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Mon, 25 Jul 2016
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Japanese court upholds injunction banning restart of Takahama nuclear reactors

Anti nuclear activists celebrate in Fukui on April 14, 2015 after an earlier court ruling blocking the restarting of two atomic reactors at Takahama nuclear power plant
A Japanese court upheld an injunction banning the restart of two nuclear reactors, a report said Tuesday, in a blow to the government's ambitions to return to atomic power generation.

Fukui District Court in central Japan dismissed Kansai Electric Power's motion for a stay on an earlier decision to temporarily bar the restart of the No. 3 and No. 4 reactors at plant in Takahama, Kyodo News said.

The decision made Monday comes as the government and Japan's powerful utility companies work to get reactors back online, more than four years after the disaster at Fukushima.

The accident forced Japan's entire fleet of reactors offline over the following months amid deepening public suspicion over the technology.


Mom arrested, shackled, because her child had 3 unexcused absences from school

Mother and substitute teacher Julie Giles was arrested this week because her son had too many unexcused absences from public school.

Writing on her Facebook page before turning herself in, Giles said "If anyone feels the need to go public with this feel free to do so....the facts are Sam originally had what they consider 12 unexcused absences, 6 are allowed per year, so he had 6 more than is acceptable, but the doctor reissued 3 excuses that Sam didn't turn in, so basically I am being arrested for THREE days."

She also noted that her child has all A's and B's in school.


Comment: Two tiers of justice? Check out the charges against these cops:

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Britain is the "European capital of inequality," worse than the United States

© Reuters / Toby Melville
Britain has been labeled the "European capital of inequality" after a report found it is the most unequal country in the EU, and worse than even the United States.

The Dublin-based European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) analyzed wages across the EU.

It found that the UK has the highest Gini coefficient of any EU member state, and eclipses that of the US. The coefficient is a widely used measure of income distribution within a nation, and is often used to calculate inequality.

According to analysts at Eurofound, Britain has a Gini coefficient of 0.404, while the US is at 0.4.

Portugal and Latvia followed the UK with Gini coefficients of 0.358 and 0.357, respectively. The average Gini index for the EU as a whole in 2011 was 0.346.

Eurofound's study, titled Recent Developments in the Distribution of Wages in Europe, looked at data from 2004 to 2011, the period before and after the onset of the Great Recession.


Tired of the lies: Over half of US citizens interested in ditching mainstream media for alternative news sources

People in the United States are fed up with mainstream media coverage of events in Iraq and Iran, CODEPINK activist organization national coordinator Alli McCracken, told Sputnik on Tuesday.

Moscow, Russia — McCracken's comments come following the release of an ICM Research poll conducted exclusively for Sputnik, revealing that a total of 60 percent of European and US citizens surveyed wanted to receive information on global events from alternative news sources.
"I think people are really fed up with mainstream media, especially after over a decade of being fed lies about Iraq, now more lies are being told about Iran."
Western mainstream media coverage of the developments in Iraq gave rise to doubt from the beginning of the US military invasion in 2003. High-profile television channels were faulted for copycat reproduction of primary government talking points, including allegations of Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction and the use of state-sponsored foreign agents for local information.

US news outlets have come under fire for their coverage of Iran. In 2013, experts at the Center for International and Security Studies at the University of Maryland released a report suggesting that influential US and UK newspapers created inaccurate impressions of Iran's nuclear activity by using "very vague and inconsistent terminology" and avoiding reputable local information sources.

Comment: People are seeing the MSM outlets for the propaganda rags they are, and are interested in seeking out alternatives like SOTT to provide accurate and truthful information in a time of lies and universal deceit.


Doctor speeds to save dying baby, cops pull him over and give him multiple charges, baby dies as a result

© WSFA.com Montgomery Alabama news.
Dr. Bhagwan Bang was at his home in Opp, Alabama on Sept. 8th, 2014, when he received a call about a baby that had stopped breathing and turned blue at the Andalusia Regional Hospital. Having been in this exact situation several times before, he knew that he had just minutes to be there in order to save the baby from life-altering brain damage or even death.

He has been pulled over by police several times previously for emergency medical calls. The police in Opp even gave him a specific route to take any time he had to rush to the hospital for emergency medical situations and was informed to call 911 on his way there any time he needed to get there in a hurry. He followed those exact instructions but ended up getting pulled over anyway.

When he got pulled over, he was on the phone frantically telling the hospital why he couldn't be there sooner. The police detained him even after he explained to them the situation. They held him for fifteen minutes and threatened to put handcuffs on him but eventually, they let him go.

When the Dr. Bhagwan Bang got to the hospital, he did what he could but unfortunately, the baby died several days later, likely as a result of the doctor being stopped for so long.

Not only did the baby die as a result but the police charged the man with reckless driving along with several other charges even after doctors and nurses gave testimonies in his favor that this was in fact an emergency. The Opp Municipal Court decided that Dr. Bhagwan Bang is guilty of all charges so now he faces losing his driver's license for 6 months.

Members of the community have started a petition that they will show to the Opp Police Department and Judge Ronnie Penn, the link to that is here.

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Five Mexican children detained over six-year-old's murder

© Daniel Acosta, AFP
Relatives of Cristopher Raymundo Marquez Mora, 6, mourn during his funeral service in Chihuahua, Mexico on May 17, 2015.
Mexico sought answers Monday after five children aged 11 to 15 stoned, stabbed and buried a six-year-old boy, a shocking case that raised questions about the influence of drug violence on kids.

The boy was found in a shallow grave by a stream on Saturday, two days after he was last seen with a group of children on the outskirts of the Chihuahua state capital, the regional prosecutor's office said.

Cristopher Raymundo Marquez Mora was found after investigators interrogated the children, who include two 13-year-old girls, one 11-year-old boy and two 15-year-old boys.

The five were detained as "probable culprits in an act that reflects a problem of social decay," the prosecutor's office said in a statement.

The victim disappeared late Thursday and his mother reported his disappearance the next morning, sparking a search.

The boy and the other children are neighbors who knew each other.

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Saudi Arabia advertises for executioners as beheading rates rise

© BroadAarow
Deera Square, central Riyadh. Known locally as "Chop-chop square", it is the location of public beheadings.
Riyadh - Because of the increase in public executions this year, the Saudi Arabian government is in need of an additional eight "religious functionaries" to carry out the beheadings of people condemned to death by public execution.

The job description states there are no special qualifications needed, but besides beheading an individual, the applicant will also be required to do the occasional limb amputation for those convicted of lesser crimes.

The position is a Civil Service job and a downloadable PDF application is available on the website that carries today's date. The job is classified as a "religious Functionary," and is at the lower end of the Civil Service pay scale.

Saudi Arabia is just one of the top five countries in the world in putting people to death. The Islamic country, with 90 deaths, was ranked number three in 2014, after China and Iran, with 289 executions, but ahead of Iraq, with 81 deaths, and the United States with 35 executions. China carries out more executions that any other country in the world, but the actual numbers are a closely guarded state secret.

According to the official Saudi Press Agency, a man beheaded on Sunday was the 85th execution this year, compared to 90 for all of 2014. While most of those executed this year were convicted of murder, there were 38 people executed because of drug offenses. Half were from Saudi Arabia and the rest were from Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, India, Indonesia, Burma, Chad, Eritrea the Philippines and Sudan, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Although government officials are not saying, there is speculation about the reason for the increase in executions this year. Diplomatic sources say it may be because more judges have been appointed recently to handle a backlog of appeals cases. Political analysts think the increase in executions is more likely a tougher response to increasing turbulence in the region.


Multiple officers charged with possession of child porn, one accused of raping a child, still working in New Orleans


Police charged with crimes are rarely prosecuted, and even when they are, punishment or prison time are even more uncommon.
What happens to a citizen when hundreds of images of child pornography are found on their computer and phone? Well, if you are a law enforcement officer, the answer is, nothing. An investigation into the New Orleans Police Department has revealed a disturbing lack of discipline for individuals who've been caught and accused of despicable acts.

The residents of a Mandeville neighborhood felt safe knowing that a 16-year veteran of the NOPD, Sgt Bradley Wax lived down their street. However, that would quickly change after Wax was arrested and charged with 38 counts of possessing child pornography. The Louisiana Attorney General's office conducted a search on Wax's personal computer and other electronic devices and found them to be full of explicit photos of young children.

He was obviously fired immediately and not allowed to be a cop any longer, right? Or at the very least he was suspended until the trial, right? Wrong. WDSU, who carried out the independent investigation, found that Wax was initially suspended but has since returned to work as normal, working in fleet management at the NOPD headquarters.

"It's incredibly hard to imagine anyone in that capacity would be back working and being paid for it at taxpayer expense," said Dr. John Penny, criminologist at Southern University at New Orleans.

It is indeed hard to imagine how any morally sound establishment would continue to allow a man, who was found in possession of so much child pornography that he faces more than 500 years behind bars if convicted, to continue to draw a salary as a cop.

But to the NOPD, it's business as usual.

Comment: Sickening. Those of us that follow police crime are well-aware that officers are above the law. The 'thin blue line' protects their own in much the same way the clergy protected pedophiles within their ranks for fear of tarnishing the image of the church. Unfortunately the jig is up, every day more and more people realize that police are nothing more than state-sanction violent gangs full of criminals.

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Police shoot German pensioner who refused to be admitted to a clinic

A police forensics team gathering evidence after the shooting.
Police in Hesse killed a 74-year-old pensioner on Sunday in a gun battle which erupted after the man refused to be admitted to a clinic.

A special response team (SEK) had arrived at the man's home in Rodgau, near Frankfurt, just before 7am after beat officers were unable to defuse the situation.

The pensioner, who had a valid firearms license, threatened to use violence if anyone tried to force him to leave against his will, investigators said.

After the SEK arrived, he opened fire and refused to lay down his weapon after the initial shots.

Officers returned fire after he resumed shooting, fatally wounding him and leaving him dead on the ground outside the house.

The floor was left strewn with cartridge casings and there were several bullet holes in the garage door.

Police forensics teams locked down the area through the afternoon as they gathered evidence. It is not yet clear why the man was to be admitted to the clinic.

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Spanish gang arrested trying to buy kidney of immigrant

© Shutterstock
A photo of someone on the operating table.
Five people have been arrested for attempting to buy the organ from a penniless immigrant for €6,000. It was to transplant into the son of a criminal gang boss suffering from kidney disease.

Spanish police said Monday they had arrested five people accused of trying to buy a kidney from an impoverished immigrant for €6,000 ($6,835).

Officers in Spain made the arrests working in collaboration with others in Germany and Belgium, a brief police statement said. It did not say exactly when the arrests were made.

"The immigrant tried to pull out of the deal while he was undergoing clinical tests, so he was kidnapped, beaten and threatened with death to make him go ahead," the statement said. The person wanting to buy the organ was the leader of a criminal gang specialized in robberies, who wanted it for a son suffering from kidney disease.

Police chiefs and the head of Spain's National Transplant Organisation were due to give more details at a press conference later on Monday. In March, 14 European nations in Spain signed the first ever international treaty to fight human organ trafficking.

The business generates $1.2 billion (1.1 billion euros) in illegal profits worldwide every year, according to the Council of Europe, which drew up the treaty. In January 2014, Spanish police arrested a rich 62-year-old Lebanese man suspected of trying to buy the healthy liver of a Romanian.

Last year Spain carried out more organ transplants per capita than any other nation in the world.