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I spoke to the family who owns one of the largest casket manufacturers in North America. They supply caskets to huge chains across the US and manufacture Prime Caskets, among others. It's horrific to have to report on such a thing, but the owners said that their sales of typical caskets have increased by 20%, and since Dec 2021 their sales of small-size caskets (under 5 feet, i.e, for children) have increased by 400%. He's not the only one talking about it, those in the funeral industry are well aware of the sudden change in the nature of their business.

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For the first time in over 30 years in business, they've begun to receive orders for small-size caskets in bulk. That sentence makes me nauseous to type, so armed with that painful piece of information, let's focus on the tremendous efforts to keep the kids healthy. Of course, the casket numbers themselves aren't proof that the vaccine is harmful or fatal for some children, but it sure is yet another blaring red signal.

Comment: While this information is alarming if true, it would be useful to have further information to substantiate the claims.

On Offense

Dr. Naomi Wolf appeared on Warroom and announced some positive developments in the efforts to save children from the Covid vaccines, amidst a flurry of activity as the responses to the FDA authorization of Covid vaccines for babies ramp up. As Steve Bannon put it, this should be a "peasant's revolt against the administrative state", and thanks to the efforts of Daily Clout and its supporters, along with other amazing grassroots organizations, that's exactly what's happening.

"A Shot Across the Bow": Dr. Naomi Wolf of Daily Clout and the Health Freedom Defense Fund fund filed a citizen's petition with the FDA to request a reversal or suspension of their EUA for Covid-19 vaccines for children. They requested attention for the more than 130,000 comments regarding the EUA that were submitted by the public. Scott Street and John Howard are among the attorneys who successfully put a stop to the forced masking on airplanes, to the huge relief and gratitude of millions of people. They're now representing Daily Clout and the HFDF in the efforts to end the Covid vaccines for children.

The letter included a part from Dr. Naomi Wolf herself, where she notes the negligible risk of Covid-19 for children and the fact that neither safety nor efficacy has been proven for the vaccines. Healthy kids are more at risk from seasonal flu than Covid, and there's no justification to expose the kids to the known and unknown risks of an experimental vaccine. The letter ended with a fantastic line from the lawyers:

"The FDA is charged with protecting public health, not marketing the products of arguably the most powerful industry in the world"

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The entire petition can be read here, and a summary by the HFDF can be read here.

Additionally, The Children's Health Defense has also served a legal letter to the FDA to halt the children's Covid-19 vaccine.

These letters serve as a warning shot to the health agencies that if they don't do as the petition requests, there will be legal action taken. The pressure is most definitely mounting as each of these actions creates another chink in their bureaucratic armor.

Remdesivir in Oklahoma: The Daily Clout legal team sent a letter to Ascension Health Group informing them that they're on notice to stop using Remdesivir due to the data that shows it's killing people, along with a request to research therapeutics.

CDC On Notice: Oregon State Senators Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum along with Dr. Henry Healy have officially received a response from the CDC regarding their notification of a demand for a grand jury investigation. The response was negative as expected, but the response triggered a 60-day timeline for the CDC to take substantive action, or the next stage toward a grand jury investigation will advance.

A Demand for Answers: Administrative Judge Alejandro Recarey is a judge in Uruguay. As reported by Rio Times Online, an official complaint was filed to request an injunction of the children's Covid vaccinations, a request that they are immediately suspended. In response, Judge Recarey ordered that the government health agencies, as well as Pfizer, must appear in by today, Wed July 6 at 9:00 AM and provide answers to the following questions, among others:
  • Contracts between the Uruguayan government and Pfizer. Included in that must be any information regarding compensation for victims of side effects.
  • Information about how the vaccine batches were distributed, and what quality control measures are taken.
  • "Detailed information on the biochemical composition of the vaccine - including whether graphene oxide and nanotechnology components are included"
  • Evidence that the mRNA they used is harmless.
  • A definitive statement on if any part of the vaccine, or the vaccine itself is experimental.
  • Data showing the safety and efficacy of the vaccination.
  • Information about the average age of "Covid-19 deaths" and how many of those had co-morbidities.
  • Information about what, if any, studies are being done to investigate an increase of deaths in Uruguay from March 2021.
  • Scientific evidence that unvaccinated people pose a risk.
  • Information on connections that exist between the people who are the driving force behind the vaccine campaign, and pharmaceutical companies or NGOs.
  • Information on how thoroughly alternative therapies against covid-19 have been researched and considered.
All eyes on Latin America!