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Thu, 30 Nov 2023
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Top U.S. Government vaccine adviser refuses to get latest Covid shot as he warns of long term impact of myocarditis

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Dr. Paul Offit
A top vaccine adviser to the U.S. Government has refused to get the latest Covid shot as he warns about the long term impact of myocarditis and other serious side-effects.

In a video posted on X (Twitter) by the 'Chief Nerd', Dr. Paul Offit - a member of the Food and Drug Administration's vaccines committee - said he "didn't get last year's bivalent vaccine" and he's "not getting this year's vaccine" because he believes he is "protected".
"We're going to find out about this vaccine over time," he warns, describing the whole approach as a "novel strategy".

Comment: Guilty conscience and self-preservation, those are the motives. He knew the detriments long ago.


I traded veganism for a diet of meat and butter — and I feel better than ever

bacon influencer

Bacon it till you make it! Ferraz she hopes her diet will cure her hypothyroidism.
Butter late than never.

A woman says her health is now better than ever after quitting veganism in favor of the "carnivore diet."

In addition to chowing down on heapings of steak, eggs and other animal-derived dishes, Victoria Ferraz, 23, is known to treat herself to a stick of raw butter.

Comment: See also:

Cell Phone

All cell phones pose radiation threat - Russian regulator

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Some schools ban mobile phones from school grounds, while others require them to be handed in, or restrict their use.
Radiation from all cell phones is dangerous to human health and the devices should be used sparingly, Russia's consumer rights and human wellbeing agency said on Monday. The agency was responding to speculation that Russia would follow France's lead and ban the iPhone 12.

"Radiation from all cell phones is dangerous for humans, especially for children. It is important to follow safety rules when talking on a mobile phone: the call should not last more than two minutes, and the minimum pause between calls should be at least 15 minutes," a spokesman for Rospotrebnadzor said, according to Russia's Gazeta news site.

The spokesman added that cell phones should be placed aside while the user is sleeping, and should ideally be carried in bags rather than pockets.

Earlier this month, France's National Frequency Agency (ANFR) demanded that Apple withdraw the iPhone 12 from sale in the country after it found that the device emits more electromagnetic radiation than European Union regulations allow.

Comment: Previously:


Cancers appearing in ways never before seen after COVID vaccinations: Dr. Harvey Risch

© Bao Wiu/The Epoch Times
Dr. Harvey Risch, professor emeritus of epidemiology
Yale School of Public Health, New York
There is evidence that cancers are occurring in excess after people receive COVID-19 vaccinations, according to Dr. Harvey Risch.

Dr. Risch is professor emeritus of epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. His research has focused extensively on the causes of cancer as well as prevention and early diagnosis.

In an interview for EpochTV's American Thought Leaders, Dr. Risch said patients must now wait months, not weeks, to get an appointment at an oncology clinic in New York.

There is difficulty in observing whether a vaccine can cause cancer, because cancer usually takes time to develop, Dr. Risch said. It can take anywhere from two years to 30 years, depending on the different types of cancer, from leukemia to colon cancer.
"What clinicians have been seeing is very strange things: For example, 25-year-olds with colon cancer, who don't have family histories of the disease — that's basically impossible along the known paradigm for how colon cancer works — and other long-latency cancers that they're seeing in very young people. This is not how cancer normally develops. There has to be some initiating stimulus to why this happens."

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German whistleblower finds DNA contamination up to 354 times recommended limit in BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine

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Strands of DNA
Replicating the findings of American scientists Kevin McKernan and Phillip Buckhaults, the German biologist Jürgen O. Kirchner has also found massive levels of DNA contamination in vials of the BioNTech-Pfizer mRNA vaccine deployed in the home country of the vaccine, Germany. Although commonly referred to as the 'Pfizer' vaccine outside of Germany, the vaccine was in fact developed by the German company BioNTech and BioNTech is its legal manufacturer.

Whereas Pfizer manufactures the mRNA for U.S. supply of the finished drug, BioNTech itself is responsible for manufacturing the mRNA for EU supply in partnership with European subcontractors. This does not appear to have made any difference for the issue of DNA contamination, however.

Kirchner first warned about the problem of DNA contamination of the BioNTech vaccine already in 2022 in the book Die mRNA-Maschine - 'The mRNA Machine' - which he published under the pseudonym David O. Fischer. The book contains an entire chapter on 'The DNA Contamination of BioNTech's mRNA Vaccine and its Risks' and cites European Medical Agency documents which acknowledge the problem without quantifying it.

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How myocarditis became the silent scandal of COVID-19 vaccination

sick health heart balance scales
It started slowly at first - a trickle of concerning reports that something wasn't right. In January 2021, just weeks after the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, cases of myocarditis began cropping up.

Myocarditis - inflammation of the heart muscle - had never been linked to vaccines before. So when 28 cases were reported to the U.S. vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS) [1] that month, it raised eyebrows..

By February, the trickle had become a stream. VAERS received 64 more reports, including two deaths [2]. Then in March, Israel [3] and the military [4] started reporting cases too.

Something strange was going on. But the authorities ignored it.

Comment: Hart has provided a concise summary of the nefarious actions of the FDA, and the vaccine ghouls. Society will be suffering from this dabacle for generations.

n.b.: Unfortunately many of the links provided seem to be broken, especially from the CDC. Anyone surprised?


Baby who died 34 hours after vaccines had toxic level of aluminum in his blood, report confirms

baby died vaccines
A Maine couple last week finally got the answers they'd been seeking for nearly a year, ever since their 62-day-old son, Sawyer, died Oct. 28, 2022 — 34 hours after receiving his scheduled childhood vaccines.

According to a toxicology report, Sawyer's blood contained 95 micrograms per liter of aluminum, a level that would be toxic for adults.

A toxicologist told the couple the aluminum and antigen levels in the blood were due to the vaccines. She also said a viral infection Sawyer was being treated for could have been a contributing factor.

Sawyer's parents, Melissa — a registered nurse — and her fiancé Nick shared their story last week with journalist Jennifer Margulis.


New study suggests aspartame could cause memory and learning deficits in future generations

Aspartame femme enceinte
© Inconnu
But industry experts maintain the safety of the low-calorie sweetener, saying 'facts are important'

The non-sugar, low-calorie sweetener aspartame — which is found in many sugar-free or "diet" foods and drinks — has been linked to potential problems with memory and learning, according to a study from the Florida State University (FSU) College of Medicine.

In the study, which was published in the journal Scientific Reports, male mice that consumed aspartame — even at levels deemed safe by the FDA — had offspring that "demonstrated spatial learning and memory deficits," a press release from FSU stated.

Over a 16-week period, the researchers studied three groups of mice.


'Hot Lot Hypothesis' - Some Covid Vaccine batches are much worse than Others

Japan Covid Vaccine
My last post presented evidence for what I'll call the hot lot hypothesis (HLH): the different rates of reported deaths among Covid vaccine batches are due to differences in toxicity, with the earlier batches being especially bad.

But some commenters brought up a legitimate issue with the HLH, which I'll call the unhealthy vaccinee bias (UVB): the earliest batches were given to the eldest of the elderly and the sickest of the sickly who die at higher rates regardless of what does or doesn't get injected into them. So hot lots might just be a statistical illusion that goes away once you control for pre-existing health factors, kind of like Covid vaccine effectiveness.

But in Japan, the sick and elderly didn't get the jabs first; healthcare workers did. In fact, the high-risk elderly only started getting jabbed almost two months after low-risk healthcare workers (February 17th vs April 12th 2021). This is noteworthy not just because it reminds us that the jabs were primarily sold to the population as a way to 'stop the spread' but also because it means the earliest batches delivered to Japan went to working-age people, giving us a chance to test the hot lot hypothesis free from the unhealthy vaccinee bias.

And if we were to search for evidence of, say, higher cardiovascular deaths in working-age males, where better to look than the monthly statistics for deaths due to arrhythmia and heart failure rather than just deaths reported after the jabs? The below graphs come yet again from Nagoya University's Prof Seiji Kojima.

Comment: See also:

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Covid juice 3.0 hits the shelves in Germany: Interest is at such record lows that many doctors aren't even stocking it

Health Minister Lauterbach Receives Covid Booster Vaccine
© Christian Marquatdt - Pool / Getty Images
German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach receives a Covid booster vaccine on September 18, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.
The latest Covid Juice release is for sale in Germany as of Monday, and Health Minister Karl Lauterbach was first in line. There's abundant evidence that he's not a great fan of vaccination; he got his third dose in secret, well after the rest of the vaccinators, and his claims to have gotten a fourth are subject to considerable doubt. No matter: he's learned from past mistakes, and while he's denounced the "exorbitant" profits of vaccine manufacturers and called vaccine injuries "dismaying", the Vaccinator Stand is the only booth still open at the Covid Circus, so Lauterbach has made himself the face of it. He turned 60 in February, so technically he counts as old and vulnerable enough to warrant a fifth (or a fourth) vaccination.

From Die Zeit:
[Lauterbach] has ruled out state virus measures despite rising infection statistics. Germany is "much better prepared", he said, and there is additionally "broad immunity" in the population. "We don't need any contact restrictions" ...

Voluntary masking is still advisable for those who are infected and cannot avoid social contacts, said Lars Schaade, the President of the Robert Koch Institute.

Lauterbach advises caution despite the lack of Government action. Corona is "not a cold", and permanent damage - for example from Long Covid - remains a possibility. Lauterbach therefore recommends vaccination above all for people who are particularly at risk. "People over 60 years of age and risk groups should get vaccinated, preferably against influenza as well," said the Minister.
In a separate piece timed to coincide with the rollout, Die Zeit called up a Bremen epidemiologist who says he expects masks to return to clinics and care homes, and who holds out hope for expanded vaccine recommendations in the course of the winter. I'm quite sure some care homes will once again impose inhumane mask requirements, but there's no chance vaccine regulators will urge wider uptake. We're in a long, slow process of deradicalisation, and that only runs in one direction.

Comment: Breathing a cautious 'hallelujah'. Germany seems to be coming to its senses, at least for this iteration. It will be interesting to see how the next big scare is received.