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Fri, 18 Jan 2019
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Hyena seriously injures three people in Malawi


A hyena on Sunday attacked and seriously wounded three people, including two boys aged nine and 11, in Ntcheu.

The other victim has been identified as Chisomo Thembakako aged 33.

Police in the district say there was pandemonium in the two villages following the appearance of the hyena that terrorised the communities.

The wild animal first attacked Thembakako at Kasisi 1 village, Sub-Traditional Authority Tsikulamowa in the district.

Comment: One day later: Stray hyena attacks villages, injures 4 in Kenya


Stray hyena attacks villages, injures 4 in Kenya

The carcass of a hyena shot dead by police
© Bruhan Makong
The carcass of a hyena shot dead by police reservists after attacking villagers and injuring four people in Wajir North sub-county. Cases of hyena attacks are rampant in the area
A 70-year-old man is fighting for his life after being attacked by a stray hyena on Monday evening.

The marauding animal descended on two villages at Ingirir and Malkagufu locations in Wajir North sub-county, in an incident that left four people seriously injured.


Area chief Abdikadi Omar Dayib confirmed the incident, saying that the elderly herdsman was coming from grazing his goats in Fulo area before the attack that threw the two villages, which are several kilometres apart, into a panic.

Mr Dayib said that the victim suffered more than 20 bites on his hands and legs after trying to free himself from the hyena before scurrying off.

"Instead of the hyena going for the goats it went straight for the herder," said the chief.

He added that the hyena also bit another man, 31 years, injuring his left hand.

A group of women and some boys, however, escaped unhurt after they ran for their lives on seeing the beast.


Red tide suspected as 22 dead dolphins wash up on Collier, Lee beaches in Florida

A dead dolphin is washed up on the beach south
© Roger Jacobsen
A dead dolphin is washed up on the beach south of Lowdermilk Park close to North Lake Drive in Naples on Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018.
Dolphins appear to be the latest victim of red tide in Southwest Florida, as 22 have washed up dead on beaches in Collier and Lee counties since last Wednesday, one official said.

Blair Mase, a marine mammal stranding coordinator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said tests need to be completed but that it seems the dolphins are being killed by brevetoxin from red tide.

Officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were testing water at beaches and collecting the bodies of dead dolphins and other marine life across Lee and Collier counties Monday.

When water testing results come in Wednesday morning, Mase said she expects to see a spike in red tide counts.

Dolphins aren't the only animals affected by the suspected spike. Mase said dead sea turtles have been found on beaches in Lee and Collier counties and that there are reports of birds dying as well.

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145 stranded pilot whales die on New Zealand beach

Stranded Pilot Whales
© Department of Conservation via AP
In this Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018 photo, pilot whales lie beached at Mason Bay, Rakiura on Stewart Island, New Zealand. As many as 145 pilot whales have died after the mass stranding which was discovered by a hiker on Saturday, Nov. 24, 2018.
All of the 145 pilot whales that stranded themselves on a remote New Zealand beach have died.

However, conservation workers are hoping to save some of the eight pygmy killer whales that remained stranded Monday at the other end of the country in an unrelated event.

A hiker discovered the pilot whales in two pods about 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) apart late Saturday on Stewart Island. About 75 were already dead and conservation workers decided to euthanize the others due to their poor condition and remote location.

Only about 375 people live on Stewart Island, which is also called Rakiura. The whales were found at Mason's Bay about 35 kilometers (22 miles) from the main township of Oban.

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'Heinous act': Dead sea lions are washing up on Puget Sound shores — with bullet holes

Dead sea lion
© Robin Lindsey
Dyanna Lambourn, left, with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Marine Mammal Investigations Unit, and Casey McLean, of SR3, examine the entry wound from a bullet on a dead California sea lion found in West Seattle.
On the afternoon of Nov. 14, Randie Stone came across the bullet-pierced carcass of a California sea lion that washed up along the beach. In 38 years of living by the West Seattle shore, Stone has thrilled to the sights and sounds of these marine mammals, and she was saddened and angered by this encounter.

The next morning, just across the way from her Alki Beach house, people gathered around the body of another dead sea lion. "Honestly, I just could not go to look after what I had seen the day before, " Stone said. "To me, this is such a heinous act."

These two carcasses are part of a larger body count of California sea lions slain - in violation of federal law - by humans this fall in Puget Sound.

Since September, six sea lions have been confirmed to have died from gunshot wounds in central Puget Sound and Kitsap County, according to Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network, a group that responds to reports of stranded or dead sea lions. Another seven are suspected to have died from "acute trauma" caused by humans, including a decomposed sea lion with its head sliced off found washed ashore Tuesday in a West Seattle cove.

Bizarro Earth

'Aliens have landed': Hundreds of rare parasites wash up off Ireland's Kerry coast

parasites called Phronima
© Domnick Walsh, Eye Focus LTD
A string of eerie-looking parasites called Phronima - which bear an uncanny resemblance to the Alien Queen which burst out of John Hurt’s chest in the iconic movie - have been discovered on Ventry Beach outside Dingle and are been cared for by Director of Dingle Oceanworld, Kevin Flannery.
Hundreds of parasite creatures which were the inspiration for the film 'Alien' have washed up off the Co Kerry coast.

A string of the eerie-looking parasites called Phronima - which bear an uncanny resemblance to the alien queen in the iconic movies - have been found on Ventry Beach outside Dingle.

The creatures - which eat barrel jellyfish from the inside out and ride around in their corpse - are an extremely rare find in Ireland.

The director of Dingle Oceanworld Kevin Flannery said: "Then the female lays her eggs inside in the poor barrel jellyfish."

He quipped that it is very timely find as pilots spotted strange objects flying close to their planes last Friday.

"So, I'm saying the aliens have landed", he joked.

Comment: We are seeing an increasing number of bizarre, odd (perhaps even mutated species), previously unknown and mysterious creatures being discovered recently, together with increases in abnormal animal and marine behaviour. All over the world such 'strange' and 'unusual' incidents are quickly becoming the norm, as are mass fish die offs.

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The fact remains that there is a lot of hard evidence suggesting that, far from 'global warming', we're already in the process of entering a new ice age (which could end up being a lot bigger than the last one), accompanied by increasing cataclysmic activity such as major destructive storms, earthquakes, and volcanism, among other 'anomalous' goings-on all over the planet. So no wonder the animals are behaving strangely. Maybe they're trying to tell us something important. The question is, is anyone listening?
Creatures from the deep signal major Earth Changes: Is anyone paying attention?

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Over 80 sea turtles killed by freezing temperatures along Cape Cod, Massachusetts

A sea turtle is found dead along frozen waters in Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts around 6 a.m. Friday.
© Mass Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
A sea turtle is found dead along frozen waters in Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts around 6 a.m. Friday.
Back-to-back nights of single-digit overnight temperatures in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, this week have killed over 80 sea turtles, most of which were endangered Kemp's Ridley sea turtles. The turtles were found washed ashore frozen solid on beaches in Brewster, Orleans and Eastham.

On Wednesday morning, 87 turtles were found washed ashore, but most survived. The 82 sea turtles found on Thursday morning were not so lucky. Since late October, over 400 cold-stunned turtles have been reported, according to Jennette Kerr, Communications Coordinator of the Massachusetts Audubon Society's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.


Rare Atlantic walruses spotted in the White Sea, Russia for first time in several hundred years

© S.A. Sonsthagen/U.S. Geological Survey
Rare Atlantic walruses have been spotted in the White Sea again after several hundreds of years of not appearing in the area after unlimited exploitation, research fellow at the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology Alexander Agafonov told TASS on the eve of the Walrus Day.

"Atlantic walruses are still considered endangered species. Their population decreased initially because of intensive exploitation. For instance, they have not appeared in the White Sea since the 18th century. However, our records indicate that walruses returned to the White Sea, which most likely signals a positive dynamic," Agafonov said.

It is currently prohibited to hunt Atlantic walruses. When it comes to Pacific walruses whose population is currently estimated at 200,000 animals, only indigenous peoples are allowed to hunt them in limited quantities, Agafonov noted.


Mum and daughter mauled to death by own pet dogs in Spain

It is said the pair were killed by two large Bordeaux mastiffs (file picture)
© Getty Images/iStockphoto
It is said the pair were killed by two large Bordeaux mastiffs (file picture)
A mother and daughter have been mauled to death by their own pet dogs in a horror attack at their Spanish home.

The two women were found dead, with multiple bite wounds to their bodies, in a town near Madrid yesterday afternoon.

While the mum was almost entirely covered in bites, the daughter had suffered a fatal neck injury, according to local media.

It is said they were killed by two large Bordeaux mastiffs that had been raised at the family home from pups.


Signs and Portents: Two-headed calf born in Loudonville, Ohio

A two-headed Holstein calf was born live last week at Byland Animal Hospital in Loudonville.

Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Byers delivered the calf from Idylwild Farm by Cesarean section. However, the calf only survived for 20 minutes before it died on Friday.

"I'm surprised, I'd never seen that before," said Paul Weber, owner of Idylwild Farm of Loudonville. "I was surprised it lived."

Though Byers was not certain of the cause of the two-headed birth, the condition of polycephaly — being born with more than one head — can be caused by an incomplete separation of a single embryo or an incomplete fusion of two embryos.