I received the following message from someone with whom I have been having a interesting email exchange. He was responding to our podcast on Mind Control, HAARP, and the Coming Catastrophe. He didn't want to post it himself, hoping to preserve some anonymity, so I am posting it in his place. I removed a few personal references, but other than that, it is as he wrote it to me.

The dumbing down of the American public has been the subject of much speculation. It is blamed on the public school system, television, flouride in the water, computer games, and other things. The following looks at the use of technology:

My information only confirms the conclusions I heard on the podcast, but you know enough about it that maybe some of my anecdotes will confirm some things you've guessed for you as well.

You folks are right about HAARP, and that 'chemtrails' are an aspect of that system. What I know about these things is second hand, but not from reading internet sites (simulacra). I witnessed regular and elaborate grids laid out routinely over north New Mexico. I was struck by this as soon as I arrived to live there in March 2000. I lived just west of Santa Fe off of Hwy 599, an open highway but it was public knowledge that 599 is the 'disposal' route from Los Alamos labs for their radioactive waste. The public is advised to avoid if there's an emergency, but the disposal trucks travel the route to Texas with military escort unannounced. Shortly after locating there it happened that the Sandia forest had a serious fire that drove the scientists and personnel living around Los Alamos into Santa Fe. It became public television news that an acre of 'hot' waste had been kept in tents above ground for years, and for several days there was a scare that if the fire reached them that the smoke cloud would become radioactive(we could smell the smoke and see the haze in Santa Fe, so that was pretty 'real' to us). That didn't happen, but I saw many of these disposal trucks for a week speeding with hummer escort south on Hwy 599 past the residence.

At the time I knew nothing of Los Alamos except what all Americans know - that it was where the nuclear weapons had been developed. The entire time I lived in New Mexico, 2000-2004, that's what everyone in town assumed they still do primarily. And I did meet former personnel that spoke of the routine of radiation protective suits and wearing the badges that are used at the end of a shift to measure the daily radiation exposure of an employee and so on. Those guys I'm referring to were the common labor, the machine shops and general janitors who didn't know much.

But I did wonder, how many times do you need to develop nuclear warheads? What else were they working on there?

I only met a handful of technical people, engineers and one retired scientist. Security of the real secrets isn't very dramatic, labs with layers of classified to non-classified to top secret work going on organized such that the personality profiles of each layer behave exactly as they're tested for. And there is a 'Santaroga Barrier' aspect and vibe to career people working in these facilities -- they are controlled communities. The mind control is subtle, and it was that aspect that I was much more interested in comprehending than any kill widgets or deth gizmos they were up to in there.

The retired scientist I met was the type who only cared about his own interest, which was cold fusion. He'd been on the cold fusion team (his terms) for thirty years until, he said, the US government discontinued it. He had his own lab next to his beautiful home on the mountain, off Artist's Road, with a splendid view of the Los Alamos facility. Which, by the way, is a rectangle of titanium which buildings, white being so visible against the brownish lanscape of the high Desert as to be visible from orbit. Due to that I've wondered whether the facility isn't just a low level operation now with mostly what really would amount to 'makework', not the really secret stuff they'd be doing someplace nobody's ever heard of, and no doubt underground.

The only other person I knew who was employed not at Los Alamos, but at the Sandia Labs, is more interesting than Edmund Storms and his energy unimpressive home cold fusion laboratory. A last word about Storms....my intuition is that he and his team were probably set up by personality profile in full knowledge that they would never reach the breakthrough point. Intuition, because my reading of Storms is that he lacked the hubris that I think must be a trait in the scientists who do get the results. He's the type that likes the process of the experimentation -- playing with his test tubes and electron microscope too much. He's perfectly happy to say that cold fusion is decades away from being 'cracked' as a viable free energy source, and he believes that.

It would never occur to him that he may have been set up with a lab to conduct his timid experimentation for a lifetime, never intended to get results but just the opposite.

Have you ever read Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow? If you haven't it's a 'must read', for a novel. Regarding mind control triggers, you may have already suspected that J.D.Salinger, who supposedly wrote Catcher in the Rye was no author who came up with the book all by himself, but was one of the 'composites', a name put certain literature which is really written by teams. No one's figured out exactly what the triggers are in Catcher in the Rye that supposedly set John Hinkley and Mark David Chapman off into their assassin alters. I never have been certain whether to believe that Hinkley ever was under mind control in that sense at all, and that his trial and incarceration wasn't just theater. For all we really know he was CIA all along and went on to other assignments with his birth identity neatly tucked away in a mental institution, a real mind control victim serving as proxy, no doubt believing himself to be Hinkley.

And if you haven't seen the Paddy Chayevsky masterpiece Network in a while....take a freeze frame of the last scene, when the two television studio audience assassins stand up to gun down Howard Beal on national television. Doesn't one of them look a lot like Mark David Chapman would look in 1980? This film was released in 1976. The penultimate predictive programming masterpiece.

Yes, I've been aware of and studying mind control for a very long time. But I didn't realize the extent I was under control of it myself until 2002. But back to 2000-2001, the Santa Fe (chem)Trail ;-) , and suspicions of subtle mind control out of Sandia Labs.

Now, in 2000 I was still associating with people who were into the "occult". I'd been corresponding with the head handler of the OTO who lived in Santa Fe for a year before moving up there. His presentation at the time was still the hipster 'hippie', and he had his little circle of followers who met at his pueblo frequently. Sometimes for 'Resh', or Crowley's Gnostic psychodrama for catching the intrigue of the suckers on the outside to get them to want to get in deeper. The one with the silly costumes and incantations and hand signals, at the conclusion of which you get to quaff some wine and kiss a naked girl sitting on the alter....oops, I mean 'altar'. In 2000 they were still passing the bong around at these cozy gatherings. I gathered that the psychadelics which were abundant through the 90's had just been cut off...in Santa Fe...though I learned upon return to Texas that never slowed down in Austin.

So I already knew a bit about how formal occult cliques operate. You have your worshipful master, whatever he or she is called depending on the flavor of the draw, and that if that person thinks your fit material for programming pretty soon one of the members of whatever your sexual preference will start talking with you a lot and wanting to get personal. The one he picked for that role with me, or maybe she picked herself, was nice enough but not really my type. But she was working at the Sandia Labs in some classified capacity. The most interesting conversation I had with her, I confided my childhood experiences when I was living near a naval air station, things like having a year of insomnia from things like the bed vibrating each time I'd be on the cusp of sleep, and hums and such. Those phenomena has started abruptly and ended about as abruptly after several months.

She knew all about it, an proceeded to describe the same experiences in her home during he same years when this project was going on. MKDELTA. High band radio waves with a powerful transducer effect, both on things like bedsprings, and cranial bone.

I"ve had a knack....or used to.......for running into people out of heavy mind control histories. Like them all, she could speak of these things with first hand detail and matter of fact, since if you've been a subject it seems normal. But her department was evidently in the bio labs, another 'makework' project probably, she was too flaky to be involved in anything important--or secret--because only the real high functioning sociopaths with real hubris get to work in that stuff.

But I think I did meet one of those after all. In September 2000 I moved into Santa Fe near the Indian School, and my computer got hit by something that knocked out it's ability to download from the internet. I could connect, but not 'surf'. Another flaky woman I'd met who'd seen my ad for making web sites suggested a friend of hers, Cliff, whom she said did computer house calls and was excellent and affordable. I called him. He spend about 5 hours in my OS, and got it working. He removed an army of trojans and suggested I start using a firewall.

He seemed like the typical Santa Fe 50 year old technocrat who'd walked away from a career at Hewlitt Packard in Seattle to be a hippie malcontent. That's the story he told me. He also sounded paranoid to me, talking about 'special research' he was doing that had attracted NSA attention, warning me that the internet is a hand-me-down from DARPA and there's no such thing as privacy if you use it at all.

After he left I went to his web site, and on his page about his computer service, I found a link that took me into his site on chemtrails.
Now you've heard of this guy. It was Clifford Carnicorn...now very widely known as the first and most qualified chemtrail researcher on the internet. He's the one that as far back as 2000 got the 'toxins' story going. It was already on his web site, the story goes like this---

Working out of his house, he made crude weather balloons to send up into the residue of fresh trails. When recovered, he'd examine these, under a microscope, and doing home spectrography to see what was in the sample. So Carnicorn wrote the whole script on chemtrails containing -- aluminum, barium, but also bio hazardous suspicious stuff like red blood cells. And nasty bacteria that causes upper respiratory problems.

However, my maxim is 'don't believe what you read in the papers' ... During the four years I lived in Santa Fe, priveledged to see almost daily massive chemtrail gridding done by squadrons of high flying unmarked tankers of the Boeing 757 class, I heard much about the 'chemtrail people' convinced it was making people sick, reporting upper respiratory illness, flu like symptoms, and chronic fatique syndrome...but I did not experience these myself. And I never saw any of that 'angel hair' or 'matt of fibers' or 'yellow snow' you will find on all the chemtrail sites and Rense and all those people. Even Alan Watt pushes these chemtrail myths, though maybe he believes them as many people do.

But these memes begin with Carnicorn, and his web site was the very first to get this going. All those years I thought that Cliff Carnicorn was a re-tread hippie who'd left (or gotten downsized) from ordinary computer programming with Hewlett Packard, and that he was sincere. I never saw or corresponded with him except that day when he was in my house for 5 hours pretending to be a ne're-do-well PC repair guy.

Now get this. Last year, there was a chemtrails thread on another forum, and the administrator thinks the whole thing is rubbish, that people are imagining it, period. Naturally that fostered a division of posters some violently 'for' chemtrails, and others just a vehemently scoffing. I saw both were all wet in their conclusions, so I posted my experience that I'd witnessed them and mentioned Carnicorn as a reference site to find photos that I could confirm because he took them on dates when I saw those patterns being laid out myself.

But one of the forum posters who does actually research things, researched Carnicorn, and lo and behold he'd found out that Carnicorn, now by his own admission, was an atmospheric research scientist employed by the Department of Defense for eighteen years, ('retired'), who had top secret security clearance. Carnicorn's upgraded story is that he 'walked' on that career out of beginning to suspect that the DoD might be doing some research that might not be good for people! Same story he told me, except not Hewlett Packard, but DoD and atmospheric engineering to boot.

I felt a chill go up my spine recalling that this guy had been in my pc for half a day, realizing that nothing and nobody I encountered in Santa Fe had been so 'random' as I'd thought.

So Cliff is counterintelligence. That's confirmed, I think, at least for me.

But I'd not taken his site's word for it that chemtrails are for making us sick. They never made me sick. My own growing hypothesis from observing between 2000 and 2004 was that the operation was connected to Los Alamos research. And it had been Teller of Los Alamos who'd suggested high altitude spraying of aluminum particles, he said, to reflect solar radiation to counteract the 'greenhouse effect', which nowadays dovetails nicely with 'global warming' nonsense. Teller is the perfect example of a scientist who does have that maniacal ambition and hubris to go straight to the director's chair of the most evil projects and actually feed off that sense of power of millions of innocent lives. A deth dealer. So anything that Teller said publicly--you know it was lies and deception to throw anyone in the wrong direction.

What I did experience, and see everybody else experience, both in Santa Fe where there were chemtrails, and on my trips around the country, isn't people coughing but people lacking the basic emotional reaction to crisis. And lacking empathy to horror committed against innocents. And when I go into the city environs here, lack of facial and emotional affect.

It's like 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' and you obviously know what I mean, since you and your friends speak of precisely that on the 'POD' cast.

When I was in Florida for a couple of weeks in 2003, I didn't see chemtrails. When I moved here, haven't seen them except very rarely. I saw them for a few weeks before the Nov 2006 elections, that's about it.

So I've considered, 'why did people go numb, between 2003-2004, and stay that way since? The chemtrails aren't all there is to it. HAARP probably isn't all their is to it either.

What we have blanketing parts of Texas--the whole north Gulf Coast really--and Austin is microwave towers. And now everybody has a phone glued to their head anywhere they go, even have those 'blue tooth' things stuck in the ear.

I used a microwave phone for a few months in 1999, and didn't like it, so I haven't used anything by a land line since. If somebody wants to reach me when I'm out, they can leave a message on my machine. I grew up before this stuff, so I still find it creepy to hear somebody in a store say, 'hi' and start talking and there's 'nobody there'.

The mind control of the phones runs on mutliple levels ranging from behavior modification like that just from using the medium, to deeperlayers of altering brain structures. Now the towers are all over the place, you'd have to drive an hour or two away from a high population area to get out of their long range. I think that for those weak zones in the grid, that may be where the chemtrails and HAARP come in. They want FULL PLANETARY COVERAGE, 24/7, whether one has a phone glued to their skull or not. They're gonna 'reach out and touch someone', everyone. From the Amazon jungle to the Artic Circle.

So we're dumbed and numbed down now. But having studied the 'neurophone' and acoustical physics, and biofeedback brainwave technology back in the seventies when my techtronophile friends liked to play with this stuff, I know that they can make masses of people behave any way they want, just by adjusting the Hz.

When the Miami and LA riots happened in the early 90's, I knew that this is what they were experimenting with. At that time there was no microwave tower grid of the scope it's been since 1997, but cities could have concealed the technologies while it was still secret and figured the DIA was testing it on live populations. The 'rage' was triggered, and not just in those cities but in all cities during the 90's. Remember 'road rage'? People losing their tempers easily with clerks or people in stores during the 90's? I remember that during the Waco massacre, it was the first time I saw everyone go blank in Austin. And then from 1996 on everybody just seemed to go berserk. 1998 I saw needless auto wrecks every single day on the 183 semi-loop were I was working for a subidiary of Trilogy. That's where all the IT stuff was, all along that highway. I had lost my own business in 1998 and had to do temp work for a year. First job I got was delivery driver, so I was in and out of all the IT complexes loading docks and check points. DELL, Motorola, and a host of others. That 'culture' had come out of thin air in Austin between 1990-1996. They are definitely security conscious. Motorola for instance, uses military police at their checkpoints. I know the profile. And they had the heaviest security of all the complexes. Something going on there that was very secret. Going in and out of there wasn't just being flipped through a gate by saying 'Candy Gram', they detained you while they called in to a central office. Took a few minutes. Someone on the other end was checking out the car, driver's licence.

Well, that's my experience with this stuff. The world has completely changed since the mid 1990's, and they've 'done it' now. I wish I could just go back to the 70's...or better yet the 1870's and just stay there!