psychos in power
The harm and destruction caused by psychopaths in positions of power can now be felt everywhere. This world-wide problem worsens daily as the totalitarian whims of humanity's intra-species predators makes life increasingly unbearable for normal human beings.

Although they look and sound human, psychopaths feel no remorse, have no conscience, and have no concern or compassion for anyone but themselves. They prey upon our brothers, sisters and children; they lie to us and manipulate us. They poison us and tell us it is for our own good. They make life unlivable. They cause societies to fall, and oceans to die. While their greed consumes people and planet, they instigate hatred, and murder leaders of good will.

The psychopathic rulers and those that they command will stop at nothing. In these times, a true humanity can unite and emerge from the chaos. But people need to see the problem and share it.

History is repeating. Share this knowledge - for our future: the future of humanity.

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