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Wed, 22 Aug 2018
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Woman viciously attacked by pack of three dingoes in Pilbara, Western Australia

A pack of dingoes set upon the woman
© Channel 7
A pack of dingoes set upon the woman
Mine safety authorities have launched an investigation after a woman was attacked by a pack of three dingoes at a Pilbara mine site.

A spokesman for Newcrest Mining, which operates the site at Telfer in the East Pilbara, confirmed a contract employee was attacked last Wednesday.

A Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety spokeswoman said the attack occurred in a food consumption area of the mine site and an investigation had commenced.

The 54-year-old woman, understood to be a security worker at the site, is now in a stable condition at Royal Perth Hospital after having surgery for deep wounds to her legs.

Ice Cube

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Starving shorebirds and unknown stone spheres in the Arctic

A turnstone on a patch on snow in Zackenberg, Greenland.
© Erik Thomsen
A turnstone on a patch on snow in Zackenberg, Greenland.
The saga of starving migratory Arctic shorebirds nesting in Greenland continues as 100% snow cover remains on what should be barren ground. Newest reports tell of one meter / three feet of snow at Zackenberg Station where these birds nest.

Also explainable stone spheres similar to those in Costa Rica are in one of the remotest areas of our world that range from twelve to three feet in height / diameter. Perhaps a lost civilization?


Comment: Global cooling: Excessive spring snowfall results in non-breeding year for shorebirds in north-east Greenland - 1 meter deep snow

Cow Skull

'Is that Falkor?' Body of rotting shark found on Maine shore

shark maine beach
A strange and disgusting looking sea creature has washed up on a Maine coastline, leading some people to speculate that beach dwelling aliens or even some sort of fantasy flying dog had landed for a spot of sunbathing.

The bizarre animal was photographed by Amy Cesar during a Thursday morning stroll along Higgins Beach. The image soon sparked great media interest, with people taking to social media to ponder what abnormal sea creature it could be.

"Isn't that the flying creature from the 'Neverending Story'?" one person asked.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user labelled the creature a "sort of ocean alien unicorn sea beach thing."

But experts from Marine Mammals of Maine have stepped in to help identify the 600-pound carcass. According to the agency, the rotting remains were actually once a species of shark.

Comment: The death of this basking shark could be natural, but it could also be more ominous:


Invasive, predatory 'frankenfish' spotted in Pennsylvania could wreck havoc on environment if allowed to spread

Snakehead frankenfish ecology disruptor
© Gary Cameron / Reuters
The northern snakehead is an aggressive species that typically eats other fish. Nicknamed the "frankenfish," the invasive species could wreak havoc on the environment if it's allowed to spread.
News of a particularly unfriendly species of fish - known colloquially as "frankenfish" - being spotted in a Pennsylvania county has sparked concern among officials that the voracious predators could disrupt the local ecology.

The northern snakehead is an aggressive species that typically eats other fish. Nicknamed the "frankenfish," the invasive species could wreak havoc on the environment if it's allowed to spread, according to a fact sheet on the species authored by the US Geological Survey.

"Should snakeheads become established in North American ecosystems, their predatory behavior could drastically disrupt food webs and ecological conditions, thus forever changing native aquatic systems by modifying the array of native species," the agency wrote of the bloodthirsty fish.

The cannibalistic ecology-wrecker has no lack of scary features. For one, it is said to be able to "walk" on land - although it's actually more like wriggling or snake-like slithering and it mostly does so to get back to water, not to crawl into your house and murder you while you sleep.


What's killing the wild birds in southern Manitoba?

A sick Merlin brought to the Centre this week.
© Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
A sick Merlin brought to the Centre this week.
Concerns are being raised over the number of dead birds showing up this summer in Manitoba. This has prompted Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre near Ile des Chenes to make a request to Manitobans.

Lisa Tretiak is President of the Centre. She says it is very typical for there to be animal deaths in summer. Often it is a bird that falls to its death while learning to fly or a young animal that can not survive the harsh world it lives in. But Tretiak says this year, there seems to be a trend towards the death of birds, and very specific breeds. According to Tretiak, a lot of Crows and Merlins are dying this summer. In fact, she says they have seen between 30 and 50 dead of each type.

Tretiak says many of the sick birds being brought to the centre are shaking and showing neurological signs; some of them are in good weight, while others are not.

"We're just wanting to sort of figure out if there is something new that has come into the province," she says. "Or if it is something that has already come into the province, we will be able to help treat them better."


2 children bitten by sharks off Fire Island, New York in rare attacks for the region

shark attack
The town of Islip has banned swimming at all of its ocean-facing beaches

A boy and a girl were bitten by sharks in separate attacks off Fire Island Wednesday, according to local officials and the father of one of the children.

A spokeswoman from the town of Islip said the 13-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl were bitten off the shores off Atlantique Beach and Sailors Haven -- two beaches about 4 1/2 miles apart -- around 11:15 a.m.

In the Atlantique Beach attack, the boy was boogie boarding when he was bitten, the spokeswoman said. He stumbled out of the ocean; a lifeguard ran to him and discovered the bite.

The wound was dressed and cleaned, according to the spokeswoman, and responders found a tooth lodged in the child's leg. The tooth was removed and is being analyzed to determine the shark species.

Comment: A few days earlier: Rare, double shark attack off Fernandina Beach, Florida


Man attacked by seal in Kingswear, UK

A swimmer was attacked by a seal last Friday.

The Froward Point National Coastwatch reported the attack which happened while a man was swimming in Mill Bay Cove, south of Kingswear Castle on the River Dart.

Visibility in the water was poor on Friday, July 13, and the man from Exeter was swimming on his own when the seal attacked.

Malcolm Dando from Froward Point NCI explained the man swimming felt something brush his feet and then felt a blow to his back. The seal surfaced and looked at the man again before biting him on the thigh.

This caused the man's skin to break and some bleeding and bruising which was later described as a minor injury.


Rare group of True's beaked whales, denizens of deep water, seen for only the third time in the North Atlantic

An enigma of the ocean has been photographed by passengers travelling on a ferry from Portsmouth to Spain.

An enigma of the ocean has been photographed by passengers travelling on a ferry from Portsmouth to Spain.
An enigma of the ocean has been photographed by passengers travelling on a ferry from Portsmouth to Spain.

Confirmed sightings of True's beaked whales have only been made three times previously in the North Atlantic.

Science's understanding of beaked whales has mostly been made from the stranding of dead animals.

But this group of the whales - estimated at being 16 foot (five metres) long - were spotted breaching the waters off the coast off Santander earlier this month.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 44 sheep, 12 goats in Kyrgyzstan

Lightning killed livestock in Tyup district of Issyk-Kul region, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

Lightning killed 44 sheep and 12 goats on July 17 at 22:00 on the pasture "Suran" in Kuturgu village.

The local emergency department chief, district vice governor, veterinarian, workers of animal and plant protection department, 20 locals visited the place of the accident.

Dead animals were buried in a special place 6 km away of the village in presence of representatives of the civil defense commission, Turmush reports.
Lightning kills sheep


Cannibal pigs covered in own excrement found at supplier of UK's biggest supermarket Tesco

cannibal pigs hogwood farm
Undercover animal rights activists recorded a sow being eaten alive at Hogwood pig farm earlier this month.

The Viva group's footage shows a pig slumped on the floor as three others, their snouts smeared with blood, gnaw at her hind legs.

Viva, which campaigns for veganism, revisited the site after originally reporting on conditions at the farm in Oxhill, Warks, last year.

Officials who investigated alleged breaches in 2017 found no wrongdoing and Tesco continued using it as a supplier.

This prompted the campaign group to revisit the site and record conditions at the 16,000-pig farm.

Comment: There are no redeeming aspects to factory farming; it destroys the health of the land, the animals and the consumer. For more, check out SOTT radio's: Behind the Headlines: Dissecting the Vegetarian Myth - Interview with Lierre Keith