration also refuses to rule out sending more troops, because once you've started, the meat grinder is much more difficult to slow or stop it. They claim they're fighting al-Qaeda, but since we created al-Qaeda, armed it and trained much of its fighting force, that smells a whole lot like cattle dung.

Gender Mania and the Sexualization of Youth
Little girls model lingerie in 'Victoria's Secret'-style show
© australscope
Along with unprecedented exposure of pedophilia and child-trafficking, we have an increasing push to normalize sexualization of very young boys and girls. In China, a recent fashion show displayed girls as young as five in lingerie and in Canada, an 8-year-old boy is allowed to become a drag queen and go out clubbing with his parents and their friends.

"Lactatia" is famed for her youth, dragging it at 8 years old.
As pedophiles are increasingly exposed and busted, we're seeing a commensurate amount of push back from the establishment to use the social justice movement as a vehicle to normalize transsexuality and sexualization of young people. Using a child as a model in a fashion show or dressing him up as a diva and parading him around like some sort of circus act borders on abuse. Even where the kids think it's something they want to do, in what milieu were such predilections formed?

Children are little imitators, it's how they learn. So when you expose children to an activity, whether it's soccer, rock climbing, drag, or modeling - they'll want to participate if they think it will gain the approval of their parents. What's sad is that we live in a society where this kind of activity is celebrated as liberating when it's anything but.

I'm glad these children appear happy, but who knows what kinds of predators lurk in the shadows of their lives. Pushing them into the spotlight and allowing them to wear adult costumes certainly won't protect them from those kinds of people - quite the opposite.

I'll leave you with this image and the text I originally found with it, an excellent summary of this state of distracting affairs as well as a poignant question on how we plan to move forward as a society.


Worthy of protest?
These are the type of causes that are giving the Left meaning and purpose nowadays. Very sad and bizarre. Throughout Humanity's history, true liberals have stood up for some of the most important things to humanity, and have fought through some incredibly tough situations, during protest and other meaningful events. But these days, our society has become so decadent and out of touch, that we ignore true atrocities and tyranny going on globally, especially in Sharia Law-run countries, and instead focus on petty issues like where to defecate and urinate. Absolutely ridiculous.

The Bathroom Dispute...

This is one of those areas where libertarian principles can give you some clarity. Something important to understand and have in your mind when considering the bathroom debate and the issues surrounding it, is the fact that Americans have lost their sense of Liberty, and more specifically with this topic, their understanding of land and private property ownership.

When one owns their own property regardless if they are a corporation or an individual, they have the right to make their own rules regarding their bathrooms. If they want to allow transgenders to use whatever bathrooms they decide, that is their Liberty to make that choice and you as a consumer have the Liberty to decide not to patronize those companies or use their restrooms, therefore your rights are not being infringed because you have the choice to not use those bathrooms or frequent those companies. If you disagree with their policies, you protest by taking your business elsewhere.

One (or a Corporation) also has the right to segregate their bathrooms into whatever conditions they decide. And if one as a consumer disagrees with those decisions, they have the Liberty and right to take their business elsewhere. Corporations and companies will naturally adjust their policies to the will of the people because they don't want to lose customers. That is what the principles of Liberty, freedom and property rights and ownership are all about.

These social issues will work themselves out on their own without government involvement or left-wing lobby groups attempting to force through government legislation. It's not government's role to get involved in decisions of this nature made in the private sector. There will be plenty of companies and corporations that have bathroom rules that are aligned with one's moral principles, without government legislating one way or the other. And when it comes to government facilities, that should be left up to the States. And arguably up to the ones that control the particular facility.

- Michael Vincent -