We all catch snippets of reports that tell of Palestinians civilians being killed due to "mistakes" by the Israeli military, or who were sadly caught in the "cross-fire" as Israeli troops "rooted out" "Palestinian terrorists", but few are aware of the true story, or the true horror of what the Zionist Israeli leadership is deliberately doing to the 1.5 million innocent people, over half of them children, in the Gaza strip.

The simple and unavoidable fact is that, through daily acts of unprovoked murder, violence and terrorism, the Zionist Israeli government leaders have done all in their power to turn the lives of Palestinians in Gaza into a living hell in the hope that they will flee and leave the 'promised land' to the 'chosen' few. But the Palestinian people will not leave, just as no other people on earth would or could leave the only land they have ever called home.

The people of Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories in general are the subject of a vast and unbelievably cruel ongoing experiment conducted by a few psychopaths in power in Israel, and supported by their 'comrades' in America and Britain. The experiment is one of 'social engineering' of a nature never before seen on this planet and it aims to prove whether or not the innate humanity within a entire people can be beaten, abused and murdered out of them.

With reports that many of Gaza's 800,000 small and innocent children having already lost the will to live, the experiment, it seems, is nearing its conclusion.

Watch the following short clip from the soon to be released film about Palestine entitled "Occupation 101"