Today is the anniversary of the Beginning of the End.

It has been seven long, bloody years since our planet was set on a path of global conflict and self-destruction by a gang of psychopaths who thought it would be a good idea to take control of the world by staging a false flag attack on the U.S.A. a la Hitler and the Reichstag. Well over a million Iraqis and tens of thousands of young men from America and its "partners," both the coerced and the bought and paid for kind, are dead.

This cabal of rapacious gangsters have shocked, raped, pillaged and plundered the patrimony of America to the extent that U.S. citizens must now make choices between whether to eat or stay warm, assuming they have a roof over their head at all. The infrastructure of a once-proud nation has rotted away, both psychologically and physically. Today, the American government is a global pariah, and the American people are headed for the trash heap of history.

At the same time, the planet is facing challenges of another kind - climate change - that, even without global war, will take a devastating toll likely in terms of billions of humans and animals, not to mention the flora that underpins life in our world. Already millions are dead and more are dying due to "human caused" global suffering and lack of foresight in respect of the climate and our resources.

Meanwhile, the US presidential election farce is rolling merrily along even though we know that none of the pathological morons seeking the highest public office in the land have any intention of doing anything significant to change the trajectory of our unhappy civilization. I find it ironic that the US election process, long known by insiders to be a contest of "electability" based on appearance, now includes a bona-fide beauty queen. It was bad enough when an actor was elected to act as president...

But I digress.

Through it all, has worked day and night, from around the globe, to keep you - the reader - up to date on those things crucial not only to your awakening, but your very survival. Even before it all began, before SOTT was even thought to be a necessary venue for understanding what is going on here on the BBM, I was seeking the answers to just what is wrong with our world in other respects via years of research culminating in the Cassiopaean Experiment. That experiment led to the book "High Strangeness" which has recently been reviewed by Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State: History of a Cover-up. His encouragement has been most welcome. It was in the context of the Cs material, which dovetailed so perfectly with Richard's hard, factual, documentary research, that the understanding of our current reality was framed, and that understanding has not only stood the test of time, it has been remarkably accurate time and time again.

But it hasn't been easy. It has cost us dearly in almost every imaginable way. And it continues. I am writing today because is in a state of emergency and not for the first time this year, either! We have definitely been experiencing stormy weather in more ways than one. Even though it is the time for our usual fund raiser which we hold twice a year to supplement book sales (SOTT will never go commercial!), SOTT again faces additional financial burdens that we hope our readers will share with us.

Attacks against our work began even before came into existence, and those assaults only intensified in the period following the attacks of September 11, 2001. Over the course of the past 6 years, as we have continued to expose the manipulations of the Pathocrats and the lies and deceit that define their game of global chess, the pressure to silence us has increased exponentially.

As most of you know, during the early months of this year,, QFG, Inc, and yours truly, were slammed with a vicious lawsuit that threatens everything that and the Cassiopaean Experiment stand for: Truth and Freedom. Eric Pepin's Higher Balance Institute was the vehicle for this attack. It may not have been coincidental that this all transpired as I was going into the hospital for major surgery from which I still have not recovered. But that would be just too conspiracy minded! Still, the dark game plan is ever so: Isolate the voice the speaks out, and make it stand alone. As we wrote at the time:
This is an attack on internet freedom and freedom of speech, plain and simple. If Eric Pepin were to win, based on the accusations in the complaint, it would set a precedent that would reverberate across the world. It would make anyone who had a different opinion or view of the world - other than that which is approved by the PTB - subject to suppression and censure. (Or in hindsight - even worse, the temptation of self-censure - then they've really won.) The issues of psychopathy and conspiracy are specifically named in the complaint as well as the connection between religion and making money. If this suit were to succeed, it would significantly chill further discourse about conspiracies, pathological deviance, mind control methods and real cults, including the Judao-Islamo-Christian dominator trio. It would be a disaster.
Thankfully, regular readers and other supporters came through and we were able to deal with the expense of the first round of legal filings. But there were expenses we didn't count on, like having to fight a second, parallel suit to re-open the sealed criminal trial records of Eric Pepin. The Good News is, the law is on our side. The Bad News is, our attacker has money, influence and power. Now, our attorneys tell us that it is likely that, even if the judge moves in favor of our anti-SLAPP motion, Eric Pepin's Higher Balance Institute is likely to appeal. So we are in for the long haul. One way or the other our attorney's will have to argue the case in court and Pepin's criminal records will be crucial to our arguments. But, as I said, we won the right to them, and to use them, even if the judge ordered that it must be done "under seal." Pepin has claimed to have "friends in high places," and it may be so.

Now, in addition to our need to fund this legal battle moving forward, Eric Pepin's criminal records must be transcribed by an official transcriber. There are five days of testimony at about 275 pages of transcript per day. It's going to cost a bundle to transcribe and we need to get started right away. And that is only part of the problem!

As I mentioned, we generally have two fund raisers a year to supplement book sales income. However, the state of the economy has hit everyone hard, and that means we are getting hit also. Book sales - our major support - are so low that we have had to implement many cost saving measures. Some of you have noticed changes, (we've had to let back-up and alternate servers go), and there will be more, as we tighten our belts and economize along with everyone else.

Like many others, we can't even pay the bill for the coming winter's heating fuel that was delivered this week. We haven't missed paying our rent up to this point, but next month isn't looking too good! The plain fact is, in addition to being against the wall regarding legal expenses, we again need your help with the monthly expenses of servers, satellite, and related support.

We ALL need to get through this darkest of times together, the beginning of the eighth year after 9-11, and only together can we do it. We want to be able to continue to keep the lighthouse going, to shine the light on the End Games, the players, the plots, the playing field, and keep the warning bells sounding so that other tempest tossed sailors can avoid the rocks, the tricks and traps of the psychopaths in power.

Bottom line is: right now, something's got to give and we hope it isn't going to be us having to give up the fight! We hope that our readers will come through for us again and give so we can keep on giving! If every regular reader of SOTT could manage to give $5, $10, or $20, we can do it!

One thing is certain, we can't do it without YOU!

I mentioned changes above: there will be more. Some of these changes are designed to help us continue our wide-ranging news coverage while, at the same time, minimizing our costs. Our web services, which include our massive news archive, will continue, and in the coming week or so, we will be unveiling the New and Improved After we are through this Dark and Stormy Night, if we survive it, we plan to add even more features, returning to our weekly podcasts, and adding videos! needs your increased and continued support! Help us keep the Light House going! Please give as generously as you can and, as always, you have our heartfelt gratitude that you have chosen as your portal to the world.

We haven't given up on Tomorrow!

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