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Psychopath gets 422 years for 19-hour rape and torture of Columbia student

Calling the sex-torture of a Columbia student an "extraordinary evil," an angry judge Thursday sent the sadistic rapist to jail for 422 years - and said he deserved more.

Robert Williams

"The defendant, by his own conduct, has forfeited his right to liberty or to the hope of liberty," Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Carol Berkman said of sex monster Robert Williams.


When Official Truth Collides With Cheap Digital Technology

Around 9:30 on Friday night, a bicyclist pedaling down Seventh Avenue veered to the left, trying to avoid hitting a police officer who was in the middle of the street.

But the officer, Patrick Pogan, took a few quick steps toward the biker, Christopher Long, braced himself and drove his upper body into Mr. Long.

Officer Pogan, an all-star football player in high school, hit Mr. Long as if he were a halfback running along the sidelines, and sent him flying.

As of Tuesday evening, a videotape of the encounter had been viewed about 400,000 times on YouTube. "I can't explain why it happened," Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said on Tuesday. "I have no understanding as to why that would happen."

Comment: Hmm, a clue for Commissioner Kelly... Might it have something to do with psychopathic/authoritarian types attracted to the Police uniform as a way of exerting control over others? Who view anyone outside of their narrow world view of compliance and domination with hatred and disdain? Perhaps, maybe?


Best of the Web: Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation, Part 8

"No one here gets out alive"
Jim Morrison

Dr. Strangelove

My apologies to readers for the long delay in getting this post up. These past several weeks have not been easy ones for your fearless host. Things started going south near the end of June, when our beloved family cat was taken ill and died upon arrival at the local vet's office. To many readers, this may seem a rather insignificant loss, but I have to say, in all honesty, that Thomas just may have been the coolest cat to ever prowl the streets of Los Angeles. His presence in our home is surely missed.

Comment: Continue to part IX


Best of the Web: When the Truth takes off Her Clothes, the World Disappears

Telling the truth is like performing a strip tease. It is because of this that many people are offended. Nudity offends people who believe that their body, the visible and the more esoteric portions, is something to hide. Another reason that some people find the truth to be offensive is because they make personal profit from lies. It stands to reason that many people believe that the truth is ugly, or inconvenient. Why go to such lengths to conceal it otherwise? It can also be said that the truth is hidden because it stands in contradiction to the thing that conceals it.


Former foreign minister of Poland killed in car crash

Bronislaw Geremek
- who was a key figure in the Solidarity trade union that helped topple communism, and went on to become Poland's foreign minister - was killed in a car accident Sunday, police said. He was 76.

Geremek was driving a Mercedes that collided head-on with a van Sunday afternoon near the western Polish village of Miedzichowo, said Hanna Wachowiak, police spokeswoman for the Wielkopolski region.

The activist-turned-politician had been serving as a member of European Parliament since being elected in 2004. The soft-spoken, urbane Geremek was highly respected in Poland as a scholar, statesmen and key adviser in the Soviet bloc's first free trade union, Solidarity.

"Polish sciences and politics have lost a great man," Prime Minister Donald Tusk said in a statement.


SOTT Focus: No Taser Deaths In USA?

This citizen was Tasered for refusing to lie down, and then Tasered again for refusing to get back up.
Long live the Taser!

I was asked to attend a Citizens Police School as part of our local police department's community outreach program. This program is held a couple times a year and lasts 12 weeks. Although this sort of thing wouldn't normally interest me, given the large amount of bad press the police are getting across the country I decided to sign up in order to learn more, in effect, to do some research. What I discovered left me with the strange urge to check if my passport was still valid.


SOTT Focus: UPDATE: Connecting the Dots: The Axis of Evil in Motion Under Peculiar Cosmic Weather


Update: Dry weather, fires, spontaneous combustion? As it turns out the Taurid meteor event was not a complete bust, more like a combustion:
1st of July 2008 - Witnesses across Southern California say they saw an object 'moving very fast across the northern sky' and falling near the San Bernardino Mountains. Officials have no firm answers on what it was.

From Hollywood Hills to the Nevada state line, people reported seeing a fireball streaking across the sky and falling near the San Bernardino Mountains this morning. But explanations of the mysterious object were scarce.

San Bernardino County Fire Dispatch reported receiving dozens of calls related to what was described as fireball moving at high speed and falling in northwest sky around 10:40 a.m.

"We got quite a few reports. It started with a gentlemen in the Lake Arrowhead reporting a fireball in the Meadow Bay area and then we started getting calls from all over," said San Bernardino County dispatch supervisor Tom Barnes. "Fire crews in Barstow and on I-15 near Stateline came up on the radio and reported an object in the sky moving very fast across the northern sky and described it as yellowish green in color with streaks of debris. It looked like it burned up before it hit the ground."
Now isn't it a "coincidence" that California became engulfed, at its peak, in 1,783 fires across the state, scorching over 527,000 acres, including one in the San Bernardino mountains. Firefighters are still battling over 300 fires. Yet, all the fires are being blamed on "unusual early-summer lightning storms".


Iran missiles aimed at Israeli nukes

Iran has aimed Shahab-3 ballistic missiles at Israel's nuclear sites, including the Dimona plant, Israeli sources have claimed.

Israel's Dimona nuclear plant

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Psychopath Neil Entwistle's Reaction in Court: Not a surprise

As everyone within at least a hundred miles of Hopkinton knows by now, Neil Entwistle was found guilty of first degree murder in the deaths of his wife, Rachel, and their baby daughter, Lillian, at their Hopkinton home in January of 2006.

The excessive media attention of this case, and subsequent trial, threw our little town into the spotlight - one we would rather not have shone on us. This family only lived in their rented home on Cub's Path for a few months before the brutal deaths, yet they will forever be linked with our town.

As if hearing about the details of the murders during the trial were not enough, the despicable defense Entwistle's attorney's presented - that Rachel suffered from depression and killed her baby and then herself - was ridiculous and demeaning to the memory of a mother and her innocent child who were just caught in the crossfire of a man who was intent on trying to get himself out of a life he didn't like.

Black Cat

Young Psychopath: UK 'Angelic looking' boy, 12, at risk of being lured into extremism

An "angelic looking boy" aged 12 has been identified as at severe risk of being lured into violent Islamist extremism, a senior police officer revealed today.

The white schoolboy is the youngest of 124 children and youths, mainly Asian teenagers from Muslim backgrounds, who have been earmarked by police forces for close-contact work to try and stop them being groomed for terrorism.

The child was brought into a police station in West Yorkshire by a headmaster who said he was unable to cope with his behaviour.

Sir Norman Bettison, chief constable of West Yorkshire, said the boy's family was cooperating fully with police and other agencies trying to help him.

Comment: Isn't it amazing to notice that most of the article pushes unashamed anti-Muslim propaganda and talks about fake Al Qaeda threat, 'violent Islamist extremism' and the necessity to control Muslim youth and their main 'supplier' - The Internet, while the offender in question is a non-Muslim 'small-framed child with tousled blond hair', who already performed horrendous deeds prior to be 'exposed' to the 'extremist material'?