USA banana republic
Hillary Clinton has been officially outed as having rigged the Democratic primary so that she would win. She was therefore ineligible as a presidential candidate, yet the deep state media continues to cover this up and insists on focusing on the "Russia collusion" non-story. The situation is so farcical that it's fair to say that today American politics bears more similarity to that of a banana republic than the 'world's greatest democracy'.

Their attacks on RT and Sputnik are absurd; the accusations pale in comparison to what U.S. propaganda networks like RFE/RL are on record as doing. Their witch-hunt on social media ads from "Russia-connected accounts" is utterly paranoid. Day after day, the emptiness continues to be poured into the void while the Russiagate narrative tears itself apart at the seams.

The US political system looks like THE most corrupt and undemocratic political systems in the world. It's worse even than dictatorships. At least with a dictator no one is being fooled. In the USA, the totalitarian 'elite' have been fooling Americans for decades.

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