Russia's nuclear targets US
Even if most of the Western political class and media are playing dumb (or are dumb - take your pick), Putin is making it loud and clear for the increasingly belligerent neocons and NATO heads that if they cross the line with Russia - there will be hell to pay in the form of the new highly advanced Hypersonic Zircon missile technology.

As Andre Vltchek recently wrote:
One can compromise, one can be diplomatic, but never if one's dignity and freedom was at risk. One can never negotiate indefinitely with those who are starving and enslaving billions of human beings, all over the world.

Venezuela, Syria, Afghanistan and so many countries are now bleeding. Soon, Iran could be confronted. And Nicaragua. And perhaps China and Russia themselves could face yet another Western invasion.

A 'harmonious world' may have to be built later; definitely one day, but a little bit later.

First, we have to make sure that our humanity survives and that Western fascism cannot consume further millions of innocent human lives.

Like me and my big childhood friend Karel at an elementary school in former Czechoslovakia, Russia and China may have to once again stand up and confront 'unharmonious barbarity'; they may have to fight, in order to prevent an even greater disaster.