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IgG4 refers to a special rare subclass of antibodies instructing our immune system to ignore a pathogen rather than fight it. We learned that repeat Covid vaccinations cause immune tolerance in boosted people, which makes them less able to fend off repeat infections.

While IgG4 antibodies may naturally appear in allergies due to repeat immune stimulations with allergens, they are inappropriate for replicating pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2.

What causes such dysfunctional antibodies to appear in Covid-boosted people? Was the IgG4 class switch mechanistically caused by repeat injections or by the nature of mRNA technology? In August of 2023, I suggested that the culprit may be continued production of spike protein encoded by the mRNA Covid vaccines.

An interesting new preprint study confirms that suggestion. It compared the immune outcomes of three injections with mRNA vaccines against the effects of three injections of a protein-based vaccine called Novavax.
Scientists discovered that, despite all groups of patients receiving three injections, the IgG4 class switch happened only in the mRNA group:
Compared with recipients of prior mRNA vaccine, anti-S IgG3 levels were markedly higher (>10-fold) after three or four homologous doses of NVXCoV2373. By contrast, much higher anti-S IgG4 levels (>75-fold) were observed following repeated mRNA vaccination, but not after three or four homologous doses of NVX-CoV2373 (see below).
The study compared three groups of patients:
  • Those who received three doses of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine
  • Those who received three doses of the Moderna mRNA vaccine
  • Those who received three doses of Novavax Covid vaccine (no mRNA)
The Novavax vaccine has no mRNA and is an injection of "spike protein", adjuvanted with a certain substance called Matrix-M. The job of the adjuvant is to make the vaccinated person feel sick and trigger an immune reaction to the protein contained in the vaccine shot. Many other vaccines given to people in the past were of this type.

You can see that, compared to Novavax, mRNA vaccines result in IgG4 levels that are thousands of times greater (the scales below are logarithmic):
IgG4 circle
What can we conclude from this?

The Novavax group, as well as the mRNA groups, were thrice-vaccinated.

And yet, only the mRNA groups had sky-high levels of IgG4 antibodies.

Study authors explain:
Increased concentrations of IgG4 have been associated with immunosuppression and poor clinical outcomes of COVID-19, and while generally regarded as anti-inflammatory, may contribute to some auto-immune disorders and inflammatory IgG4-related diseases. Following repeated mRNA vaccination, IgG4 was observed to increase from 0.04% of total SARS-CoV-2 spike-specific IgG after two doses to 19.27% after three doses.
Thus, the authors showed that mRNA technology is the culprit.

This explanation from a year ago shows why "immune tolerance" is harmful when an organism responds to a virus:
Mistakes Were Made (with mRNA)

mRNA technology has been around in scientific labs and startup companies for decades. Not one of its applications became an approved product before the Covid pandemic.

Somehow, science funders and health authorities rushed to adopt this failed technology to protect us from a disease that they coincidentally developed and funded.

We were told this technology was "safe and effective" based on rushed three-month trials. Later, we were told that "billions were vaccinated and no one died" - and we were forbidden to question the outcomes.

Then, surprises started.

Approximately a year after billions were vaccinated, mRNA-vaccinated people started getting infected and reinfected a lot more than the unvaccinated people! A study done on 50,000 health workers in Cleveland shows this:
The study discussed today proves that the IgG4 class switch (causing this increased rate of reinfections) did not occur merely due to the number of jabs received.

What mattered was what was injected: three mRNA injections caused a thousand times higher IgG4 levels than three Novavax injections.

Conflicts of Interest

The study, which we looked at today, was funded by Novavax. Hence, a standard dose of scepticism is warranted.

However, its findings confirm what we have discussed many times: the mRNA vaccines create a broken immune response, which fuelled the pandemic and made it worse rather than better.

I am not a shill for Novavax, and I would never take a Covid vaccine of any kind, including Novavax. The objective of my post, instead, is to highlight the insanity and irreversibility of recklessly priming billions of people with an unproven novel tolerance-inducing genetic treatment.

I wish they studied this effect before forcing billions of unwilling people to become subjects of a poorly considered planetary-scale science project.